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  1. Hi Everyone Who thought switching to Lithium would be a measure to reduce theft. https://mybroadband.co.za/news/telecoms/351685-the-creative-ways-vodacom-fights-cellphone-tower-battery-thieves.html?fbclid=IwAR2JpihVnBVtUP_wM1P5rbL3DDoYh6vJ9LSuJOkhcCUVS0HaxmLBqV3Lbb4 Kind Regards, Corné
  2. Good day Everyone Not exactly light reading but some of you may have a lot of time on hand. Why not read up on something that may interest you. The first link is the press release and the second the excel file with the url links to the e-books. 1) https://group.springernature.com/fr/group/media/press-releases/freely-accessible-textbook-initiative-for-educators-and-students/17858180 2) https://resource-cms.springernature.com/springer-cms/rest/v1/content/17858272/data/v4 Kind regards, Corné
  3. Hi Everyone Please see the following post: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/5036-wires-through-roof/?do=findComment&comment=68572 Kind regards, Corné
  4. Good day Everyone A test-report on batteries for what it is worth. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/battery-test-7th-report/ Kind Regards, Corné
  5. Who would have thought... From a shortage of 6000 MW earlier this year to an excess of 7000 MW. https://www.fin24.com/Economy/Eskom/just-in-eskom-halts-energy-supply-from-wind-producers-20200331
  6. Ok, I think I understand it now: SANS 10142-1:2017 Ed 2 = The wiring of premises Part 1: Low-voltage installations. SANS 10142-1-1:2018 Ed 1 = The wiring of premises Part 1-1: Low-voltage installation in medical locations. SANS 10142-1-2:202X Ed ? = The wiring of premises: Part 1-2: Additional special requirements for low voltage small scale embedded generator installations connected in parallel to the normal electrical supply. SANS 10142-2:2018 Ed 1.02 = The wiring of premises Part 2: Medium-voltage installations above 1 kV a.c. not exceeding 22 kV a.c. and up to and including 3 MVA installed capacity. According to an article shared by @acs the standard was approved in Feb 2020. It is, however, not yet available on the SABS website to buy.
  7. Good day Everyone @plonkster, what is the name/code of the standard you are referring to here? I must be missing something?
  8. Good day Everyone I found this link: https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/MultiPlus-II-to-MultiGrid-and-MultiPlus-comparison-EN.pdf Can someone maybe explain the differences to me in a very basic way? For example: When would one choose the one type over the other apart from the power differences. Which one should you choose for a back-up and lower Eskom bill situation? Kind regards, Corné
  9. Hi Introverter, thank you for the very clear and detailed post. I appreciate it.
  10. Good day everyone I saw these today... Anyone experience with them? https://mhn.co.za/shop/mecer-lifepo4-2-3-kw-lithium-iron-battery/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw3qzzBRDnARIsAECmryqRNVYJqC3BK9WfF_17XVtIljhcgzX48duvd71c43OrYsmfN44hWEMaAr0mEALw_wcB Kind regards, Corné
  11. Good morning all. To which code are you referring to? Also, would it be possible to post a list of codes, standards and legislation one needs to follow shoul you wish to install a solar setup? I think a list of the above, compiled by the informed members on the forum, would be very valuable. I wish I could help but my knowledge stops at red = + and black = -.
  12. Corné

    6kw Li-iron tech

    Hi Charl I smell a rat: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4187-solarguru-rsacoza/ and https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4822-lfeli-48100tb-batteries/ Maybe the clever people on this forum can check the IP address thingies...
  13. Seems like the MPPT is limited by the output capacity of the inverter being 2.4kw?
  14. I remember reading (in other words I don't have the faintest whether this is correct) that if the shadowed panel is part of a string, only that string will be affected. It, does, in other words impact the other panels to which it is connected to in series. Not those to which it is connected to in parallel. The other thing I remember is that the shadowed parts of the panel will heat up... even to the extent of possible damage? Can anyone confirm?
  15. Hi Everyone I came across this document explaining tripping curves in a language I could, more or less, understand. Corné Understanding Trip Curves.pdf


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