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  1. It would be useful to know what the fault was caused by. If one of your suppliers (of the alarm system or the garage door operator) can check the failed device and indicate the cause..
  2. Ask your supplier for the data sheet for the batteries and use those settings..
  3. What batteries and BMS did you get?
  4. Besides the inconvenience and possible damage of your electrical equipment what is more serious is the reason why the grid voltage is so low. Most probably is that it's overloaded. To drop this amount of voltage means it is seriously overloaded. It could be the cable reticulation as well. (are you near a delinquent township?) Definitely not a first world problem! Report it before the substation burns down and then it will be weeks before it is 'repaired'.
  5. Our power has resumed after load shedding and both phases that I have are at 220V.
  6. Are you supplied by City Power? If so log a fault with them (or with the relevant utility)
  7. Definitely not! This sounds like the grid in Zimbabwe.. Try and measure the other phases. Also if you can locate your local transformer and feel the heat from it (and from what distance)
  8. This question is for those who haven't taken out a loan to install an off grid solution!
  9. Try Gelmar. I have some steel grills (100mm) for a UPS extraction fan.. How many do you need
  10. I presume you have measured the incoming voltage and the inverter tallies with this reading? Check the voltage of your neighbours (near and far) in the same LS zone as you...
  11. If you get 3 years life from 'deep cycle' lead acid batteries in a UPS application then your'e doing ok!
  12. Yes. The infrastructure for the supply includes more than the transformer. There might also be a limit on the maximum capacity of the supply. Get hold of them and ask what the options are..
  13. Thanks! I had a closer look at the MC4 connector. The actual socket (that you crimp) doesn't have a strain relief portion for the insulation of the cable (like the automotive connectors do). The strain relief mechanism is built into the plastic housing. So to complete the installation properly you need to screw the strain relief collar at the end of the connector to secure the cable. The strain relief connectors that I have have a large diameter so I doubt if it will clamp cables with smaller diameters. If the strain relief isn't tightened then all strain on the cable is borne by the
  14. Please post a pic of this crimper..
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