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  1. Half-price batteries sound interesting! What did you get and how does it integrate with the rest of your system?
  2. My rough sum was R19000 for a 3kWh battery, 80% DOD and 3000 cycles (half of the claimed 6000 cycles as real world never matches theoretical calculations or similated conditions in a lab) for a conservative R 2.64/kWh without taking time value of money into consideration. I am on prepaid and currently pay between R2.24 and 2.69 per kWh, so lets call it parity for now, but there is no great saving in trying to bump battery capacity to save the last R 2.24 kWh. Not yet, but Eskom increases and battery decreases will get us there soon. Most articles I read point to a sharp drop in storage p
  3. Hi all! While debating the optimal storage capacity of a hybrid PV storage installation with my brother-in-law I made a quick sum and, from what I can see, even the most cost effective batteries cost more than Eskom power per kWh (at least for now). If this is true storage capacity should only cover night-time loadshedding for essential appliances. Has anyone done a comparison like this one based on locally available batteries and pricing? [URL]https://www.fortresspower.com/how-to-calculate-the-energy-cost-of-different-battery-chemistries/[/URL]
  4. That is very close to the setup I envisage (maybe I'll just drop to 5kW as I recently installed a solar geyser). If you dont mind me asking ... who did the install and what was the damage?
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