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  1. Yes it does, that regulation was put in place for safety reasons and to prevent the cable from overheating (possible fire hazard) in the first place and protecting your end of line equipment against under voltage situation. If you ever need a COC for that installation and the Electrician knows his story, he will not issue the COC. Sadly, knowing what the volt drop is does not change the regulation. If it was this easy and everybody could decide for himself, i guarantee you the insurance company's will be very busy investigation electrical fires, and I can save a bunch on cable costs for my clients... looks like a win win for everybody... Awesome, then you would perfectly understand that very clever engineers was the authors of these regulations and in the majority of the cases it was put into place with the safety of the public in mind. So I totally disagree with your statement "thats for each to assess". The risk has been assessed years ago and regulations put in place to mitigate that risk.
  2. Morning, My First opening is the 27th. If you willing to wait till then, I might be able to help.
  3. Just a question, SANS regulation only allow for less than 5% volt drop, do you think 10% is wise? If you increase the cable size to be within specs, the cost will increase by quit a bit..
  4. Rudie, All that I can say is good luck. I truly hope they have sorted their parallel issues... This specific model is the reason I will never ever install a voltronic product again - as a matter of fact, I wont even sell one to any of my clients.
  5. There was tell tale signs about a year ago and some of us predicted this. Its sad but true... it seems
  6. Interesting, An Artsolar panel with a JA warranty...
  7. I prefer SR81, In my case I buy them for cheaper than the GeyserWise I use 12 volt on systems without backup power and 220volt on systems with backup power. Yes, the anti siphon loop is to prevent the heat from escaping from the geyser to the Flatplate at night, heat will only creep upwards and the anti siphon loops on the input and output prevents this.
  8. If the price is right, I might! I have to see what the Sun's can do. But I dont want to be the sucker though...........
  9. Why would you need to trick someone or find someone gullible to do this. I am sure there is proper installers that would be happy to help?
  10. I use 80 Amp fuses on the + as well as - cables when installing a 3kva. I also use 25mm cable feeding the inverter. 12 amp fuses per sting ins fine. Again on the + and - wires. Installing a breaker in its place will just increase the cost without any value adding to the system. You dont need a fuse between the battery and the MPPT, the mppt clips its current on the 70 amp mark and can not supply more current than that. In the event of a short circuit the MPPT will switch off, so the current will never reach higher than the rated 70 AMps, Again the fuse will not have any function in the circuit.
  11. Is the Earth Leakage connected before or after the inverter?
  12. Do you have a wiring diagram of how you wired this?
  13. The Power Forum store is still in the process of being rebuilded, I am currently busy with that, but struggle to make the time to complete it. I am back to my routine of going to bed at midnight and waking up before 5 every single day just to get through my own installation and supply quotes (And even that is not enough time to complete the requests that fill my inbox on a daily basis). We are currently looking at employing someone in a permanent capacity to assist with completing the Power Forum Store as well as assisting with my own company quotations. Am am currently 3 times as busy as before the LockDown.


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