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  1. Shockin

    6kw Li-iron tech

    The ad actually mentions SolarCity Rsa sounds suspect
  2. Shockin

    PV Store

    I got the same info from them
  3. Shockin

    PV Store

    Have they confirmed that they have stock?
  4. Shockin

    PV Store

    good luck with them , they have no stock of pylontechs
  5. HI Coulomb Thanks for the info, how would the axpert SOL-I-AX-5P work with the Pylontech us3000b? How do you get this inverter and pylontech to talk to each other?
  6. HI Coulomb Which 5kva Axpert uses direct cable to let the bms call the shots? Will the Sol-I-ax-5p do it
  7. Hi, where can I find a pylontech us300b battery in the gauteng region at reasonable prices?
  8. Hi not much of a saving compared to a new one
  9. Speak to Alarmtec , Riaan 011 954 6293, they do the paradox
  10. Hi, where did you get the shoto batteries from? price? I was offered on a few days ago but it was expensive
  11. Hi Mike, what is the price on these?
  12. Looks like a battery made by a company called CHANG HONG in China
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