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Lithium-Ion Batteries 60.8V with Victron Phoenix 48V


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Looking for some advice on a Victron System. 

A friend of mine has 4 x LG Chem Lithium-Ion 60.8V 16S 2.6kw/hr batteries, that come from an EV car project.

He would like to use them with his Victron  Phoenix 48V 3000W inverter if possible. 

The batteries don't have any BMS and we have been looking at using a Daly 60A Smart BMS with CANBUS connection.

Has anyone had any experience with using a DALY BMS with Victron, not sure if I need to be aware of anything?

Also, any issues with using the Lithium Ion 60.8V batteries with the Victron?    



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According to the datasheet - Datasheet-EasySolar-II-48-3000-35-32-MPPT-250-70-GX-EN.pdf (victronenergy.com) the battery that he has will work as the Easysolar II can take max of 66V. However the charging voltage of the Easysolar is a max of 57.6V which won't be enough to charge that 16S pack. He could reconfigure the battery to a 14S pack so that the 57.6V would be close to the required charge voltage. With 57.6V and 14S then there will be approx 4.1V per cell. This is just fine and will give max life for the pack. 

Re the BMS that you mentioned, yes it may have R485 comms port but you don't know if has the protocols to talk to Victron.

It may be possible to use the LG Chem as a "dumb battery" (lead acid) and in order to get more intelligent battery information to use a Victron BMV and connect it to the Easysolar via VEDirect  connection. 

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