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  1. I have seen as much as 12.3 amps per mppt with these cloudy/sunny days.
  2. Or just move something from essential side to non essentials, it sounds like you are running too much on the load side . You should ideally try to keep the load on essential side as low as possible , only absolute essentials.
  3. I have never actually tested this on my unit but it should be like Achmat said @ 35 amp passthrough. Maybe update firmware and check again ?
  4. I do agree with most of what you say . You should definitely use the sun by all means possible and i forgot to specify that i am using a thermosyphon geyser. The main problem was not knowing the temperature,so it would come on at times when it was not needed ect. Sure you can get cheaper alternatives to monitor/control it but at R900 the geyserwise was not that expensive. It saved that money in the first 1-2 months of use easily.
  5. This is definitely not true. A normal timer does not control geyser temperature like you can with geyserwise. The trick is to set up the temps and time it comes on according to how many people need to shower . Follow the usage of water/temps for a while and set the controller parameters accordingly. I have saved atleast 30% on my usage after installing a geyserwise. I was using a normal timer before and its a huge difference.
  6. My 5kw sunsynk went up to 55 degrees today while doing 5kw load for 1 hour, so yea its pretty normal.
  7. The Pylontech batteries uses LiFePo4 and the Hubble uses Li-NMC cells so you can not compare their voltages. That does seem like really low voltages though. According to this graph the battery should be just about empty at 3 volts per cell .So 15 cells for the hubble x 3 is about 45 volts.. completely discharged. Something does not seem right ..
  8. The 33w odd draw is normal for the Sunsynk inverters. It is working like it should, Only thing is that your charge and discharge is set quite low for the hubble battery at 40/65. I would change that to 40/100 at least so you are utilizing the full 100amps(1C) for discharging.Dont worry about those float voltages on the battery setup screen , the batteries BMS will do all of that you dont need to change anything there. @Coulomb The hubble is not Lifepo4 .Its Li-NMC.
  9. What kind of limits are you finding ?
  10. He mentioned it in one of his videos ,its also on their website ,currently being beta tested by some users .They sent some to SA for testing , i think @Achmat requested one and will probably share some info about it when he has received/used it a bit.
  11. Ultimately my settings will be much different to what you use with a much larger battery . Your system mode settings should be optimized for your own system. I constantly change my settings according to weather , which would not be as necessary when you run 10kw plus of storage.
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