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  1. I paid around 12 k for mine
  2. Speak to voltex about an inverter
  3. E1 is an earthleakage possible element fault, circuit fault or loose neutral wire
  4. Sounds like some settings are not right, is the pi seeing 2 battery's or one?
  5. Hi, I am running an Axpert 5kva and two pylontech us3000 as a backup in case of load shedding. System is in standby but i randomly get the warning light on the master battery coming on ,does not flash. If I switch the battery off and on again it seems to reset itself . What would cause this?
  6. Sounds like you have a slight short in borehole pump
  7. Hi Now on my third axpert inverter in a week, first had out of box failure, second had coms failure, now on number three and keeping fingers crossed. if i am monitoring with icc software do i still need to connect the coms cable that comes with the pylontech between the pylontech and the inverter?
  8. Hi My pylontechs are running at different temperatures, is this normal?
  9. Hi, get your icc software from Manie [email protected] pylontech from inverter warehouse 20k each they are near isando
  10. Have changed the settings, thank you for the help
  11. Hi Coulomb i have 2 pylontech us3000 with an axpert 5kva, this is purely for backup during loadshedding, i cant have solar panels in my complex, thank you
  12. Hi, i have loaded the following settings on my system, is there anything i should change?
  13. hi, trying to purchase a raspberry pi and software from icc software, placed an order and got a confirmation number but no way to pay? No bank details on their web page.
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