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  1. I was also looking into this. Seams like a great software. Jay
  2. Not a problem. I feel for 400W it will be much more effective and more cost effective to add more solar. If it comes to not having any further roof space / wind could be an option. Hope this helps. Sincerely Jay
  3. If I may. I will be happy to help. I get very excited about wind. Pegasus Systems. Will happily contact you tomorrow. Sincerely. Jay
  4. Try put the DRM off. Sincerely Jay
  5. Great okay so this is what Sunsynk SA helped me. DRMs off. CT ratio 2000 And priority load ON Let me know how it goes.
  6. I had this exact problem. My inveter was only showing me essential loads and not the whole home usage (stove and oven) off the essential. I was on the phone with Sunsynk tech SA and got this sorted! I will send the pictures of the screen that fixed it. It was about 3 settings. Now it's showing total . I'm very happy. Will post them up in the morning. Not to worry. Sincerely Jason
  7. A very good post. What I have been trying to create for the past 8 years is for installers to register that have their clients best interest at heart. A good installer should charge his fair share but for a fair price. Too long have I seen installers doing half jobs and more importantly not educating the client regarding maintenance and life time of battery's etc. Yes the forum has a store. It is not and will not ever be my intention to take over all business- we welcome all reputable suppliers. Since 2013 I have wanted to create a safe space for clients to make informed decisions an
  8. I feel we need to all step in when a customer gets toppled over by a bad installer. We should not allow the installer to go into hiding. I feel we can make a difference here. I am not to sure of how we can execute this. The only is to name the installer. I can make a section for us. Let's use our strength in numbers. Thoughts? Jay
  9. Hi Gents. As a community do you think we can approach these installers together. 9000 strong and help the client recieve propper service? I feel it would be useful as a community to post these companies so we can help the end user get his working system. I feel that 9000 of us should carry some weight. Your thoughts? Sincerely Jason
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