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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason
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    • So after much debate and conversations with people,  my CFP said he did tons of research into his solar system and gave me advise which lead to decision to go for the following:

      Either the alpha smile 10.1kwh system with its inverter and 3.5kw solar array from JASolar mono panels. Or a goodwe 4.6kw with the same batteries/pylontech batteries measuring the same power storage. My query is the following:

      The goodwe can't be done in parallel from what I see, so does this mean i need to replicate the system again if I need more in the future?

      Are there any regulations I need to be aware of when connecting all this to a prepaid meter In joburg?

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    • Dear All, As per the attached we have secured 10 x off the attached units. Units are in stock.

      Dyness 9.6kWh Units in stock. Compatible with a host of Inverters.

      R69 000 Including Vat Per 9.6kWh Unit.

      10 Units available and in stock.

      Please contact [email protected] ; Subject Dyness.


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    • Greetings all!  It's been a long time since I've been lured out of the shadows into signing up on a new forum.  What a great place this is - hats off to all the community leaders!

      While I'm new to solar energy, I'm a long time petrol generator user.  In my previous city, it was commonplace to use a generator when the grid choked.  In the land of wine and fynbos, however, I hear no generators and I'm loathe to disturb the peace - not to mention that I no longer have a dedicated generator circuit.  So, I've decided to part ways with my Honda 6.5kVA genny to pave the way for some Vicron goodness.  Things appear to be worse than they've ever been so going green and sustainable seems inevitable.

      Until recently, I decided I would "settle" with Goodwe due to the integrated MPPT charge controller, cost saving and NRS approval. My first love was always a Victron though and I'm leaning more towards this brand once more.  I'm particularly sold on the rave reviews, flexibility and their app.  The VictronConnect app has to be the best there is!  I'm an IoT guy and this sorta thing is super important to me.  I don't only want to consult a small LCD screen on the wall or do battle with an app that doesn't update properly.

      My casual obsession and nightly research has led me to plan a system around the Victron MP II 48/3000.  While I'd love to spring for the 48/5000, it's not possible right now.  In order to get a "foot in the door", I figured I'd start with the 3kW now and then add another 6 months later.  Good or bad idea?  

      In terms of solar panels, I'm not really sold on anything right now.  Battery-wise, I started off being 100% sold on PylonTech US2000B but I'm now intrigued by the UFO 5kWh.  I don't have a ton of garage floor space but have some great wall space that is already next to a mini-DB.

      Fire away, gents!
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    • Hey guys,

      Been doing a lot of reading here - some brilliant advice and posts.

      I'm looking at installing a hybrid system - around 4.5kW Inverter, 3.6kWp PV and probably 2 Pylontech 3000s, largely DIY.

      So here's the question - what brand inverter?

      Leaning towards the Goodwe as a brilliant little all-rounder. Seems to include all function we require in one unit, good quality, easy install, and all at a pretty reasonable price.

      But what would we be missing out on compared to the competition? 

      Thinking specifically Victron and/or SMA - what extra features and enhancements do these offer over the Goodwe? I hear the Goodwe is a little limited in the setup / programming one can do - this'd be a serious drawback for me. Are the others worth the extra expense and complexity? (As I understand both these other systems one would need seperate modular units as opposed to Goodwe all-in-one)


      Would really appreciate your guys' reasons for preferring one over the other...
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    • Hi All I have 8 New in box x Pylon US2000 2.4kWh Li-Ion Solar Battery Available NOW for R12500 Excl Vat.

      Please note first come first serve. They new stock from a project that did not continue.

      All profits go to running of the forum - Thanks All.

      I hope this is helpful.


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