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  1. Where can one buy these low power geyser elements?
  2. The battery guy is adjusting settings.
  3. Thanks, so just to state my reason for asking. I have been getting a low battery alarm on the inveter with positive cable being 2x 35mm2 @3.5m long and negative being 2x 35mm2 @3.5m long. Battery guy said it is due to volt drop across cable, and I say but we are within recommendations of the supplier. Haven't done the physical volt drop calc myself in order to prove it.
  4. The length mentioned in the table, is that read as 0-5m on positive and 0-5m on negative, or is it 0-5m for the length of positive plus negative?
  5. Why would battery voltage jump around so erratically? Unit has shut down completely. VideoEditor_20210221_091148_1_1_1_1.mp4
  6. My experience with these batteries, not worth the time and effort for all the issues you will have. Don't recommend or support the use thereof at all.
  7. So after being up and down, and getting the installer and battery supplier out to fault find problem, and still not able to get it solved, they are bazzled as they haven't seen this type of problem before. System Life: 16months old Problem Persistance: 14 months
  8. Is anyone else having issues with ReVOV batteries? Specifically referring to "VE. Bus System - Low battery: Alarm ". How does one establish the reason for this error? Battery just shuts down when error pops up. Please assist if possible.
  9. Learning the hard way. I have only had trouble so far, finding no joy with the batteries.
  10. I would like to know if anyone else have had any issues with ReVOV batteries. My ReVOV batteries (10.24kWh pack) are merely 14 months old, delivered 1892kWh to date, and have had several issues with batteries just shutting down, and battery cells voltages being out of range. So after paying R40000 for the battery and only getting 1892 units from it, that is a whopping R21.14/unit. And I thought Eskom power was expensive. Truely disappointed with the REVOV batteries. Will never buy or recommend the batteries.
  11. Have a Victron Easysolar (Photo attacked). System is connected to internet. Only ReVOV batteries. Limited to 3MB for photos.
  12. I haven't set it up, the installer that I bought the system from, they did the complete supply and install. This is now the 3rd time the system does this. I complained to the installer two times before, and everytime they come out or log in and do some settings changes. The last settings changes lasted 4 months, and then started again. I will see if I can take more photos of the connections and share here.
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