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    • Solis South Africa Roadshow 2024
      Attention, Installers! Gear up for the electrifying Solis South Africa Roadshow 2024!


      Whether you're a seasoned Solis supporter or a newcomer intrigued by our offerings, this roadshow promises an immersive experience like no other. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your installation game and stay ahead of the curve.



      4 June- Soli Deo Gloria, Northriding, Randburg


      11 June – The Capital Hotel, Zimbali, KwaZulu Natal


      13 June- Hotel Verde, Cape Town


      25 June- The Boardwalk Hotel and Convention Centre, Port Elizabeth


      RSVP now by clicking on the link to fill out the form, and we'll be in touch to confirm your participation. See you in a city near you!

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    • Large Aircon vs Multi Zone Aircon - Which is Better on Solar?

      We want to plan the aircons and the solar together. We live in a hot climate near Kruger. It's nearly 30 deg and sunny on most winter days, summer is hotter.

      House Layout

      So we have a house layout that looks like the attached image.

      Small Squares 16m2

      Large Left Squares 36m2

      Main Rectangle: 65m2 (lots of glass as well)

      Aircon Usage Times

      Bedrooms we'd run at night. (smaller squares on right and larger squares on left)

      Living Area - only run during the day (large rectangle in middle)

      A Few Quick Questions

      Would you recommend 1 aircon per room?

      Or would you recommend a multi zone system? https://acdirect.co.za/product-category/air-conditioner-multi-split/three-zone/

      What is the best setup for solar? 
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    • Hi

      I have moved to the Philippines and there are some inverter features that I do not recognise when I lived in the uk. Any help appreciated.

      1.  Limiter & Clamp.  I understand that here (and some other countries) if you send power back to the grid they charge you for it.  So inverters have this Limiter with a clamp that makes sure no power is backed to the grid.  But.. Surely, if all power to the house comes through the inverter, grid and solar, and the inverter is set to not export, then you dont need any limiter clamp set up right?  The inverter would only be taking power from the grid when there is not enough solar to meet the house demand.  Am I wrong?

      2.  Smart Loads.  Some inverters (Deye etc) have a smart loads function, where if grid power goes out the battery only supplies loads in the smart load circuit.  This is to protect the battery and make it last longer.  essential loads only.  But it means moving loads from the main circuit breaker box to a new box, assuming you can isolate the required loads.  Seems like a big faff (English for annoying waste of time).  isnt this what system sizing, circuit breakers and battery settings are for?  

      Thanks in advance,

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    • My Sunsynk 8kw silence hack
      Hi Everyone,

      Thought I'd share this because I have noticed a few people concerned or frustrated with the fan noise from the 8kw Sunsynk inverter. I couldn't install my inverter in the garage because I do a lot of woodwork in there and I know the dust would cause issues in the fans and heatsinks. So its mounted at the end of our passage where it meets with the garage through the door. The noise at night was really an issue for me. During load shedding the fans would usually kick in. Specially when the aircons where running. This is obviously when the inverter was doing a lot of work and required cooling. Then also after load shedding when the batteries were charging the fans would come on intermittently. Bloody irritating when trying to sleep.

      The following pics is what I came up with. 5 decent quality 92mm PC fans on the vent side to constantly pull air through. Now these fans don't have the CFM or static pressure rating of the built in fans. But they are dead quite and they keep a constant steady flow of air over the heatsinks. On average, they keep the inverter 10-15 degrees cooler according to solar assistant. I have only had them in for 5 days now and the temperature has never gone over 55 degrees which is the trigger point for the built in fans. I ran all 4 aircons plus the air fryer for 30 mins and the inverter got up to 49 degrees. But when idle, it sits at 35-40 degrees. I am still waiting for a full sun day with load shedding where the MPPT's and the inverter are under a decent constant load to see what happens. Today the MPPT's where hitting around 8kw peaks while charging, and about 4kw on the inverter and it never went over 41 degrees.

      I have mounted the fans about 10mm of the exit vent so none of the holes get blocked. The idea is that when the internal fans kick in, that air can just blow through my external fans. For now, I have just hot glued the fans to the wall and hot glued a piece of trunking cover to side(proper life hack style =D). I am busy designing a decent 3D printed bracket to hold all 5 fans and clips onto the vent hole at 4 points. No alterations have been done to the inverter at all so no future warranty issues. The fans run off an external 12v supply. I have wired it through a sonoff switch with the idea to control them through home assistant based on inverter load and temps.

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    • Validate my plan (or tear it apart)
      I'm ready to press go on my install (very excited). Would love some thoughts on the chosen setup, and if you have any recommendations for installers in Cape Town Northern suburbs, please DM me.

      Here's what I'm looking to set up:
      2 x Solis 6kW Inverters (S6-EH1P6K-L-PRO)
      32 x Jinko Tiger 560W (JKM560M-72HL4)
      Axe Struct Mounting system (Railed Roof Top)
      SolarMD SS 4143 14,3kWh

      Mock up of the roof attached. Mostly East / West, I've added summer / winter sunrise, midday, sunset lines to show morning and afternoon sun. I can't mount on the north facing roof (geometry won't allow).

      My thinking is to have 4 strings of 8 panels per string, with the strings of each MPPT split East and West. So MPPT1 String 1 East and MPPT 1 String 2 West.

      Was looking at 5kW Sunsynk inverters initially because the software is apparently pretty good, but the panels I'm looking at are 13.6A (over the Sunsynk rating of 13A), and the Solis 6kW at the same price looks like it makes sense with the additional headroom. Unless I'm missing something.

      The equipment above comes to R185K excluding shipping. I'd still need fuses, wire, connectors, DB board, breakers, conduit etc etc... and of course the installation.

      Does this look about right for a setup?

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    • So this is very interesting. The Mini seems to report two different ranges. A type of Instantaneous or last few measures kwh/100km and similarly for the trip. Using the trip one seems to be the best. Then when the GPS is active, you can split the screen to show you your range (based on the trip kwh/100km) vs the amount of distance you need to travel. That seems to be very accurate. This is where you can play around with Mid/Green/Green+ and your speed to ensure that the bar on the left (range predicted) is longer than your actual destination. And as a driver you can influence this. I always adapted speed to give me at any one time a 16-20km buffer. I think the most amount of stress is the South African infrastructure. When you drive an ICE and run out of fuel, AA is there to help. Currently the AA vehicles aren't equipped with Generator units and aren't driving Ford F150 Lightnings or BYD Sharks, which do have onboard facilities allowing you to charge another EV next to the road, should they run out of juice. As Mini told us, currently if you get stuck, you need to phone Mini assist and they will come tow you to the next available charge station. But then what helped with stress and dynamic and static loads, please see the next part. A Better Route Planner was a valuable tool in reducing stress. You select your car and can add stuff like battery degradation, how much additional weight is added to the car, what the state of charge you want at the next charge etc. etc. etc. when planning your route. The App mostly accurately predicts said achievable distance, taking into account the elevation (going up - more power and going down - regenerate power) and other settings just mentioned. It will then also tell you how much charge and for how long you'll be charging to reach your next stop (charge station) with your chosen battery arrival SOC. We used this and didn't charge to full at every stop, only what we needed. It will even (if you set that it is allowed to adapt speed) tell you that on this stretch you can do the speed limit and on which stretches you need to do it at a lower speed than the speed limit (example do not exceed 100km/h for this stretch). Then once you start your trip, you can say drive on the App and then as your trip progresses, you can slide a bar on the App for the amount of battery percentage you have to match that of the car. We found that the way we were driving, about every 10-15km, we needed to add 1%-2% on the battery on the App.  So for Shoemanskloof, we were supposed to hit Millys at about 4% battery left driving at 90km/h, but driving the first part of the road on Green+ afforded us to switch to Green with aircon at 95-100km/h for the last part and rolling into Millys with 13% battery (Mini range estimator and the App - via the minor adjustments). So ABRP alleviated a lot of stress, but I assume, as we drive these cars more and more, it will be like the fuel light comes on on your ICE and you know you can probably do 50km or so. But for now, App assistance really helps. And if you go Premium on the App, it will even take into account real-time traffic (assume this will lead to more starts/stops adding more regeneration) and real-time weather (because a very windy day will affect what you can do). Thank you for the tip. We will try this next time. While at Crystal Springs, we plugged in at our unit starting with 80% every morning for exploring except fathers day where we charged at Highwayman's for the fun of it while having pancakes. In terms of public chargers, we had the following: Silver Lakes: 9.2kwh @ T64.38 = R6.997/kwh (charge to 99%SOC). Alzu: 16.52kwh @ T121.47 = R7.353/khw (charge to 76% SOC) Dullstroom: 12.77kwh @ T75.14 = R5.89/kwh (AC charger didn't give the SOC) Millys: 12.15kwh @ T85.02 = R6.998/kwh (charge to 54% SOC) Alzu: 24.55kwh @ T180.51 = R7.353/khw (charge to 95% SOC) Menlyn Maine: 12.95kwh @ T95.22 = R7.353/kwh (charge to 49% SOC) Pilgrims Rest: 19.07kwh @ R112.23 = R5.89/kwh (AC Charger didn't give the SOC) - this was just for the fun as we could charge at CS so left out in below round trip cost and km plus it wasn't part of getting from Randburg to Crystal Springs and back. So road via Dullstroom: 387km @ R260.99 Road via Schoemanskloof: 438km @ R360.75 Total: 825km @ R621.74  Our other option was the Mahindra Scorpio Adventure @ 7.75l/100km. Doing it in Diesel (at today's [19-06-2024] Diesel price of R23.80) would have been: R1521.71 About the Schoemanskloof road. Arriving at Alzu, there was a gentleman with a Volvo charging and he said he also did Schoemanskloof and the car reported that he regenerated 7% charge on that road (the Mini doesn't give this stat).
    • thanks! I saw a number of your posts on forums but didn't want to comment on something thats 2 years old haha!  what did you see on power usage & what model did you go for?  
    • @waaalid  Consider posting more photos of the inverter.
    • There are a couple of observations that I have made on the SCC modules and it raises some questions for the untrained eye.  1. The power stage is relatively small for a 3/4/5kW capable SCC in relation to that of say the LV DC side of the main board. The mosfets are less, the heatsinks are smaller. Is the PWM frequency of SCC less than that on main board? If so, while I am aware that switching losses is dependant on frequency, is this also true for conduction losses? (source-drain).  2. I see the use of 5 pin 2 input AND gates on the SCC pwm drives. Is this some kind of failsafe gate to negate drive pulses during times when the CPU outputs are indeterministic, eg at bootup etc.?  If memory serves they are also employed on the DSP board of the host machine.  3. I take it the totempole style buffer amps after the IR2011S gate driver is required because of  the  fanout of 3 mosfets as opposed to a single one.  4.I notice debates regarding LV SCCs versus HV SCCs. I know @Coulomb prefers the former because, amongst other, of its exposure to AC live. But I reckon that because the HV SCC is integrated to host HV dc bus, that its possible  failure mode is more forgiving to the host power chain  than in the case of the LV SCC that is directly connected to battery bus. The buck nature of LV SCC operation can cause a failure of output far in access of the max battery voltage. This to me is particularly bad for lithium batteries.  The predominant boost nature of HV SCC has less chance to affect an overvoltage on the HV dc bus.  Voltronic Axpert pv limit is 450 volt and this is a sweet spot for safe operation. I have received 2 x Pylontech bms's last year that had been connect to Axperts with LV SCC. Both bms's are of newer models where Pylon introduced a new layer of protection, that of voltage controlled fuses (8 of them, one for every mosfet lane). The fuses had blown because of short periods of  high voltage on the input terminals. I also received the Axpert King inverter in one of the cases, and the SCC had blown mosfets to short circuit. I replaced the SCC with new one.     
    • Correct, on inverter type aircons it is no longer a problem, however going one size bigger than recommended for the floor size is not a problem if you have high ceilings.
    • Please find the appropriate software for this device I tried 60.6 60.89 Software is not accepted
    • Not 10. Simplest is 8 of the same on the other solar input. You'd be at very high risk of blowing the MPPT. Even 9 per side could be pushing it. If you really want the power 2 extra panels, then maybe consider 8 of a different panel type. Something like a 500W panel that produces power at a higher current like maybe around 13A. 
    • Hi I have the original EMS tanks. It's the same device just relabelled.    To answer your questions: 1. Yes you can control it via Wi-Fi on local network, however for initial setup I think you do need Internet connection. The device uses the Smart life app for control. It is a Tuya device.  2. You can add it to Home Assistant through the Tuya Local HACS integration. I contributed to the device recognition, it is called EMS Waterhear in the Tuya Local device listing.  3. This I have not tried, not sure of this can done on Tuya devices. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can answer this.    I have been running on this for almost a year now in HA without any issues. And Magneto/EMS after service has been fantastic.   
    • I'll post this here for ease of finding, having discussed it slightly a few posts back. This is factory display/communications firmware version 12.28 for the Axpert MAX E non-twin series. It may be usable with other models IF the existing firmware is version 12.xx or 112.xx. This version is not chipset dependent. Do not use with models that don't come with display firmware version x12.xx. Use at your own risk. Firmware upload instructions for models with a removable display. Remote Panel_Reflash_MCU(12.28).rar
    • On my 5kW Sunsynk model with recent firnware, it appears that "Export Power Limiter" under System Mode --> System2 should do the trick, if you want to be on the safe side (or if you ever add more panels in future). Older firmware called this setting "Max Sell Power." This may be helpful for real-world feedback from members that've tried this: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/17270-sunsynk-5kva-push-back-to-non-essential-load/page/2/      
    • I'm assuming you won't be setting up to export battery power to the grid, only solar. And that you've got a 60A main circuit breaker. If not, the values below will change. Simplest thumbsuck would be under the Battery Settings to set the battery charge current limit to around 65A. And you almost don't need to worry bout the export limit, since you've got only 2660W of panels connected, but it should be possible under the grid settings, to find a grid sell limit setting, which you could set to 3500W for in case you intend to add panels. In principle.  
    • Hello Friends i have An axpert max 7200w with 8 string panles in series at 410w i want to add 10 more panels on the other panel input  Can i add those 10 panels in parallel .Here is the pic of panel configuaration. Any help will greatly appreciated thank you.
    • Hi Everyone. So finally I got the go ahead from my local municipality to feed back into the grid but according to them I have to limit my export. See extract from the letter they provided.     Setup is as follows. 5KW Synsynk 7 x 380W JA Solar panels 5.5KW Hubble Battery. So I dont see a setting as to "limit" the export.  Although the last firmware update was some time ago.  I am currently on Ver. MCU3382-0513 Appreciate everyone's help.
    • i need softPlease I want software for this inverter  I want the voltage to open the panels at 30V or 60V
    • It must be older. I have been running that version as of october 2023.  I have been away for almost six months now, and I wonder if a new firmware version has been developed for the Max II - 8K. Maybe Coulomb has an idea, or even has it in his collection. Thanks beforehand for any info. Kurt
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