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Hey guys,

I finally got Batteryview running on our US3000A...some questions (@Youda, you seem to be the expert on this :-)

  1. I have Batteryview Version B2.0.
    Seems newer versions give more info, but I cannot find a newer version.
    Anyone got a link to a newer version of Batteryview?
  2. Main reason for connecting via Batteryview was to search the event history / event data, however it comes up empty.
    We did have the battery shut down once due to excessive power draw during loadshedding - granted, this was a few months ago now, but seeing as no events listed at all I'd have thought it would have stored this event even if old?
  3. Reason for wanting to view event history - on our Goodwe, via PVMaster, it shows a recurring Alarm:
    Error type: BMS Alarm
    Fault code: 0
    Fault Description: Error Clearing   (??? What error)
    Operating mode before error occurred: Normal

    What the heck does this mean? This fault repeats itself, mostly every hour, sometimes a few hours in between (but always 24minutes past the hour) - no pattern to this one hour vs many hour delay that I can recognize.


I was hoping Batteryview's access to event history would tell me more, but as mentioned it comes up empty...Any ideas?

Thanks as always...


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Hi Gerrie,

I connect to the battery fine - I see the green battery icon and can see individual cell temps etc. However, newer versions of BatteryView seemingly show additional info over and above what V2 shows - and I'm specifically looking for event data not appearing in V2 which I'm hoping a newer version will show me.

Anyone have a link to a newer version of BatteryView?

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