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Hubble Lithium AM2 and SunSynk 5.5


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Hi guys.

So I recently encountered a issue.  Or at least I hope it’s not a issue.


The Cut Out voltage is 42v DC. This communication is received from the bms on the battery.  At a SOC of 67%, the battery voltage only reads 46.14 DC.  I have the discharge set to max of 50% during the night.  But at 50% SOC the battery reads about 44v DC.  Is this  it supposed to be higher?

Do I need to be concerned?  Is this normal?


My Father has 3x 3.4kwh PylonTech US3500C batteries on his 8kw Deye inverter.  At a SOC of 47% it reads 49.35v DC.  Only using this as a reference.


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The Pylontech batteries uses LiFePo4 and the Hubble uses Li-NMC cells so you can not compare their voltages. That does seem like really low voltages though. According to this graph the battery should be just about empty at 3 volts per cell .So 15 cells for the hubble x 3 is about 45  volts.. completely discharged. Something does not seem right ..

1: Typical Voltage Profiles of Li-ion cells [8]

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