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  1. Victron is too expensive for your application. Axpert is better choice . i have 3 4Kw Axperts running 24/7 for 5 years with no issue
  2. ibiza


  3. ibiza


    will you share your source of cells?
  4. I bought one on Bid or buy from capetonian supplier but was very unhappy. Tester broke after one week and supplier asked me to sen it back at my cost which I found unfair so, turned to banggood and am very happy with their overall service and recommending them warmley.. competitive price, good aftersale service, vert fast delivery...
  5. LOL, i can understand why the CT inspectors are concerned. You and your neighbor are not joking, you'll desalinate whole ocean for yourselves . Very selfish from you, no doubt about that. I understand why we have to have all those inspectors on our backs .
  6. Thanks gents for your reply. @Coulomb you, as usual, write very informative posts. I am using laptop batteries in 14s formation, will charge cells with 3.95v (in order to improve cell's longevity ). That is just over 55 v and Axpert can handle that. voltage. BMS is in my plan but am not thinking of that yet. @seant . thanks for very short and clear answer
  7. Hi gents, I am in process of buillding a power wall using lithium ion calls. Can my flashed axperts charge the batteries? At the moment I am using LA batts. Would be possible for my inverters to charge the 18650 if I download patched firmware for Pylons? any advice will be highly appreciated
  8. you are right him and his mate @weber are very clever. they patched original firmware and allowed the public to use it. I, personally, am very grateful to them.
  9. WOW 1000 w after 10min o f sprinkling panels
  10. My purchases might go under the radar as they are so small . I bought several things already with no problems.
  11. I stopped buying from Alibaba cause they using SA post office. I switched to Amazon. Their prices look higher than Alibaba but Amazon do the custom charges for you, they deliver the goods to your door step so their price contain everything you need to pay. and they are very fast. I had to wait 8 month for the battery testers and "kissed them good bye"ordering from Amaxon get them within one week..
  12. strange, incerter no 3 should be set to "pal" too. sometimes helps if you disconnect the batts from the inverters and connect them again (restart)
  13. smallest battery set up recommended by the manufacturer is 200Ah. that was a nightmare for me. week after I added up another 48v 200Ah and week after that another 48v 200Ah set, where I stopped but still wasn't so happy with the capacity.
  14. check the battery connection to the third inverter first


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