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  1. Thanks. Yup I have given up. Rather focus on the well being off the forum. Wasn't a fair move he pulled at all. Appreciate the support. Sincerely Jason
  2. Hi all. As a community let's help find this scammer. I feel we can put our resources together. Thoughts? Sincerely Jason
  3. Morning 

    Maybe you could assist, I have 3 X 8kw sun sync inverters and when we have load shedding the inverters take up to a minute to click in and run 

    would you have any idea what I could do to change this

    Many thanks 


  4. All great. Just reset them to factory defaults. They still have a config of mine on. ;)) Sincerely. Jason
  5. Hi Guys I haven't managed to cut the lock off as yet. But the the ubiquity nano beams were sent to @PaulinNorthcliff. I hope he received them in good order. I will cut that lock off very very soon. Lots of paper work at the storage locker facility. will keep updated. sincerely Jason
  6. Hi @PaulinNorthcliff as attached image. I can send it to you via Postnet to Postnet. Cost on the house. Nanobeam M5 https://www.ui.com/airmax/nanobeamm/ Jay
  7. Hi all. The Gent that is cutting off the lock will come tomorrow morning. Thanks all. Jason
  8. Hi there. Okay you are second in line. Another member has already called dibbs. Sincerely Jason
  9. Hi Gents. We have permission to cut the lock off tomorrow. I will post pictures as soon as we have it cut off. Thanks all. Jay
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