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  1. Thank you. Let me investigate . Jay
  2. Hi guys. Max upload size for one image is 3Megabyte. If you can shrink them a bit that will be perfect. Sincerely. Jason
  3. Shall I find out the courier costs from CPT for you? Sincerely Jason
  4. Where you based? I have one to give away. Jay
  5. @Moderator2 Could you please take a look. Thanks very much
  6. https://powerforum.co.za/forum/56-industry-product-hypes-fads-rants/
  7. Sure not a problem. We have a scam and hypes thread. Shall I make it more visible? Sincerely Jay
  8. #Please use relevant template for your sale/wanted threads #Remove any part with a # tag in front before posting #For Sale Template Item: Age: Price: Payment Method Accepted: Warranty: Packaging: Condition: Location: Reason: Shipping: Collection: Link: #Wanted Template Item Wanted: Packaging Essential: Desired Age: Location: Willing to accept a shipped item: Ballpark/Budget Amount:
  9. Thanks Gents. I have found this: https://www.batterystuff.com/battery-restoration/24-volt/PP24L.html Your thoughts?
  10. Hi all. I hope well. I am assisting a chap that has 2V cells x 12 for 24V. They pretty old. Unfortunately he does not have the financial capacity to purchase a new bank I recommended a battery desulfator. As the units are fairly old. I have seen some videos on YouTube of a some battery desulfators are permanently hooked up to the battery bank and deliver the pulse x amount of times during the day or week. What can you gents recommended? Sincerely Jason
  11. Poodles are like angry rotweillers in a poodle body Jay
  12. Congrats @hoohloc - Well done again - Well deserved! Jay
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