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Pylontech US3000c SOC differences.

Rooney Hat

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Hi Everyone,

Maybe someone has some insight on this issue.
I have 2x US3000c Batteries on a Growatt 5000TL inverter using BMS. But the SOC falls out of sync between the two batteries while draining/charging. Seen it go as high as 12% difference. However the voltages are near identical.

When the one hits 95%+, it slows the charging on the higher SOC battery and it just hangs till they both rapidly "Jump" to 100%.

I'm on firmware 2.1, and one is month old than the other (Due to getting a faulty one replaced). I was hoping they would fall into sync with each other over time, but it's been a few weeks now.

Anyone have any ideas or have a similar issue?



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