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Axpart 5KVA life expectancy and cooling


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On 2021/08/01 at 3:17 AM, Cassie said:

I heard the older Axpert 5KVA inverter's life is only about 6 years before they started giving problems.

The early ones did have marginal MOSFET specifications. I've replaced the MOSFETs and capacitors on mine; mine were made just after they got rid of the heatsink on top. With original capacitors and MOSFETs, like won't be great.

On 2021/08/01 at 3:17 AM, Cassie said:

Secondly can I install a fan on the side of the Inverters like in the photographs below?

You could, but you'd have to be blowing air into the inverter, since they install the fans upside down (unless you change the original fans' direction). It's probably too late to save the capacitors. The capacitors aren't all that expensive, and are not too hard to replace. See this post for recommended replacements.

Edit: the MOSFETs are more expensive and harder to replace. As long as the capacitors don't dry out, they should protect the MOSFETs.

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