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  1. Looks like you CT coil is either not installed or installed incorrectly.
  2. Perhaps remove the wifi dongle from the slave inverter so that only the master has a wifi dongle?
  3. This is not pylontech doing the dirty deeds , this is all coming from segen solar.
  4. Ask them for all the history log files of the batteries and post them here. This is a common tactic used by Segen to not honor warranties ,this will not be the first time this has happened here . Usually after some pushback(going to pylontech themselves)/analyzing the logs they honor the warranty. I have seen this about 4 times on the forum now and every time the warranty was eventually honored.
  5. At what voltage do you see 76% ?
  6. There is no 3250w limit per MPPT, at least not on mine , i regularly see 3,6-3,8kw on a string. Also fun fact , you can set the solar array size in the settings to above 6500w and it will make more if the PV power is available and you have batteries to charge. I do not recommend this however lol as its uncertain territory , i have made over 7kw but i set it back to be on the safe side. Sometimes it stays pinned on 6,5kw then you know there is more available if you were to change the settings.
  7. As long as you stay within the MPPT specs you can oversize as much as you want , just remember everything over 5kw is DC to DC only so if your batteries are full that power wont be produced. My array is 7,3kwp east west split on 5kw Sunsynk if i wanted to i could easily add 2 more panels but there is no more roof space. East west split production falls off pretty steeply in cape town winters.
  8. You are comparing Lipo to LFP chemistry ,they are very different. LFP need to be charged to 100% regularly to keep cells balanced.
  9. You can get a new 5kw Deye for 19.2K from powerforum store ... Just some food for thought. https://powerforum-store.co.za/collections/inverters/products/deye-5kw-single-phase-hybrid-inverter-sun-5k-sg01lp1-eu
  10. I would go with the Deye if its cheaper , The sunsynk dongle has not impressed me much and its servers are down pretty frequently lately compared to solarman which basicly never goes down. I am very happy using solarman as it can do everything the sunsynk dongle can. As far as the hardware goes its the same.
  11. 137W seems high. When its blending from the grid i have seen as low as 9-30W which is pretty crazy. Right now with no grid i get 46W. MAIN:3384-086B HMI:0000-E42A Total DC Input Power:4.604 kW Total Consumption Power:2.15 kW External CT Power L1L2:0 W Battery Power:-2.408 kW
  12. I found that the Sunsynk dongle reports a way higher (incorrect) self consumption than what it should vs Solarman dongle ... here is my friends 8kw sunsynk, his 'self consumption' is always around 200-300w which cant be right. 1226+144+19=1389-1175= 214W
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