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3 x 7.2kW Axpert 3 Phase Change Over Extra Delay


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Hey all,

Hope ya'll are well?

This is pretty much a via via via installation question, hope someone can assist.

We, middleman, supplied a Installer 3 x 7.2kW Axpert Inverters, each one in their own phase, connected to a bank of 6 x 6kW LIs via buzzbar, charging from 3 x 9-530w Panels (27).

Now I know generally there is a 10 millisecond change over time, but this lot really has a picnic when changing over, 2 seconds, full restart.

Any ideas on what could be the reason for the extended delay with the change over?

Unfortunately original supplier is not being of much assistance :(

Really looking forward to your ideas and suggestions.

TIA :)

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Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions 87.

Your time and typing is most appreciated. 

I have forwarded all to the installer, he is, as far as I am aware and from what I've seen, a great installer. However,  first time working with the 7.2kWs and then the fun of putting each on a separate phase.

They run great, its only the delay that's an issue.

Thank you again for your input.



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1 hour ago, 87 Dream said:

Lastly but not least there is setting number 3. APL or UPS. If left in APL which stands for appliance mode then the switching time is slower. If left in UPS, of course much quicker.

I have a vague feeling that I've seen code that says that when paralleled, the APL/UPS setting isn't used. But 3-phase (if just one inverter per phase) isn't real paralleling, so I don't know how that goes. Sorry, no time to check now.

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