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  1. Could you please tell us who his electricity supplier is?
  2. That's a beast of a system you are going to have! I think the battery choice comes down to the price you can get them at. I am very happy with my pylons, know people who are very happy with Freedom Won and have read lots on this forum about people who are very impressed with Hubble. I would see what quotes you can get and then make a decision. Either way you will have a solid battery! We have similar daytime usage, I tend to over produce(my batteries are full by mid day) with my 5.4kWp array so your solar should be more than sufficient. (A big plus for you during the winter months... my system struggles quite a bit in winter)
  3. These must be brand new, i have never seen one before, looks quite cool though. Have you gotten any quotes? is the pricing better than their existing battery options? Eddit: did some googling and they do look to me to be more affordable than the existing range!
  4. I do not know that inverter so i cant help you change the grid set point but i can guarentee you that as @FixAMess has stated it is perfectly normal, you should be able to find a way to feed in the excess power if you want.
  5. Can not see anything in the manual that suggests it can be done. I would not bank on it working together
  6. I would strongly suggest considdering the advice from myself and others that this might be a verry shitty idea, pun intended! Who is this manufacturer though?
  7. My best guess is that it is those pesky Low Voltage light transformers, once i change a few zones to GU10 ill be able to confirm.
  8. Have them matched to within 6 Volts, As close as i can get as eskom voltage changes depending on load on transformers, i can also see sudden voltage changes occur (10V) as the transformer/voltageregulator taps move up and down on their windings which i think is cool.
  9. Okay wild thought, the inrush current of the lights transformers (When someone else turns a light on somwehere else in the house) is enough to cause that temporary voltage sag?
  10. So when i have load shedding and eskom goes down, i notice a significant dimming in my lighting(To me it appears as if they turn off completely even if only for a split second). My frezer compressor also makes quite a noise during this time. I think i can rule out DC wiring as the problem because the inverter was feeding the loads before the grid went down anyways (No sudden change in DC current). Is this normal, am i being overly observant and critical? Inverter is a Victron Multiplus II 5kva with 3xUS3000C I will try record a video of the change over happening tomorrow. EDIT My lights also flicker slightly every +-30 mins... not enough to be irritating or to effect anything, but it is enough to notice Also my lights are all incandecent GU5.3 Low voltage lights (I will change them to GU10 eventually, just need to finish with exams first!)
  11. Well as long as it is not home made beer
  12. Please... just dont do this(But if you do, i actually would be very curious to see this system in action). I do though feel like this solution, just like the water after filtration will turn out to be rather...shitty.
  13. Take a look at jojos website, they have a guide on how their products can be used, and i think they have a way to find installers on their website if DIY is not your thing.
  14. Have you considdered jojo tanks with a normal filtration system, you can collect rain water then instead or incorporate a municiple backup (or a combination of both!) I really think the system you are describing is going to be wildly inconvinient (borderline impossible) and a massive waste of money! (At this point why not spend the money sinking a borehole) How much rain do you get in your area and how much roof space do you have that you can use to collect water? For the most part... dont touch black water. Grey water can be used for irrigation etc but filtering said water to drink in my opinion should be a last resort!
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