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  1. I dont understand this. The max draw will be 31.25 amp. Over 3.5 meter the volt drop on a 10mm cable will be .167V or 1.39%. SANS allow for 5% volt drop and in Solar/DC we aim to keep it below 3%. This is way within spects. The max allowed constant amperage through a 10mm is 50A. Why would he need a bigger cable for this inverter if he runs it close to max rating?
  2. I would install a 35-40Amp fuse.
  3. How does this unit measure the voltage? If it uses a AC to AC adaptor, what type do they use and how accurate is it?
  4. Not taking any conversion losses into consideration, you will use 2.5 x 1500 = 3750wh. that will leave you with 250wh in reserve. (6.25%)
  5. What inverters are you using. The way you explain it, I guess you are using Victrons, if that is the case, switch off "Phase Compensation". The way i understand it, it will then "Move" the power around over the DC bus. Its less efficient but way better than paying those fees. @plonkster, do i understand this correctly?
  6. Technically yes, but you know what I am trying to say, 0 - 7 being 8 devices.
  7. 8 Bit addressing? The way the master sees the rest I guess.
  8. Good day I was under the impression that Pylons, Us 2000 as well as US 3000 can only have 8 units in a stack, and that more than 8 Units will need a hub. Its indicated like that in the Installation Documentation as well as the manuel, but on the pylontech site they indicate that US3000 can stack 12 units before adding a HUB. Anybody with some experience in doing this. @Youda?
  9. Its more like a fine steel mesh, at the bottom where it sucks the air in and on both sides on the top where it vents the air out. those gets blocked. You can just switch it off, both AC and DC supplies. EDIT: And if your have the Heat Sink part on top, ensure those are clean as well.
  10. I wont trust this device, tried to go to the site displayed on the device and they don't exist anymore. Dont think you can expect any backup if this unit fails.
  11. My supplier has got a warehouse in that area. I can place an order on your behalf and you can collect from them. PM me if your are interested.
  12. Blow the unit out, dust builds up over time resulting in similar behaviour, clean the filters as well. that normally takes care of the problem.


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