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  1. If you don’t come right, you can measure the cables and these guys can do the crimping for you for a small charge: Battery Orbit 011 679 4229 https://goo.gl/maps/7b7LTpGZmgGrpRK7A
  2. @Energy-Jason, can we please have a sticky in the general section for a scam sites tread for everyone to see and find easy!
  3. If you check, the price is excl. VAT. That’s why it sounds cheap.
  4. This site is legitimate. I have personally been to their shop in Centurion. If you don’t want to order online, just go to the shop in person. Search for GCSolar on Google maps and it will show you the location. But anyway, the site shows - No stock at the moment
  5. Ok, thanks! I understand better now what's going on there. There is a separate DB for the isolators.
  6. Yes 87, I was just correcting a blanket statement "SunSink can not run without battery", for the same of not spreading false information on the forum. Someone new can come across this thread and just read that statement without understanding the context. But in this case, for off-grid system, I fully agree with you. SunSynk is not the best option for such scenario and I wouldn't use it myself either, if I was planning to go completely off-grid.
  7. I was asking nicely. Didn't mean my question to be taken in a bad way. No need to overreact either. I was referring to this particular diagram from SunSynk. You can see the isolator switches (in yellow) clearly outside the DBs. I thought maybe, there is requirement for them to be installed separate and independent from the DBs. by some standard. Then again, is there an isolator switch between the batteries and the inverter in the above picture somewhere? I only see the fuse box. @Leshen, sorry please don't take my questions in a bad way!
  8. Let's not start spreading false information on the forum. SunSynk CAN work without battery. There is a video from Keith on YouTube, which explains that configuration.
  9. Nope, sorry. I only see the battery DC fuse box and the earth to neutral bonding box. Am I not looking at the right place?
  10. The Sunsynk manual shows dedicated isolation switches between the inverter and the load, batteries and PV. I don’t see those anywhere. Are they not required by the SA standards?
  11. I started this tread with the intention of finding reliable working solution and not just a proof of concept. A simple capacitor, might work with the AC element but this is not something which should be installed in a properly designed electrical system. The solution should be fully compliant to the standards and be able to pass official CoC. I'm all for DIY because I'm willing to do the work and save on cost and not because I cut corners on safety.
  12. I really can't help you with another battery but do you mind sharing the age of the failed battery?
  13. @Abe53, do you have a picture or a diagram of your setup? What happens if the capacitor fails?
  14. Yes you can get creative with the arrays or just get the Growatt ES model, as I was looking at originally. However, there biggest turning point away from the Growatt was the lack of bi-directional flow to the non-essentials. I don't see myself going completely off-grid in foreseeable future and I'm not comfortable putting all my load for the entire house on just 2 x 5KW inverters. Even, if I was willing to do that, I will need 10KWh battery to match the inverters (as best practice) and that is not something I can afford right now. If I could find 3.2V 280AH (or even 100AH) prismatic cells for decent price and build my own matching battery - may be. But I looked and those cells are way too expensive in SA with unreliable suppliers. In case I don't put all my load on the 10KW Growatts with matching PV array, then often during the day, I can have 1KW load on 10KW potential production and 9KW will get wasted. And I couldn't find a way to overcome that with the SMART DEVICE as per my diagram. With the SunSynk you have bi-directional flow. If you are not using the full capacity on the UPS output, the inverter will still compliment the no-essentials and reduce your monthly bill. And you can start with 5KWh battery. Smaller array as well. That's why the SunSynk will work much better for me. For others - maybe the Growatts are better option.
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