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  1. Yes they do in terms of vertical alignment and flush with other CBs. If the DIN breaker is shorter than the hole in the DB board lid the adapter comes with a plastic clip that mounts on the DB board lid to block the gap to make it safe.
  2. FYI If anyone in GP land is looking for the Astutes I saw about 6x units at Builders Warehouse Edenvale yesterday. R349 each. I hear that they will be coming out with a plug-into-wall-socket version in the near future - I have asked for an ETA as will be easier to use for a single appliance eg a dishwasher.
  3. I used these Product Individual – ACDC Dynamics Online http://a365.acdc.co.za/Images/acdc-web-images/ima1/CK-SAM.JPG Works well.
  4. I pushed the "Like" button for your pre-charge arrangement. Your setup was a bit easier as you only have 1x fuse.
  5. Paul Are you using Vox as your ISP with their router ?
  6. QB For interest sake, now that you have opened the battery, is the battery in that Dyness a 15S or 16S ? Are they using pouch cells ?
  7. Yes pretty much so but you would probably struggle to find an off the shelf 96 V secondary. So your best option is to get them wound for you. You could try SJ Andrews [email protected] Your first post mentioned 320W so this is a motor application so we can assume PF of 0.8 so that would equate to a 400VA transformer. The MPPT voltage rating that you require will depend on the max voltage you will get out of the secondary side of the transformer. Does the spec sheet state what the max voltage is that you will get ? I assume you would put a bridge rectifier on the second
  8. OK that information is useful. So it appears the generator phase to phase voltage is 208VAC. This works out to a voltage of 120V per phase to the neutral (star point). So you do need 120V input to the transformers. Good news is that you dont need to worry about getting a transformer specially wound for 117/24 volts. A transformer that has primary voltage of 240V with 2x 48V secondaries (wired in series) should work well. It is perfectly fine to drive a transformer at 1/2 the design voltage. In other words a 240/96 transformer driven by you generator will then give you 120/48 which is th
  9. Does the generator produce 117V or 234V ? (or the more normal 120V or 240V). From the pdf you sent, the transformer can be wired in series for 234V or paralleled for 117V. If your generator is 234V then you don't need the 117V windings and just need a single 234V winding. I presume you would need the 48VAC output of the transformers. You DONT need to get toroidal transformers - normal transformers will work fine. I agree with Kalahari Kat that you will need a (preferably MPPT) charge controller to manage charging parameters such as charge current and voltage so tha
  10. I think the fact that it does not mention true-sine wave means that your unit is a modified sine-wave design. A sure way to check is to get one of your tech savvy friends with an oscilloscope to check the waveform on the output of the UPS (using a suitable step down transformer). Picture from https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/the-best-gear-for-your-road-trip/
  11. First guess. That inverter is not a true sine wave inverter but a modified sine wave inverter. So the UPS does not like the modified sine wave it is receiving and thus stays on battery... Do you have a technical data sheet or spec sheet for that inverter ?
  12. Hey Iceman There are a number of options to replace those ridiculously priced 2.5AH 12V batteries. Cheapest and easiest is to simply replace them with 3x 7AH Sealer Lead Acid batteries. This will provide you with plenty of capacity and the batteries are cheap as chips (get decent brand ones eg CSB or Forbatt). The existing charger may be a little under rated but the effect is not too serious as the charge time will take longer if the batteries are really flat. Simple job to put the new batteries in an external case as I am sure they are not likely to fit where the old ones went. C
  13. Johan PM me your email address and I will email to you.
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