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    • My Sunsynk 8kw silence hack
      Hi Everyone,

      Thought I'd share this because I have noticed a few people concerned or frustrated with the fan noise from the 8kw Sunsynk inverter. I couldn't install my inverter in the garage because I do a lot of woodwork in there and I know the dust would cause issues in the fans and heatsinks. So its mounted at the end of our passage where it meets with the garage through the door. The noise at night was really an issue for me. During load shedding the fans would usually kick in. Specially when the aircons where running. This is obviously when the inverter was doing a lot of work and required cooling. Then also after load shedding when the batteries were charging the fans would come on intermittently. Bloody irritating when trying to sleep.

      The following pics is what I came up with. 5 decent quality 92mm PC fans on the vent side to constantly pull air through. Now these fans don't have the CFM or static pressure rating of the built in fans. But they are dead quite and they keep a constant steady flow of air over the heatsinks. On average, they keep the inverter 10-15 degrees cooler according to solar assistant. I have only had them in for 5 days now and the temperature has never gone over 55 degrees which is the trigger point for the built in fans. I ran all 4 aircons plus the air fryer for 30 mins and the inverter got up to 49 degrees. But when idle, it sits at 35-40 degrees. I am still waiting for a full sun day with load shedding where the MPPT's and the inverter are under a decent constant load to see what happens. Today the MPPT's where hitting around 8kw peaks while charging, and about 4kw on the inverter and it never went over 41 degrees.

      I have mounted the fans about 10mm of the exit vent so none of the holes get blocked. The idea is that when the internal fans kick in, that air can just blow through my external fans. For now, I have just hot glued the fans to the wall and hot glued a piece of trunking cover to side(proper life hack style =D). I am busy designing a decent 3D printed bracket to hold all 5 fans and clips onto the vent hole at 4 points. No alterations have been done to the inverter at all so no future warranty issues. The fans run off an external 12v supply. I have wired it through a sonoff switch with the idea to control them through home assistant based on inverter load and temps.

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    • Validate my plan (or tear it apart)
      I'm ready to press go on my install (very excited). Would love some thoughts on the chosen setup, and if you have any recommendations for installers in Cape Town Northern suburbs, please DM me.

      Here's what I'm looking to set up:
      2 x Solis 6kW Inverters (S6-EH1P6K-L-PRO)
      32 x Jinko Tiger 560W (JKM560M-72HL4)
      Axe Struct Mounting system (Railed Roof Top)
      SolarMD SS 4143 14,3kWh

      Mock up of the roof attached. Mostly East / West, I've added summer / winter sunrise, midday, sunset lines to show morning and afternoon sun. I can't mount on the north facing roof (geometry won't allow).

      My thinking is to have 4 strings of 8 panels per string, with the strings of each MPPT split East and West. So MPPT1 String 1 East and MPPT 1 String 2 West.

      Was looking at 5kW Sunsynk inverters initially because the software is apparently pretty good, but the panels I'm looking at are 13.6A (over the Sunsynk rating of 13A), and the Solis 6kW at the same price looks like it makes sense with the additional headroom. Unless I'm missing something.

      The equipment above comes to R185K excluding shipping. I'd still need fuses, wire, connectors, DB board, breakers, conduit etc etc... and of course the installation.

      Does this look about right for a setup?

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    • Whats the best small scale load shedding solution that can be wired to a DB
      I have a holiday cottage where I'd like to add some load shedding backup power. I want to wire it directly to some circuits on the DB, and only need it to power some lights, a router and a TV for about 4 hours (maybe boil a kettle if possible).

      It would be a huge bonus if the system was quiet as the DB is in one of the small bedrooms. Having fans whirring away while guests are trying to sleep isn't going to be cool 🤣

      What's the most affordable, long term solution here? Any specific products come to mind?
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    • Hey All

      We have another Awesome Powerforum Store Review and Lucky Draw Giveaway of a very nice Lithium Battery and some other soon to be disclosed goodies on its way....

      Thank you to the Team at Magneto Energy for providing us with equipment to test and review and the best part to let us give it away to one of the lucky members on our forum.

      Terms for you to be eligible 

      Must be a Power Forum Member. Yes even NEWB's Can win the product in the lucky draw.

      Must be willing to give feedback on a thread you create on your experience with the product.

      Allow the Manufacturer to communicate with you to get realworld information on how their product performs and some technical feedback for future improvements.

      If you win the product it must be installed by a qualified technician NO DIY Installs Please we need to support the professionals in the market.

      Provide us with nice photos of your Installation on the thread you created. 

      Cost of delivery or collection of the prize is for the winner.

      We will Post more details on the giveaway in the next couple of days. 

      Thanks for your Continued Support. 

      Powerforum Store
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    • Thanks for the feedback , i didn't know that there is a trial license for SolarAssistant , i am going to test it for sure ! My inverter is also (3kw, 24v) Model Name: PV1800 , MD: PV18-3024 VHM. I am pretty sure it is not power supply issue for the Pi 4, as it happen even on ESP32 (Running Modbus RTU Library) and in HomeAssistant running in VirtualBox on my laptop , also i have tried using the SolarPowerMonitor program on windows 11. in All these Seniors i cant get data from the inverter only if the (pi , esp32 ,  HomeAssistant , SolarPowerMonitor , or any puller device) was Running first and connected to the Inverter then i restart the inverter i start getting data !! if i disconnected the usb cable from the inverter and then reconnected no data !! it is like the inverter locking itself or something   i tried even a different usb cable same thing but i haven't tested any cable with  a ferrite ring but i will , but i really don't think it is going to make any difference because the same cables (without a ferrite ring) works perfect after restarting the inverter.  
    • I placed an order for another 6 panels today to add to my 8 existing panels. We are generally lower consumption users ( below 20 a day). At current panel and battery prices I've decided to just add more panels and when summer arrives get the bi directional meter and sell back to the City. I'd rather have more panels and not need it then less and hope I had more. Bidirectional meter costs R6k, il generate around 20kw extra per day and sell it back making about R600 per month in summer months. Bi directional meter should pay itself within 3 years or so and then should mean extra profit from the extra panels.
    • Not sure where to get the firmware to update this, I have not even tested my 5.5kw on battery as I'm in the process of searching for a Lithium but still not sure what to get. I have been emailing eccosolar.co.za for info but 5 emails in and no reply yet.. PATHETIC , I'm looking for the Modbus Register mapping for this inverter.   But will keep my eyes and ears open..
    • Not going so well as currently we are a two family household. The flat is on electric stove and the main house is on gas. We running two geysers also and the flat is fully occupied by family who are a family so our consumption is quite high since winter started my SOC is always at 40% by end of day and  in the morning we have to pull from grid. However, family is moving out just at the end this this winter, relocating. So I am not in a hurry to add battery capacity. As a guest room which is occasionally used for short term rental the consumption of the flat is very low. We average 30/39 summer/winter now but historically we are 18/25. That was when we had an electric hob I expect to drop to 15/22.
    • Interesting, I also have a PH-18 (3kw, 24v) and haven't noticed such an issue using SolarAssistant. I'm using Raspberry Pi 4 also, with USB directly connected to the inverter USB port. I have pulled the USB from the Pi and connected to PC, back and forth, never did I need to restart the Pi or the inverter. Can you try to install SolarAssistant on your Pi (on a separate SD card) and see if it gives you problems ?  You can install SolarAssistant with a trial license, so no need to buy just for this testing. Have you tried using a different USB cable? Preferably one with a ferrite ring to decrease chance of interference. Also, do you have a good stable power supply for the Pi 4? It's known to be power hungry (relatively that is...) and very finicky when it comes to power supply.  
    • Maybe OP can provide same but here's an example of when it was happening to me (prior to the firmware upgrade), In this example I'm running two AM-5's (same model as the OP) in parallel, with the master battery having an SOC of 45% and the slave having an SOC of 36%. Take a look at what happens when the sun rises:   We can see the first jump (45% down to 36%) happened at 7:25. It happens every time the bank swaps between charge/discharge modes; we can see it happen a few times thereafter as well (when Load rises/falls beyond Production). We can see this same behavior in OP's graphs.   Then Voltage at this same time stays constant despite the SOC jumping:     So essentially as the Current swaps from negative to positive (i.e., battery bank goes from discharge to charge modes), the SOC jumps (without any changes to Voltage - and with only a tiny change to current). What's happening is a software bug: the master simply starts reporting the SOC of the lower battery (whereas during discharge, it reports the SOC of the higher battery). As a result we get these jumps all over the show without Voltage changing. AM-5 firmware version V15.55 and later solve this by simply reporting the average SOC of all batteries.      
    • Just as a high-level thumbsuck, you could be generating around 50-60kWh per day during summer, and your usage may have dropped from 30kWh to maybe 25kWh, due to less heating and lighting needs. There should be a surplus you could sell off if it makes financial sense. Try finding a solar calculator online to give a more accurate projection.
    • Can someone please help me here.  I heard about a solar roof mounting system called Volta end and mid clamps, Volta Eco Mounting Rails, Nylon mounting IBR and Corrugated brackets. I tried a google search with no luck. I would like to view this before making a decision. Anyone maybe have a link i can folliw?
    • It would be super helpful if you could supply battery voltage and battery current charts at the same time frame. 
    • I ran for years   3 strings of 2 panels  (2s X 3p ) on a 6 mm pv cable but on low volts 110v mptt controller with out any issues 
    • We had an inverter do strange things but not all the time would depend on what was powered in the house  in the end it was  one neutral was not separated from grid. So are all your neutrals running from the inverter on there own neutral block 
    • Batteries have also come down and rumours are saying they will go even lower towards end of the year. How are you holding up with 12kw of battery?
    • So we added 4 more panels on the west side. It is winter so I assume the only benefit will be just to make sure we get enough charge on those cloudy days and generally winter days. My question to all is in summer will we have enough to sell back to CoCT? In all we have 18 545w panels now  8 E , 10 W/NW.  I read now the meter price is halved. This might mean registering and getting all the ducks in a row ready to go by next summer.  In summer with our original 14 panels out 12kWh battery pack was always charged by 11am. 
    • Luckily you know what you need to try and do to have a higher SOC in the morning(switch inverter off 30min earlier via setting) to prevent the on and off and/or to get more battery power/load reduction. 
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