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  1. At the moment 12 x 330W CNBM...3 series of 4 in parallel It can take another bank of 4 (4 series x 4 parallel), but I need 5 x 5 (or 4 x 5) and this is more the 250/85 can take
  2. I got the unit in Feb. 2020 (from Sinetech - invoice available). My power needs are (sadly) greater than what this unit can do (I need 250/100). Unit is under warranty until Feb 2025. Price R12500 or swap for 250/100 and I’ll composite the difference. Price above is unfortunately no negotiable. JHB, Randburg Bobby 0767553787
  3. Thanks a mill, yet again - you thought me something new Waiting for COJ to come and replace the meter and then we'll see what happens....I saw that Hexing meters can be setup to accept predefined duration (one can setup the any desired time) of feedback so that the contractor doesn't trip...
  4. Thanks plonkster Did I understand correctly when I was reading that in order to achieve no-backfeed, I would need Ziehl Anti-islanding relay?
  5. One of the reasons I was looking at the CT was to prevent the backfeed as backfeed does happen after I'm consuming 2 - 3kw (hair dryer, kettle, etc) and the turn the device causing the consumption off - backfeed happens... This has tripped by meter I am not running the geyser and other heavy loads via AC Out 2 as Victron displays consumption amount as AC Out 1+AC Out 2...with out this split, it doesn't work for my need Also, I have achieved the same behaviour by simply rewiring things by the DB (when power from COJ goes off - geyser is off while everything else keeps working via Victron). So, ultimately, this device doesn't have any use for my installation/scenario... The energy meter would only gave use if I was to wire geyser on AC Out 2 so that I can see what is consuming how much from the Venus...AC loads vs Critical loads... Then I guess that clarifies it Thank you so much for the explanation guys...if I missed or made any errors, please do correct me
  6. Hi all, so I officially give up on trying to find more detail about this "device" Can anyone please advise what the "Current Transformer for MultiPlus-II" is actually for? Everywhere I found peaces of info it says that it is for PowerControl and PowerAssist? - I have Power Assist on in ESS setup and it is working fine without this. Also, somewhere i read that this will prevent feed in to the network - how true is this? Please can anyone who has this thing or knows more shed more light on this?
  7. Just a small note from my side: This fuse in the pic is an AC fuse and not a DC fuse AC and DC fuses are not the same http://solarhomestead.com/difference-between-ac-and-dc-fuses/ Read it please for your own peace of mind AC fuses are cheaper and I think that is why many installers use them My installers did exactly the same and I replaced the AC fuses with DC fuses this week Its a small price to pay compared to the consequence it can bring should something go wrong...
  8. Thank you @Jaco de Jongh, but I have the box and everything already mounted and this looks quite big If I don't come right, I'll reach out to you @plonkster Please can you check my diagram Would this be OK with regards to Fuses? In nearby future, I am planning to add a second Victron and parallel them so it would be 2 x 5000VA Will all this be able to run ok with 2 x 5k Multis setup?
  9. As always - invaluable info Thank you so very much! I managed to find place to buy the fuses as these things are not so common (I think). So the main fuse from the battery bank to the positive bus bar is 125A which I think is not enough. I would replace that with 200A. Cable is 35mm2 and it is 2,5m long so i believe that that is fine. EDIT: Fuse is: https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/products/1568709/ but, looking at it now, it is for AC only Then from the positive bus bar to inverter there is an 80A fuse which I would replace with the 125A that I would have from the above. Additionally, there is a 100A fuse towards MPPT which I believe is ok. Does that sound ok? And another question - is the DC circuit breaker really necessary? I am struggling to find a 200A DC circuit breaker and the ones I did find are very expensive (over R2k )
  10. Hi guys, I have a Victron Multiplus II 5000VA (4kW) with MPPT charger and a 48V battery bank (4x12V 100Ah batteries in series x 2 = 200Ah total). Battery bank positive wire reaches the inverter over a 63A DC Circuit breaker. There is also an 80A fuse on the path. System is running ESS with power assistance turned ON. Last night (no sun for the MPPT) I turned on couple of appliances and the load came to around 4800W which is higher then what the inverter can produce, but due to ESS and Power Assist, the portion that was needed was taken from the Grid, hence no overload. That being said, 4kW was being drawn from the battery bank at the specific moment. I had a look and the amperage being drawn from the battery bank was in around 120A (?!). Then the DC circuit breaker tripped As from what I see - DC and AC Amps are way different. How would one calculate maximum amount of Amps that can be drawn from the battery bank and for how long? As per the battery bank capacity - I would say that I can get 200Amps for one hour before discharging the bank fully - right? I am a bit cautions of getting a larger DC breaker as I wouldn't like to burn something
  11. Hi all, I tried to google and read but didn't find the answer clear enough Is is possible to Connect Multiplus II 5000VA and Multiplus II 3000VA into parallel? I understand the DC connectivity as well as AC and coupling via VEConf 3, etc....but I don't know if it will work with different capacity models in the same range (Multi II) Thanks in advance


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