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    • Hi Guys I am new to the forum. I need some help here I am based near Alexander Bay. I am on a farmstead on the river my electriciry bill and loadshedding is killing me... my montly usage is average 62400 units of electricity per month I do a little farming but my main power consumption is my hatchery this has to run 24 hours per day I breed Austrolops and Rhode Island white chickens and a couple of quail breeds some are imported and not common in SA my main problem is power consumption and loadshedding I have lost a lot of eggs!! This is costing me a huge amount of money in losses and income... I have been following the forum for a couple of months and decided to join as a member. I have a limited budget of arround 500k I know its not a lot but thats my limit. I need a solar power solution with battery backup to save my farming opperation. I have read a lot about Sunsynk inverters and Victron inverters on the forum also the pylontech batteries. The problem I have is that Iam close to the coast and we have a lot of cloud cover through out the year and I don't want to waste my money I need a sound solution I would even consider wind power some times the wind can blow strong here I have looked at Tessup and EKalahari wind turbines I must say that the Vertical axis turbines by Ekalahari look very tempting to me. So with all this said I need some quotes on solar equipment and wind power and what would be advisable a local company in Alexander bay has quoted me for a system and they seem very expensive so good sound advice would be appreciated. I also need advice if I should try to install the system myself or do you recommend good installers. I have lots of north facing steel roof space available and my eskom power connection is three phase I run the hatchery and a borehole and basic houshold appliances my main power consumption is the hatchery my house only uses 18 units per day the rest is for the farming opperation. Thank you I am a desperate farmer..
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    • Hi

      Dreaming about solar... not because of Escom, but because it's cool stuff. Never got so far to make the jump. The >100K always found another place where it was spend (sometimes on very big white elephants).

      Today, I made the dive and transferred the payment of my first solar system. (With luck on my side, I will be dead before the panels read their end of life)

      Sunsynk 8

      6.4 BSL Bull

      JA Solar 405 Mono's

      and all the other related goodiest

      A very big thank you to the guys from Power Forum Store for the good prices, good courier costs and excellent service.

      I will start a post on my build so that other can see how a newbie tries to figure out all this nice goodies.

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    • I'm liking the new VRM Portal interface.

      Do i need to run some updates on my venus, inverters and charger after the portal update?
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    • Newbie-ish
      Been following this forum from the shadows and quietly watching and learning. Finally I took the plunge!

      Bought 120kg of laptop batteries ( areal leap of faith!), 3 Liitokalla Battery capacity tester, 4 lithium battery chargers, pliers, soldering gun, solder, PVC piping (initial battery holders), 5x4 18650 holders from china, 7s BMS from china, server cabinet, multimeter, glass fuses and the list goes on and on!

      The hardware at hand was, 24V 2400W inline UPS and an unlimited amount of foolhardiness. I will post some pictures of the current temporary setup, was forced to put it in production to keep the lights on! The house has not burnt down just yet so i will push on in getting the system properly assembled and connected to the DB.
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    • After 5 years (yes one of those back burner projects) I am communicating with my Axpert using my own scripts. A Czech Axpert user, Josef Kriegelstein  has a pair of commands MNCHGC1497 and MNCHGC1498 to cause the Axpert to go into standby mode and revert to normal. They look more like charging current commands.

      I have used them to no success, getting a NAKss response from the inverter. Anyone had any success getting a inverter to switch off. I have a pair of inverters and after 6pm there is not much sense having both running.
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