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  1. Hi Does anyone know who makes this system? Am going to need to get some more and am trying to figure out who makes it.
  2. What do you want to use it for, out of interest?
  3. You could probably order it of alibaba.com, they have a shop there https://cn1524225498fqks.en.alibaba.com/?spm=a2700.shop_plgr.88.16 https://cn1524225498fqks.en.alibaba.com/product/1600243615314-818239417/Seplos_24V_48V_16S_150A_Lifepo4_lithium_battery_protection_board_LFP_Cell_Balance_Integrated_Circuits_BMS.html?spm=a2700.shop_plgr.41413.20.3bae1c50oUML97 If they won't ship to you directly in SA, get a Chinese shipping agent to handle it for you.
  4. Thanks @phidz , you are 100% correct, just got off the phone from Sunsynk support and they confirmed that it is not an issue as long as the voltage does not spike over 450v
  5. Plug it into the Aux port and set it to micro-inverter
  6. Found the video @phidz seems to be pretty conclusive
  7. Thanks @phidz Will see if I can find the video
  8. Thanks @phidz , Wow, so it isn't going to damage anything as long as my voltages don't go to high, that's good news. I thought that I was a risk of damaging my inverter if I went over 10400w. Will send Keith an email just to get official confirmation before I make any changes but that really would be first prize.
  9. Other alternative is just to go a grid tie which I suspect is probably the safer way of getting more power
  10. Hi Everyone, Calling on the PoweForum hive intelligence At the moment I have 10,900W of panels in an East/West split, very slightly over the max DC Power allowed on an Sunsynk 8KW inverter (10,400W) which doesn't seem to be an issue due to the split. The inverter has Dual MMPT's which can handle a max of 18A & @ 425V (apparently can go up to 500v) or 7650W on each MPPT. Combined this is obviously well over the 10400w limit. My idea is that I can add a 4 extra panels to each string (2s2p), staying within my MPPT restrictions and monitor my DC power on the inverter. If my combined Max power generated goes over 10,000W I can automate a disconnect of one off the strings using HASSIO. Has anyone seen any Smart DC Disconnect switches? If not, was thinking that I could use a suitable SSR controlled by an Arduino/ESP32 Anybody have any alternative ways of doing it?
  11. Hi What is the state of charge on your batteries? Are you sure that the inverter is giving power to your house? I would guess that the inverter is charging your batteries up to 100% after the night and then bleeding of the power as it has nowhere to go.
  12. Am leaning towards a 4kw Solis to give me some extra power, they seem like well made units and according to my calculations and extra 4kw will definitely be enough extra power. Was just considering the thought of getting something that could give me some extra power when the sun goes down if necessary/possible
  13. @Buyeye I am averaging 35-38kr/hr a day at the moment, I have an East/West Split peaking at around 7.5kw. My initial thought was to just add an extra 8 x 455w panels, 4 on each of the strings to give me an extra 33% power, I then realised that I would be over the max DC power my inverter can handle when the sun's strength picks up again so have been looking at other options. Would be happy if I was making +-50kw/hr a day in winter, Would also be interested to know what the average production difference is between Winter and Summer. The system has been running since April and the max I have ever got in a day is 43.80kw/hr, although I suspect that there was some clipping due to my batteries being full and my loads not being switched on intelligently enough. So I guess would have probably made closer to 50kw/hr if I had had capacity. I am now using node red to cycle my heavy loads so as to ensure I don't push to close to the limit. My monthly production for April was 992kw/hr, May 1070kw/hr & June 963kw/hr.
  14. @Buyeye I currently have 2 x 6kw BSL-Batt Bull Batteries & a Sunsynk 8kw with 24 x 455w PV panels Primarily I would like more PV Panels, another 3-5kw would be handy, I understand that the limit on the grid-tie port is 5kw. My understanding is that upgrading the existing storage on my Sunsynk would mean buying either 6kw or 5kw BSL-Batt batteries as you can't mix vendors and sometimes even battery models depending on the BMS's installed (could be wrong, not 100% sure but that is what I have been told so far) I am not buying any more batteries right now so the new inverter would be run as a grid- tie initially. My thought was that if it is possible to add a hybrid inverter to the grid-tie port for the extra power then it may also give me the future option to add some extra battery storage from another battery vendor.
  15. You can tune it, so if it regularly under forecasts you should be able to correct it.
  16. Was thinking that using a Growatt as it may give me the option of adding some more cheap battery storage to my existing system if required as well rather than a purely Grid Tie inverter like a Solis
  17. Hi Was wondering if anyone knows if either the Growatt or Axpert inverters can be run as Grid tied inverters and if so which models. I am looking for an inverter to feed into my Sunsynk as I already have 10800w of panels and would like to put some more up. Thanks
  18. Interesting short video demonstrating why you can't use AC breakers for a DC Current
  19. Just an update, I have 3 x 1 Gang 1 x 2 Gang 1 x 3 Gang Left if anyone is interested.
  20. This is the panel I created in Grafana for the data, I am monitoring some eWelink breaker switches as well which also have power monitoring on them.
  21. So, I bought one of Amazon, arrived two weeks after order and included all duties etc so rather painless. Price including shipping was R2,912.94 Experience so far is pretty good although cable management is an issue! Has 16 x 50A and 2 x 200A CT clamps so there are LOADS of cables and clamps and space in the DB can be very cramped. Data is by minute, Hour & Day Integration with HASSIO is pretty good and have all the data getting pulled in so relatively happy. There is however no LAN option so all the data has to go to the cloud first.
  22. Thought you guys might be interested, the latest version of Home Assistant includes a plug-in for Solar Forecasting. https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/forecast_solar/
  23. Don't think so, the switch looks different, that hacked one looks more like the MoesHouse switch in the photos he has
  24. Don't think so, no easy way to take them apart, I have looked and the OTA flash doesn't seem to work
  25. Thanks Achmat Thinking that a Solis 3kw Grid-Tie would do the job very nicely.
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