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    • i would like the alarm system to switch on the outside lights if an alarm is triggered. The alarm system (Paradox) has programmable PGM outputs (12V 700mA) i could use to generate the required "on" signal. How do i use this signal to switch on the lights? The system would have to operate wireless. 
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    • Good evening everyone,

      My finger is hovering over the button to buy my home solar system and I'd really appreciate some informed opinions. The basics consist of 12 x 340W JA panels and 2 x 2.4 kWh Pylons, with a hybrid inverter - and I've narrowed the choice to either the Deye (Sunsynk) 5kW or the Kodak 4.6kW Hybrid.

      The Kodak would seem to be a South African product, appearing nowhere else in the world... That's not comforting. I believe that it is a rebadged Solis; should that calm my nerves?

      What about their relative reliability? Supplier / manufacturer support? If anyone has experience to share I'd be very grateful.

      Whilst I'm here, any thoughts on installation costs? It is a fairly simple install, panels on a single pitched corrugated roof with clear access to the main db and plenty of space for the inverter and batteries within 3m.

      Your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen, would be valued.
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    • A new solar installation
      We have a porch in the backyard that is covered with 18 260 Wp solar panels. They are connected to a SMA grid tied inverter and do their job quite well. Still I want to make changes to the system and slowly but surely changes are taking place. Here is why:

      The solar is producing enough power for us the year round but that is only because we use the grid as a battery. In summer we have a lot of excess power that we draw out from the grid in wintertime. That is just how net metering works.

      From 2023 net metering will be phased out gradually so using the grid as a battery comes to an end at a certain time.

      The porch is a old steel construction with the panels bolted on to it and made (well they tried to make it) waterproof by using tonnes of silicone sealant. It's leaking all over the place.

      So roughly the plan is to build a new wooden porch with room for the old 18 panels and an extra 18 340 Wp Trina's. New inverter and DIY a 30 kWh battery.

      Here is the old porch:

      Only the steel under cunstruction will remain because that's strong. Here are some pics of the build:

      Next post will be the building of the new porch. To be continued...
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    • So after much debate and conversations with people,  my CFP said he did tons of research into his solar system and gave me advise which lead to decision to go for the following:

      Either the alpha smile 10.1kwh system with its inverter and 3.5kw solar array from JASolar mono panels. Or a goodwe 4.6kw with the same batteries/pylontech batteries measuring the same power storage. My query is the following:

      The goodwe can't be done in parallel from what I see, so does this mean i need to replicate the system again if I need more in the future?

      Are there any regulations I need to be aware of when connecting all this to a prepaid meter In joburg?

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    • Dear All, As per the attached we have secured 10 x off the attached units. Units are in stock.

      Dyness 9.6kWh Units in stock. Compatible with a host of Inverters.

      R69 000 Including Vat Per 9.6kWh Unit.

      10 Units available and in stock.

      Please contact [email protected] ; Subject Dyness.


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