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  1. Positive and negative cables from batteries to inverter do not have to be same length. The whole same length theories is more whenever you parallel electrical circuits. To be honest most of us use different length positive and negative cables from batteries to inverters. Keep high current DC wires as short as possible yes, when parallel circuits like between batteries yes keep them the same length. The modern BMS will do the voltage, balancing and current monitoring for you and not so much up to the inverter. Sorry see now... what Sarel above said :}
  2. I have a Solis 4KW 4G and they are very good. Well made units and work very efficient. Easy to install, built in DC isolator. Compliant. IP65 so can install outside if needed. CT function. Broad DC voltage input range.
  3. Over and under voltage relays , personally all of us should have these in our DB's: I bought these and are very chuffed with them, imported a few extras if anyone is interested. Yes you can order it yourself, and wait, please do. I was thinking that SPD's are so expensive so i imported these ones to test, after installing i think they are a very good idea for extra protection: 1. The other day i talked to a client where the municipality had a disconnected neutral and his house was fed with 400V, these relays protect you and will save you Thousands of rands in a case like this. 2. In theory they will help for any surge over voltage. 3. They have over current protection as well. 4. Easy to install, DIN rail. 5. Under voltage can be just as harm full, protects for this also/ 6. When council power is restore, it delays the switch on the house and will protect you against the inrush current or possible low voltage or multiple reconnects. 7.Cheap. R200 NO DISPLAY, R250 WITH DISPLAY, SHIPPING IF NEEDED R99 Jacques 08double47zero281zero Centurion Main Technical Speacification: 1. Rated AC voltage 230V±10% and frequency 50Hz/60Hz 2. Passing Max Current: 60A 3. Max. Loading power: 13.8KVA 4. Over-voltage action cut-off value: >275VAC+/-5V 5. Normal-voltage value: 165-275VAC 6. Under-voltage action cut-off value: <160VAC+/-5V 7. Over voltage and under voltage cut-off:< 1s 8. Electricity transmitting delay after cut-off: <60s 9. Self power consumption<2W 10. Electric machinery life=100000 times 11. Dimension: 35L*70W*77Hmm 12. Installing: 35mm Din rail
  4. how did the dogs get on the roof?
  5. Item Wanted: Wanted 270-300W solar panels Desired Age: <5 Location: Gauteng or close Willing to accept a shipped item: sure Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1000-R1250?
  6. Sorry, well that's embarrassing lol https://www.robotics.org.za/KWD1220
  7. i don't want to be the bedwetter, but that Osaka solar controller is horrible. Basically just switch on and off on voltage of the battery. I opened mine and was very disappointed. Also no screen and settings.' This one is not too bad for the price: https://www.robotics.org.za/index.php?route=product/search&search=sola From where are you?
  8. Wanted Grid Tie Inverter, for feeding back to the grid. Maybe someone have one for sale? Any size from 1kW, prefer lower startup of 90V/120V but can work around that, would like two MMPT's, but also not serious. Anti-islanding protection nogals important. Will also look at small full bidirectional hybrid at a low price.
  9. sorry i cannot get a clear answer from their website, does this unit show Power consumption or amps drawn also? And it does not work with ewelink software?
  10. THANK YOU Gooseberry, phew close one. This is why forums like these are so valuable.
  11. I am a newbie and found this website, looks legit, but to be safe anyone know them? See they in PE anyone of forum from PE know them? Thank you. solarflow.co.za
  12. Anyone know who are the agents/importers of Hoselect?
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