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  1. Looking at the inverter manual, charge voltage seem ok but for the purpose of checking if the error would disappear, I would set it to 52.5V (check the spec sheet of the US2000) Your DoD settings also look ok. What I have seen in couple of different inverter brands, DoD Percentage expressions differ. For some 80% DoD means - discharge to 80% of the battery capacity (meaning only 20% of overall capacity is consumed) and others (like yours) 80% means discharge 80% of overall battery capacity meaning only 20% of capacity would remain. Hope it makes sense Also, please i wouldn't set DoD
  2. Looking at the State of Charge (SoC) on the batteries, it looks they need balancing. Is this a new setup? I have 4 x US3000 and when I installed them, I kept getting overcharge warnings from my Victron inverter as they were not balanced. It took around a week to balance them. You would need to cycle them to 20% SoC and give them time. They have protection mechanisms in the BMS so you won't damage them. What is the charge voltage set at?
  3. I did but for a very short time. I got the batteries and saw that victron already has an ability to read the charge, etc based on the configuration I've set in it... Little did I know that it is very inaccurate reading SOC from the inverter That greatly reduced my battery bank life span. The batteries lasted 2,5 years and couldn't sustain 4 hours of load shedding any more I consider that my school fees as now I know that anyone having Gel or Flooded batteries must have a BMV.
  4. For sale Victron Battery Monitor BMV-700 Still under warranty (bought August 2020) R1900 Bobby 0767553787 Randburg
  5. Hi all, so yesterday I installed 4 x US3000 Pylontech and went on to the website in order to register for 10 years warranty. They require pictures and most probably configs that I can provide. I did the installation and configuration my self. One of the compulsory items on the registration is "Installer Company Name" and I don't have one. Does anyone know if I can register for a 10 year warranty or any other way to resolve this?
  6. All sorted! Thank you My replies are hidden for some reason when I thank the people that helped the problem was the 500Kbit/s on Can-bus. Once it was set, it started working
  7. Hi all, I have a 5000VA Multiplus II and I just installed 4 x Pylontech US3000B batteries. I connected all as per Pylontech/Victron manual I additionally bought original VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type B cable to connect the master battery to Venus GX in order to get the BMS info, but no luck. Some pics of the connections attached I have changed Victron Config as well as ESS settings as per Victron manuals Can anyone help? Any suggestions are welcome. I really don't know what am I doing wrong? (I tried the fourth jumper up and down - no luck)
  8. Hi all, I have a simple system with a 48V (54.4V) Battery Bank (Gel Batteries) and a Victron Multiplus II 5000VA Inverter. Batteries are already two years old. Previous loadshedding period that we had last year, I was able to go through the 4 hours cycle with no problems, but now I am able to run only for an hour before inverter goes into shutdown due to low battery. I checked the battery bank voltages shortly before it shuts down, and they are anywhere between 38V-41V Once inverter is shut down, after 10-20minutes, the voltage comes back up on its own to 48V. As soon as I put on a bit
  9. In short - yes it will start the pump, however the question is how many things next to that pump is running when the pump is about to start. The peak of multi II 5k/48 is 9000w https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Datasheet-MultiPlus-II-inverter-charger-EN.pdf
  10. My HXE310-P meter went into tamper mode because of accidental feed-in... Called CoJ and the guys that came to check didn't know what is happening or how to sort it out even though I told them what has happened Still waiting for a new meter or hexing keypad that can supposedly fix it.
  11. 12U will work height wise, but as far as I know, the batteries are longer than the rack so they will stick out... Check this thread, it speaks exactly about homing of 4 x US3000
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