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  1. Thanks Coulomb, I have 74.30 installed on the newer one. See attachment, Will need to power up the older one to see firmware levels. Would your recommendation be to install 73.00e on both since I have 74.30 on the newer one? IMG_8338.HEIC
  2. Hi All I have an older Axpert which I would like to parallel with a newer Axpert. Both are the same model (SOL-I-AX-5M) however the newer one has a rated power of 5000VA/5000W and a rated current of 80A, while the older one has a rated power of 5000VA/4000W and a rated current of 60A. I suspect the firmware levels are different as well. Is there an issue introducing the older one as a parallel inverter? Regards
  3. Hello. I have an existing solar installation with 2 DB boards. I would like to isolate the 2nd DB with a new solar installation. I have an Axpert 5KW inverter and about 10 170AH batteries I am not using. I would like to buy about 8 350W solar panels and connect those to the inverter and batteries I am not using and connect that to the 2nd DB board. The inverter I have is an Mecer/Axpert 5KVA, so it should be able to handle the PV? You will need to supply the mounting system, PV DC cables,DC fuses for batt and PV, Batt cables, SUB DB for the DC, trunking etc. The Inverter would be mounted within 5m or so of the DB in the garage. Pictures of the roof angle and existing batteries and inverter are included. I am located near Fourways. Could you suggest installers that are good and could quote for the supply of the panels and full installation?
  4. @Dex_, @Coulomb ... thanks for the help. I have checked the settings for both inverters and they are identical. Are you saying the settings could be correct but the inverter is not actually using that setting? Is there a way to force it? If it is the MPPT, I assume the inverter needs to go in for repair again ... took months to get it back the last time. Can you recommend where to take the unit ... I am near the Fourways area? I also have an older Axpert which I am not using (the one with the heatsink on top, I think), not sure of the model number, will check. Could I use that inverter with the newer version inverter? If i could, I assume I would need to make sure firmware levels are the same?
  5. @Coulomb, thanks for all your input so far. I have lowered the voltage to 47V as suggested. No warnings so far, but will continue to monitor. I have also compared the values with both inverters and they are identical. Regarding the wire swapping ... I completed that last night and when I checked about 30 mins ago, it was exactly the same as before? I was expecting the solar PV to be swapped to the slave but that was not the case, the master is still producing all the solar PV and the slave value remains around 29w. I know I have been posting many pics, but I am including the before and after of the wire swapping to confirm I did this correctly.
  6. Thanks for the info and advice Coulomb! The voltage settings I included yesterday were taken when it was almost dark. I have included new pics taken today around 10:30am. Master was around 88v and slave around 103v. I tried the rocker switch you mentioned, and as you stated, the slave became the master, but solar PV did not increase, remained at 29w. The master stopped feeding power to the home (after switching the rocker switch) but showed that it was still charging the batteries. I have also noticed that when in solar mode, the slave does not indicate that solar is charging the batteries, only the master and error code 04 appears on both inverters. When utility charges the battery, both inverters show batteries are charging and 04 code disappears. I will try this tonight. Do I need to power off inverters before swapping wires? This will be difficult since the Pylons are very close to the box. Pylons are mounted near ceiling.
  7. Hello Gentleman. Thanks for all the replies. @Jaco de Jongh Model number is: SOL-I-AX-5M. Regarding the way the panels are connected, this is what the installer told me when the system was originally installed. I do not know this as fact. Is there a way I can confirm and will that involve climbing a roof and checking how it is all connected? I have checked the communication cables and I can confirm they are connected correctly. @Coulomb My knowledge is limited regarding how things are/should be connected. Is there a way you can advise me to check? I can confirm cables are definitely only blue and red. I have attached more pictures. Please see if that sheds more light. @Dex_ Is that calculation based on my axpert settings? I have limited knowledge, so please let me know if I should change something. Thanks for the responses everyone. Appreciated so far!
  8. Hello All My setup is as follows: 24* 265W canadian panels, connected in 4 pairs of 6. 2 * Axpert Inverters connected in parallel 6 * 2.4KW Pylontech batteries My axperts blew and were in for repairs. When they eventually returned, I noticed I was not getting the solar input I was getting before which was 4 - about 5.5KW during peak sun times. Now I am only getting 1.5 - 2.5Kw and it only seems to be driven from the master inverter. The slave inverter only shows an input of 25-30W. Pictures are attached. I have replaced fuses which has not made a difference. Any ideas please? Regards
  9. Hi All I have an existing solar system, feeding my home and outbuilding. This system is working but does not last the night. I have 6 pylontech batteries but generally I switch back to the grid at about 9pm or so. I will remain on the grid till about 9am or so at which point there is enough solar or batteries charged and system will switch to solar again. Generally, my usage is about 50Kw per day and my solar system produces around 30Kw of the 50Kw required per day. I have 2 DB boards in my home. I would like to isolate the 2nd DB which currently feeds off the 1st DB and I would like to buy solar panels and use the Axpert inverter and batteries (Dynasty UPS12-615MRXF) I already own to power the 2nd DB. Batteries have been standing for about a year now. Can someone please be recommended? I am near the Fourways area. Regards
  10. Thanks Coulomb, appreciate the reply. Will make the changes.
  11. Hello All New to this forum and found this post which is what I need help with please. My setup is as follows: 2 * Axpert/Mecer 5Kw Inverters connected in parallel 24 * Canadian solar panels 6 * 2.4Kw Pylontech batteries My inverters blew and after a few weeks they were returned and installed yesterday. The settings are currently set as follows: Program 02: 40A Program 05: USE Program 11: 30A Program 12: 46V Program 13 48V Program 26: 53.2V Program 29: 47.0V For program 2, N being the amount of batteries, does that mean I need to multiply 25 * 6, giving me a 150A setting for each inverter? Should I go ahead and change the other settings to the recommended settings as per earlier post based on my setup? Thanks in advance!!
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