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  1. Hi Don Would you be able to post some pics ?
  2. And just to make life a little more interesting, I have found some CTs supplied to have the lable on it pointing the wrong way !!! Although this was with a Sunsynk.
  3. Price drop further ---> R1700 Latest price (1st December, 2021) from LBSA for same BMS is R 2,614.95...
  4. Gnome is so right. I built 2 different versions of these de-sulfators. Put a scope on the output and the pulse and ringing were there as per the magazine articles (Elektor I think and the other maybe was ETI) and their PCB designs. Tried circuits on half dozen or so different batteries - AGMs and Flooded. Results ? - nada, niks, nichts, niente, nothing... Tried that in conjunction with Epsom Salts - also nada. if it smells like snake oil and tastes like snake oil then highly likely it is snake oil I did not cut any cells opens other than a few SLAs but my guess is that there is sediment on the bottom of flooded lead acids that shorts the plates so that no amount of pulsing (except maybe lightning) will fix it.
  5. Sorry 20VT your offer of R1300 is not acceptable - especially as a new one is double that ! Thanks for the response anyway.
  6. Price drop ----> R1800. Latest price from LBSA is R 2,614.95...
  7. Item: LBSA DALY 100A 15S/16S 48V LiFePO4 Smart BMS. Includes UART and power button Age: Practically brand new Price: R2000 Payment Method Accepted: Cash or EFT Warranty: No Condition: Excellent. Location: Near Eastgate Shopping Centre, Jhb Reason: Installed it fine on a reclaimed Pylontech US2000 battery which had blown its BMS due to lightning strike. Never put it into use but occasionally checked cell voltages using the phone app until I saw one of the Pylontech cells had dropped voltage . (All the cells in the entire pack are bulging which I assume was caused by over-charging when original Pylontech BMS blew) In itself bulging cells are acceptable but this one cell is kaput rendering the 15S pack useless. I want to get a LBSA Daly 8S or 4S SmartBMS in order to use the remaining cells which seem to be OK (so far !) Shipping: Sure at your cost and risk Packaging: If shipping I will pack very securely Collection: Preferred Link: LBSA DALY 100a 15S/16S 48V LiFePO4 Smart BMS with Optional Display or Bluetooth | Lithium Batteries South Africa (lithiumbatteriessa.co.za)
  8. Grrrr - on the cBI app one of my Astutes shows approx 700W power consumption when the geyserwise it is connected to is OFF . Been happening for some time now - makes the day/month/year recordings of power consumption useless... Anyone else seen this ?
  9. Perhaps your batteries are unbalanced ? Test with a meter. Your tale of woe with short LA battery life is common place. A friend bought 4x 200AH Chahdas and after a year he, like you, noticed a capacity degradation. I tested the capacity of one of them for him and after a year it had dropped to about 110AH. Sad thing is that he noticed the degradation after 10 months but the supplier insisted there was no problem. WIthout capacity testing the battery how could they know !!! Going the Lithium way is a no-brainer but for the Pylontech 24V, remember the UP2500 can only deliver a max continuous current of 55A so at 24V you will only be able to draw approx 1.3 kW. Options ? Buy ready built unit (I installed one at a friend who has a 24V 3000W axpert and it works just fine. This one - 24v 200Ah 5.1kWh (tested 5.2kWh usable @ 40A) LiFePO4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Wall Mount Solar UPS Battery | Lithium Batteries South Africa (lithiumbatteriessa.co.za) It can supply 100A max. Or you could build your own if you are technically inclined from a kit from the same company. Or source the different components yourself and build your own. Is a lot of fun.
  10. Agreed, that is why when the sales chap I spoke said he had 1x kit left I ordered it and jumped in the car to go fetch it ! Nobody (Communica, MicroRotics, PiShop etc) has stock and worse they don't know when stock will be arriving. Same applies to Pi4.
  11. Isetech, I did like you did and phoned the company and they scrounged around and.... they found a Pi (next to the chips ? ) for me. It is the red and white case but that not too serious. Thanks for the advice
  12. Item Wanted: Raspberry Pi3 B+ or Raspberry Pi3 3B or.... Pi 4: older boards only - version 1.2 and 1.3. Packaging Essential: Prefer to collect in Jhb so no packaging required Desired Age: Not important Location: Jhb Willing to accept a shipped item: Prefer to collect in Jhb Ballpark/Budget Amount: PM me Reason: Want it to run VenusOS and the newest Pi4 boards are not supported
  13. 87 Dream - you don't need it ! I think you should let me buy it
  14. Item Wanted: Pylontech US2000 - not in working condition as I need to harvest some cells from it. Typically this could be a Pylontech that has the BMS blown. Packaging Essential: Not necessary Desired Age: Not important Location: Jhb Reason: I have an old Pylontech which was hit by lightning and the BMS was blown. It was which was kindly given to me by PurePower who is a member on this forum. I installed a Daly SmartBMS into the US2000 and the (PylonDalyTech ?) works just fine as a 15S battery. However using the smartphone app I can see that one of the cells is dying. The packs in the Pylontech are a little swollen probably due to overcharging when the BMS got fried by lightning. So maybe that is why the one cell is dying. So if anyone has an old US2000 I could harvest 2x working cells from it (each cell in a Pylontech US2000 are actually 2 pouches in parallel) and then I could build a 16S pack as the Daly SmartBMS can also be configured for a 16S pack.
  15. Hi Saliegh Did the uncased one work with WIndows 10 ?
  16. Bobster, that anode looks brand new ! Take a wire brush to clean it a bit and put it back in. This is what a worn one looks like. Geyser was installed in Nov 2017. I got a replacement one (HeatTech and Kwikot use exactly the same anode) and installed that. I replaced my 3KW element with a 2KW element, as per 87Dream's recommendation. I also replaced the gasket at the same time. When the element flange was off I saw how bad the anode was and had to hunt for a replacement. Eventually found one at Leroy Merlin and was pretty cheap @ R133. 00. I think the anodes wear at different rates depending on the water quality. I did not expect mine to be that bad at just under 4 years.
  17. Apparently (but I have not tested it) LBSA can communicate with Victron.
  18. Hi Greyman A long shot but have you tried settings OG Max inverter to appliance mode ?
  19. According to the datasheet - Datasheet-EasySolar-II-48-3000-35-32-MPPT-250-70-GX-EN.pdf (victronenergy.com) the battery that he has will work as the Easysolar II can take max of 66V. However the charging voltage of the Easysolar is a max of 57.6V which won't be enough to charge that 16S pack. He could reconfigure the battery to a 14S pack so that the 57.6V would be close to the required charge voltage. With 57.6V and 14S then there will be approx 4.1V per cell. This is just fine and will give max life for the pack. Re the BMS that you mentioned, yes it may have R485 comms port but you don't know if has the protocols to talk to Victron. It may be possible to use the LG Chem as a "dumb battery" (lead acid) and in order to get more intelligent battery information to use a Victron BMV and connect it to the Easysolar via VEDirect connection.
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