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  1. Guys there is a serious shortage of lithium's in the country, how on earth can anybody offer a special?? Normal supply and demand.....
  2. Disconnect as the power and coms to the specific battery, let the others charge and the reconnect all together.
  3. Getting that basically on all my installs lately. Just keep on charging, when the Low SOC units catch up to the "Fuller" units the alarm stops.. normally takes a few hours... If that doesnt work, disconnect the Higher SOC units and give the Lower SOC unit some time to catch up and then reconnect all together. This method worked for me on one install.
  4. Cant help to ask, but how would they be able to make it less noisy?
  5. That is a bit high. Low stock levels currently, so if you willing to wait a while i can offer better prices. If not i can offer US 2000 much quicker. One concern though, you dont have enough panels to fill up 6 x Us3000's in a single day after depleting them.
  6. I forgot about this option, thanks for reminding me.
  7. Welcome Malcolm, This Sounds interesting, Do you mind posting some pictures as well?
  8. If you connected any loads before the inverter as well, then the readings will not correspond. The owl will be reading the loads before and after the inverter and the venus will only read the loads on the multis output. That will also explain the difference you see.
  9. Hi Mitch. Being a 3000va I guess not all your loads are going through the inverter. The Multi measures the load on its output. Is the owl connected to the same output as well. Does the Owl have a CT only or does it measure voltage as well. If you had to manually enter a Voltage value and the Owl calculates the Wattage using that value, it will not be accurate..
  10. Stock issues currently. Serious stock issues.
  11. Then you got quotes from the wrong suppliers. My prices after markup in most cases are lower than the online stores. Area or address plays no role in my pricing. I ask for a postal code for calculation of delivery costs, but that it.
  12. How long have you had them. I am very worried that they are down to 42 volts as per your pic, that is not good for a 48 volt bank. They are either totally undercharged or they got damaged somehow.
  13. Your supplier is supposed to help you with that. I cant publish it , but have send it yo you in PM. If you plan to change it because its failing the relay test, it would be better to rather look for the cause. If its failing the relay test, its because there really is a problem.
  14. There has been stock issues since December. We are constantly waiting for something and its just getting worse. A client doesn't want to hear that, you quoted him, he paid his deposit and his waiting for the install.
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