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  1. Johan PM me your email address and I will email to you.
  2. I concur with Gnome and Calvin. The King definitely does blend the PV and AC incoming. It is one of the reasons I went for the King. I was a bit dubious if the King could do this blending and.... sadly there was no definite information on this on the internet. One of the first things I did when I installed it was to test and confirm that it could indeed do this blend of AC and grid. I added a Victron BMV to my Pi running ICC and now I get much more accurate SOC information and, in my opinion, the BMV is a must-have. My biggest gripe with the King is the max 145 VOC which me
  3. Hi Spike

    Do you still have Victron 150/85 MPPT and if yes how much do you want for it and where are you based ?

    1. spikeza


      Its a 150/70 not a 150/85  the new 150/85 retails for just under 10k since this is the older VECAN unit  maybe R7k? Based In JHB

    2. GreenMan


      Ok, thanks Spikeza. Not what we are looking for.


  4. Had situation at site where the UPSs for the individual PCs cycled on and off while on the generator. This happened for good few minutes until the (brand new) batteries were flat Some UPS were decent APC brand. It was a Honda generator so had no doubts about AC waveform quality.... until we put a scope on the 220V inverter output. We saw that the output waveform was severely distorted and that is why the UPSs kept kicking in ! This was a surprise as one assumes that the generator output will be a beautiful/clean sine wave ! Finally, I read somewhere that the generator output is recommend
  5. Sven Something to check:- Is your water and electricity bill drastically higher than previous months ? We did a repair job at a retirement village with 2x 200 litre geysers in parallel and they had NO hot water. Checked all the usual - solar controller working; pump working(this case an AC pump); no air lock etc etc. After much investigation we found that there was a big leak in the geysers hot water pipe underground that was not physically visible. So the water never stayed in the geysers long enough to get heated by solar and also the heating elements were on for hal
  6. I have often pondered the following:- As 220V is potentially lethal would an earth leakage not be advisable ? The ELCB would not be required if all devices connected to the backup power are double insulated but what if they are not ?
  7. Ah, i meant overall efficiency of the system and not purely PV efficiency. My guess is that the PV efficiency is dependant on the MPPT firmware and hardware ? Just guessing.
  8. Hi Bain Also in terms of overall efficiency, remember the King inverters operate (when not bypassed, obviously) in Online mode (in UPS speak). That is why you have zero transfer time to battery when there is a mains failure. This means that the inverter is always inverting and there is the inefficiencies of this as the DC is converted to AC.
  9. Hi Bain For the King, choosing ECO mode diverts all solar power to the batteries and never to the load except if there is a mains fail then batteries will supply power to load. Once the batteries are full then the PV power generated drops to zero ! Your current CPU version 71.90 has a known bug that even if you selected in Question 16 the option of Udc (don't charge batteries from the grid) the grid still charged the batteries at a small current. This is much less than if you had the inverter in ECO mode but where the full PV power would charge the battery. I upgraded to 71.92 (
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