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    • Sunsynk Install in Sedgefield
      This is my install done by Suidsee Electrical & Solar.
      The attached pictures was taken over the 5 days of the install, so this is not the final picture. Those pictures I will take after I did some rounding off work (paint, cover for battery, etc)
      Take note, the installation is mostly done by the owner of Suidsee himself, which you can hand your house keys to and go on holiday.

      Here we go:

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    • Good day Good people, I recently installed an Inverter with lithium ion Battery. I have also already mounted the Mounting brackets and rails for the 4x 365W Canadian PV Panels to be mounted, However I have not yet mounted the Panels, as I still need to submit the application forms and gain the permission from City of Cape Town to do the installation. This is the first time I have done this and I am having a difficult time with the completion of the application forms. Is there please anyone that can assist me with this? I would really appreciate it and I am also willing to pay for the assistance, maybe a regular solar installer that is familiar with this procedure.  
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    • Just installed a Sunsynk 8kw inverter DIY and want to share some info.

      We use about 1000kwh (units) per month in our house so about 33 per day with about half in the day and half after PV hours. This is about average for a family home I recon in SA.

      Already have 2 Solar geysers, gas plates and all lights LED.

      I wanted to be independent from the grid as much as possible which weighed heavier than economics although my return is still acceptable and higher after tax than any risk free investment. The whole house runs through the inverter including oven, the solar geyser AC elements, all plugs etc. Only the 4 Aircons is supplied before the inverter but with the Sunsynk CT which fit over the supply line the inverter will push electricity to them too if sufficient PV and battery power are available. I have one normal plug before inverter for if I have to weld or use heavy machinery.

      I Installed:

      Sunsynk 8kw  Brilliant inverter easy to do DIY and with help from Powerforum posts.

      Jinko Mono Cheetah 400w panels * 18 - Connected in 2 series - 9 each. 9 panels in series match perfectly, max voltage around 410V real life in October (Sunsynk specs max 450V) and producing 97% of rated panel watts (3500w per string) max.  Fitted on aluminium rails on tile roof. Fitting the brackets under tiles is quite a job got my son to do that. 6mm PV cable running in PVC conduit from panels to inverter.

      One set is facing West and the other facing North. I think if you can get East and west facing panels that is ideal, as you need PV power early in the morning to charge low batteries and then you want to produce as late as possible in the afternoon to have full batteries going into evening. Although not the ideal orientation PV panels are cheaper than additional batteries.

      Pylontech US3000 * 5 These batteries when 100% charged at 5pm run the whole house through the night (have about 20 outside lights 3 pc's etc) and start to charge at 6am from west panels on around 30% SOC in October.

      By 11:30 am the batteries are normally 100% charged, then I boost the geysers through Geyserwise on free electricity to increase their temperature so that they are still warm in the morning.

      PV protection DB with fuses, surge arrestors and DC isolators.

      Fuse and isolator between Batteries and Inverter

      Grounding ROD and all earth wiring.

      AC CB and change over switch etc in AC DB with relay for earth neutral bond


      Total cost about R 210 000 (ex own labour) except for heavy overcast days I am not using any power from Tshwane, bill was about R1800-R2000 per month.

      The feeling when the kettle and iron etc are on during the day and you know that it is not costing you anything (yes i know it is kinda) is priceless.



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    • I am doing my first install and basically want it setup as per Victron ESS system. it will run on battery / PV expect if it gets to 20% SOC. i have looked at the seetings and manuals but i am a bit puzzled . Can anyone help me ?
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    • Hi

      Dreaming about solar... not because of Escom, but because it's cool stuff. Never got so far to make the jump. The >100K always found another place where it was spend (sometimes on very big white elephants).

      Today, I made the dive and transferred the payment of my first solar system. (With luck on my side, I will be dead before the panels read their end of life)

      Sunsynk 8

      6.4 BSL Bull

      JA Solar 405 Mono's

      and all the other related goodiest

      A very big thank you to the guys from Power Forum Store for the good prices, good courier costs and excellent service.

      I will start a post on my build so that other can see how a newbie tries to figure out all this nice goodies.

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