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New to Solar , New Installation , Need Advice

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I am Mr-Macaroni , I am doing my first Solar installation. Its sort of DIY. 

I have a qualified electrician and he is going to be doing work. I am empowering him by sending him for the Solar training and he will be certified soon . 

I have acquired a Deye 8kw hybrid inverter, the fusion branded one from solaradvice. 

I have acquired 10x JA Solar 540w mono half cell panels. Also the necessary wiring kits for solar and ac connections with distribution box , breakers etc.

I have not purchased my Battery yet but I am looking for a 10-15kwh battery that is is a slim wall mount form factor that is a 1C atleast. Atleast a 10 year lifespan 

I dont know if its possible but i want off the grid completely by 2024. I intend to add on a set of the above mentioned kit each year until 2024 starting this year. 

the highest bill i have recieved was for approx 1765 kwh in one month. July 2021. 


I have a few questions which i was hoping you could answer.


  1. Is there anything in particular that should not go on the Solar or Battery  , I was thinking of just throwing everything on there and see how it goes , lol 
    • I have 2 geysers , only one in operation daily 12 hours per day, the second only for emergencies . its is on a manual switch. Can the geyser go on inverter ? What about electric kettle 1400w, coffee machine 1400w , electric oven 3kw , vaccum cleaner , aircon , power tools , laser printer? 
    • if some of these things are okay , are they okay for solar operating hours only or can i run these off a battery ? 
  2. My DB Board is located in my passage , i want to install in my garage , i estimate the cable run to be no more than 25m , Is it okay to run this distance from the DB ? There is another small DB in the Garage 
  3. My solar panels will be located also above my db board on my roof , so also another 25m cable run, is this distance okay ? 
  4. I am sure my installer will be able to tell me when i see him but just to confirm the panels are connected in series or parallel ?
  5. Now for the part thats been killing my brain ... The Battery ... I am looking for a lithium ion battery that is slim , can be wall mounted , has a small footprint as i wish to acquire between 30 to 45 kwh capacity in a total of 3 batteries.
    • Can you recommend a battery ?
    • Now i was told that a 1C discharge rate means if the battery is 10kwh , you can discharge 10kw in one hour. Is this correct ? If this is correct then 1C is what i am looking for. 
    • In the even that for example i go with a 0.5c 10kwh battery and i have a load of 6kw at night and the grid is unavailable , this obviously means i will have no power as it would trip correct ?
    • As far as slim wall mounted batteries are concerned i have a list of the following batteries , can you comment on the capabilites of these batteries as the datasheet is not very clear or possibly i am very dumb with regards to this as this is new territory for me. Please recommend a battery.
      • Deyness 9.6KWh Powerbox
      • Fusion 9.6Kwh battery Slim Wallmount battery (wanted to just order this but out of stock ) 
      • SolarMD 14.3 / 14.4Kwh Battery 
      • Freedom Won 10/8 Lite Battery ( not sure if this can be wallmounted as it appears to be floor standing , indicate if you know)
      • BSLBatt 10.2Kwh PowerWall Battery 
    • As Far as the form factor is concerned , i can live with a rack mount battery provided i have some sort of bracket to wall mount it and its not too wide from the wall.
    • Do you know if these batteries are compatible with my inverter ? For example SolarMD states compatibility for Sunsynk but state that Deye is not on their compatability list and cannot confirm compatibility but from my understanding the Sunsynk is a rebranded Deye with a different firmware. If there is sunsynk compatibility and no Deye compatibility , will i have a problem ?
  6.  One of my concerns with regards to buying the battery is the availability in 2023 and 2024 when i need to add on the same batteries to the system. 
    • Can i add a different battery in the event the manufacturer is no longer in business or they become unavailable in the south african market or the manufacturer no longer produce the same model of battery. The Battery is the biggest part of the investment and it will kill me if i have to start from scratch in 2024.
    • What batteries if any should i avoid ?
  7. My house is north facing with little obstruction , is it necessary to change the angle of the panels or can i just put some mounting brackets on and slap the panels on with the existing roof angle , is there any benefit to angling the panels ?
  8. I havent yet purchased my panel mounting brackets , can you recommend the best solution , i have a tiled roof , i believe its called a roman style tiled roof.

Sorry for the long post and one million questions , looking forward to hearing from you soon 

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