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  1. Don't know the unit, but if its anything like this unit, then the specs on the MPPT end would require rewiring for Voltage, rather than Current, methinks... Max PV Array VOC: 500V DC MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 90 ~ 450V DC
  2. I guess that includes me... yes, if Voc is, lets call it 50V/panel and 7 in series, your Voc at around 350V would be well within specs for the MPPT input of your inverter, in fact you could do 9 panels in series, 450V and that should be ok, with a few Volts to spare, maybe go for 8 in series times 2 seperate strings into your inverter, this keeps the current per string lower and thus the cabling sizes a bit more in check. But your setup should also be ok, as for this would be on the battery end and not on the MPPT input side... and as for nope, you'd need to see Vmp in reality, bu that should be close to 3185W/10.92A (assuming that's Imp as in Amps at max power), then the end result should 7 panels worth of Voltage... thus 3185/10.92=291.667V and this divide by the 7 panels is 291.667/7=41.667V app. per panel at maximum power...
  3. Yup, prime example is the Janvanniekerk1 account which upped his postings up to 8, from the 1, in this thread, none of any value or consequence.... re-hashing biodiesel postings from 2016, but nothing of value as far as I can see, other than stating he bought a 6.5kWh battery for 16995 or whatever it was, but 0 information about where the battery came from (maybe from some dude that stole it from a repeater high site?) or what make it is or how long its been in use... So, guilty until proven innocent, Jan, that means make contributions that have value and help others and saying you actually received what you ordered has 0 meaning, what? a roll of toilet paper? was it? by now, I would not believe a thing you post, even if you now posted that you ordered an inverter and batteries from this outfit, even if you provided documentation, based on your postings, I'd be skeptical of anything coming from you. Sorry, normally I don't want to be this negative, but anyone stating solarzone is a good outfit appears to know very little since just browsing a page or two of theirs would show one that they know less than very little, assuming they are legit, which I can't see how they could be.
  4. I was going to comment on that earlier, but then decided to let this topic die, since the solarzonesa.co.za is obviously a scam outfit, and the ones suggesting it isn't may be the ones running the outfit, possibly. Either way, all the supporters of this scam operation have each one posting in total, the one supporting the scam, should pretty much be the convincing point that it is a scam and the 4 supporters of the scam should not be taken at their word... guilty until proven innocent, for now, I'm afraid...
  5. Ok, you are further north than I am, if Centurion is accurate, here we are @95degrees and 50km, from Upington. Are your tubes in shadow for part of the day? This time of year you guys shouldn't have too many clouds and being further north than what I am, I would think you should be able to get a more than comfortable temperature out of the setup, assuming trees don't spoil the suns path to the tubes... mine is actually facing between 15 and 20 degrees real, thus somewhat east of due north. We can not expect to still have warm water on the morning, at 1.2degC this morning, I would have been surprised, but as it is not even ice cubes came out of the pipes this morning here.
  6. What exactly is this? We have a 100 or 150 liter (not 100% sure of the size) cylinder with 12 glass evacuated tubes attached for water heating, at this time of year, I can get a hot shower, at times, even need to add some cold water, in summer, it is way too hot (needs an afdakkie), but, this is off gravity fed, low pressure water system, no municipal water and water is fed from a 1000 liter Jojo tank on a 6 or 7m stand... (water cylinder says Afropulse 483 on the side...)
  7. The Voltage is the relevant one here, as long as the Voltage of the panels stay within the limits of the inverter, all should be fine, since the inverter will limit the current drawn.
  8. RS485 is supposed to be able to run for *LARGE* distances, so I'd suggest, run a single twisted pair of RS485 to the adapter at the computer....
  9. I still reckon you should consider homebrewing, look at this one for inspiration/using that circuit/design to construct your own, it would be a lot less costly than having to purchase one and I'm willing to bet that the one you've linked to contains pretty much Alistairs circuit from 2000.
  10. I'm not aware of anything of value that can be bought, you'd have to homebrew a unit and yes, one would probably keep it connected, if the batteries are in good condition the desulfator would not consume just about any power and do not much, but whilst the batteries need it, it would produce measurable pulses to help the batteries get in better shape again and still not consume much power.
  11. The problem is the inverter will also consume, some run at approaching 100Wh, then over 10hours of darkness, that will be an easy 1kWh gone... so, you'd need to see what the inverter draws when no load is on it, from the batteries, to see how much this will drain the batteries...
  12. If its a pressurised system, then you could, I'd imagine mount the tube system elsewhere, even ground mounted, assuming you have space and have a spot, not too far away that gets sun all day... maybe... I have my solar panels ground mounted, roof mounting would have limted the production... my neighbour who put up panels a week or two after me, has been cutting down more and more trees around his house, since his roof mounting move was a stupid move, in my eyes, he has plenty of space (11 Ha in total) and could have put the panels where he could still have the shade from the trees without it impacting his solar panels.... c'est la vie...
  13. Ok, then you are looking at gravity fed from a Jo-jo tank? that would be low pressure, unless you're wasting energy running a pump to pressurised the household water.... so the low pressure evacuated glass tubes setup cost a whole lot less than you seem to indicated and that would be the suggested route with maybe a low-ish (1kW) power electric element in the cylinder as add-on, to help out when the water's a tad on the chilly end... but basically the evacuated tube setup works pretty well and when the sun doesn't shine the solar panels generating electron flow wouldn''t do too much either to help heat up the water... just my thoughts on the matter, the evacuated tube low pressure setup is probably half of what you're stating... looking at this one for R 7k7... so around 1k7R X 2 more than the normal one, you're looking at, that's R 3400.00 more for the two solar HWC vs the convential...
  14. Those are reasonable numbers, I reckon and 70% or around 70Amperes in 3 or so hours, would require less than 30Amperes from the charge end, can your charge controller provide, let's say 30A to charge the battery with? You'd need around 400-odd W on the solar panel end to make this work.
  15. Yes, the panel will feed whatever its Voltage is to the charge controller/inverter/whatever you are using to charge your batteries with and this unit would then, if its an MPPT do a DC to DC conversion from the voltage supplied by the panel to the correct voltage to charge the battery, but this conversion should occur with fairly low losses, give you more current (Amps) on the battery side, than what the solar side is presenting. Having written this, please ensure that the panels are not generating a higher voltage than what the charge controller can manage, basically a lot of folks around here are running their houses off 5kW and larger inverters, which can happily use 200 even 300V or higher at relatively low current, 8 or 9Amperes to charge their 48V battery banks and generate 220V otherwise form the excess power produced by the solar panels, basically you need to know how many Volt the charge controller can utilise on the input side and ensure that you do not exceed this, else the magic smoke may come out
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