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  1. What I am saying @Gerrie is that the terms and conditions can't say that the CPA doesn't apply to them. If it was a consumer/installation issue, I would have thought that they would have said something to @EugeneN It is pretty clear what your rights are, it is obviously up to the consumer whether they enforce those rights or not.
  2. There is no "grey area" @Gerrie and it It really doesn't matter what is in the terms and conditions. According to the Consumer Protection Act you are entitled to a replacement unit for the first 6 months of the warranty. They aren't doing you a favor doing it, that is the law.
  3. Price goes up slightly to R700 as I had to go and buy some more RS485-USB adapters that were more expensive than the ones I was using
  4. Thanks @Coulomb, so they are able to blend loads between grid/solar/battery?
  5. Don't really want to drop the resolution for 24hrs, after which the info becomes less useful so thinking that even an average of 5 min would be sufficient. Just need to work out the downsampling, doesn't look that difficult
  6. My understanding is that they are Off Grid inverters, they will replace the grid when they are able and then switch power back to the grid when they are not able to supply enough power. They are not able to "blend" the power between grid & solar, it is either one or the other.
  7. I have noticed that the Home Assistant backups of all my Sunsynk Data are starting to get rather large, at the moment 2Gb and increasing by +-100mb per day which is obviously not sustainable. In an effort to try and keep the size down I have decided that I am going to need to implement some downsampling and data retention policies in InfluxDB as that is where most of the backup size comes from. Am thinking that the easiest way is probably going to be to create a new database for all the downsampled data to be loaded into and then just change the retention settings on the existing database to 24hrs Going to downsample to 1 min intervals and see what the DB size looks like. Any comments/suggestions?
  8. Can you guys maybe submit your changes to @jacauc github so that it can be updated
  9. @Bloubul7 is definitely our CIC on this one , without him I think would still be trying to work out how ModBus works, lol
  10. Yup, removed it totally, was a legacy of another problem I had a few months ago
  11. Working with the _ so who knows
  12. Yes, all sorted and working now, I had made changes in my yaml file previously and forgot about them. As a result there was an argument in my HA as to what the stateclass should be!
  13. Agree 100% @FixAMess, they would need to check it 1st to make sure it is not an installer/customer issue. Once that has been done the claim would either be repudiated due to invalidation of the warranty or the customer must be given the option of repair/replace/return @EugeneN Have you phoned Sunsynk's support number yet? Interested to hear what they say
  14. The new app coming from Sunsynk has it's own servers, they are going to however require a new dongle to work. Not sure if the data is going to be more up to date but I hope so as there is about a 15min lag on the current solarman data
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