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Connecting a Grid Tie Inverter?


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Grid tie is made to connect earth to earth, live to live and neutral to neutral.

Now, what size invertor you have, as that would detirmine the cabling size and breaker required.


If I was to do something like this, I would install a dual pole breaker inside the DB and wire it from there to where the invertor is mounted.

That way you can isolate the invertor in the DB if and when it might be required.

Breaker and cabling to be sized according to the size of the invertor.

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Wetkit is quite correct. i made a primary box with 3 x dual pole 63a breakers... 1st one is grid, 2nd is inverter and the 3rd is to load. from load i go to mains on DB. this way i can isolate every source. i also put in a manual change over switch  for genie / grid. what i must still do is put a limiter between genie and load else i might have a serious issue if i ever use the genie on grid down and the grid tied inverter sees it and starts sending surplus back to it also used a socomec isolator on the panel feed

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I know this is a old thread but thought of question.


What would happen if you exchange the grid for a genie with a grid tied inverter? What will the effect be of the inverter pushing back the surplus to the genie?


I'm still trying to figure out a way if I put up a Sunny Boy with energy meter and home manager to run the system from solar only during the day when the grid is off, given that my solar input is higher than my load...


It looks like it might be possible to set the Sunny Boy to off grid but I'm not hundred percent sure. Can anyone maybe advise if it's possible to use a sunny boy when the grid is off??

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