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Lithium battery


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Thanks for your help 

I am not that good but will give it a try 

What will happen if I connect only one battery and take all work load off and let the solar or Eskom charge for a day or two 

Will this not help to get it out of idle mode

Currently I got the 4 batteries connected to the 5kva Mecer inverter with 12 x 390w pannels, at peak it gives 3kw but only for about 2 hours. 

The load during daytime is between 800w to 1.6kw

At 17h00 the batteries are at roughly 49.1v, sometimes little bit more and running about 700w through the night and standing then at 48.4v in the morning

I cannot really draw high watt appliances at night, then it drops quickly to 47v

Do you think I can get more out of them



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