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Dyness PowerBox


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Anyone have some first hand experience with the Dyness 4.8KWH / 9.6KWH POWERBOX / POWERWALL batteries.

I understand that they are made by some ex Pylontech guys that created a new company.


What I like from the specs

* Wall mount

* IP65

* 4800Watt output 

* They are Lifpo4 batteries. 

* 10 year Warranty

* Competitive pricing per watt

What I don't like

* 9.6KW battery also only outputs 4800 Watt

* Not as easy/neat to parallel like a lot of other brands.


I am considering using it with a Axpert Max inverter btw.


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I have the powerbox f10 paired with a growatt spf 5000es. I knew it would work since that's why I chose the combination.

Yes they work as advertised. The battery needs to be fully charged to get your 80% depth of discharge. Mine gets to 20% and tells the inverter to switch to another source. Since I have set it to only charge from solar it waits till the sun comes up then starts charging.

If it is not fully charged and you try power heavy loads it will get low and start charging from utility even if you haven't set it to charge form the utility.

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