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Growatt SPF5000ES Panel Congiguration


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Hi All, I nned some advise. I have a Growatt SPF5000ES and I also have 16 - 370Watt solar panels producing a total of 5,920 watts. The specs are as follows

Pmax - 370W

Vmp - 34.30

Imp - 10.79A

Voc - 41.00

Isc - 11.39


I would like to connect the panels 8 in series and 2 in parallel but I see that on the Growatt max panel amperage is 18 amps. Would this be a problem if total amps is 22? Or should I just use 10 panels in series? I would like to use all 16 panels to produce as much as possible. All panels would be roof mounted at 35 degrees facing south.

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