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TheSunPays or Apollo solar geyser

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Hi, I am looking for advice.


I need to replace a geyser that supplied water for 1-2 person only once a day. Also I am in the kalahari so the sun is not a problem.



I want to know between the two who is better?


The sun pays is cheaper but i have no clue how long it will last.


Maybe a member here has one installed and can comment?

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The Sun Pays one is low pressure, so your hot water will only be gravity fed. Mixers etc on taps won't work correctly if you have high pressure municipal cold water. I also saw a post recently of someone who installed them, they rusted quite badly within 2 years. Maybe not so much a problem in the Kalahari though.

A brand of solar geyser I've heard mostly good things about is Xstream.

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