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  1. Good day I’m seeking reviews / comparisons of the following heat pumps. ITS alliance kwikot heat tec any other options as well. thanks
  2. I’m in the similar situation as iceman. Heat pump stopped working. Now I am deciding between ITS , Alliance or Kwikot. 3kw or 5kw. will follow this thread.
  3. My heat pump packed up this week. it was from a company called power tech ist as part of rebate program in 2012. I heard that they closed down and no longer do heat pumps. im based in Jhb , sandton, rivonia. Are there any guys out there that can fix these units?
  4. I have single phase. But I’m not in prepaid.
  5. There is a meter from eskom in this box. there is also a customer interface unit in the house. Landis +gyr model P160 CIU PLC G3. I haven’t figured out how to read this device.
  6. Hi I have a efergy unit that takes reading from the box on the boundary of property. I also have a Carlo gavazzi ET12 in the db box. This is connected to CCGX. I compare the efergy reading to the ccgx (grid) and see different readings. Why is this? Which one is more accurate ? hope my question makes sense. thanks ,
  7. Does the freedom won and blue nova work with victron ?
  8. I came across this http://www.probebattery.co.za/News/ArticleId/54/probe-launches-affordable-house-brand-of-lithium-ion-batteries-in-south-africa curious to know if anyone has tried these and has an opinion?
  9. Hi 4x us3000 cable pack battery cabinet does anyone know where these are in stock and available for sale in gauteng? thanks.
  10. Hi please send me details of the official importers. im based In midrand.
  11. Any idea where I can get a 3kva isolation transformer from....googled and phoned and can't find?


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