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  1. If you want to check on the account the utility sends you (never a bad thing to do!) you need to know exactly when they read your meter. This is probably automated for midnight on the first day of the month. But they should tell you if you can't readily see this on your account.
  2. This is the meter that the utility will use to bill you for electricity usage so it's a good idea to start with this meter. I presume electricity usage is what you are trying to determine. The kWh value on the E460 (default screen) is a running total. In order to compare the different readings on your meters I suggest you keep track of the different kWh readings beginning with an initial reading. Then you can work out the electricity used by subtracting the current value from that meter's initial value.
  3. is it the E460 single phase prepaid meter?
  4. Is there also a meter provided by the utility in this box as well?
  5. A good question! I would contact the main distributor of Trojan to see what they recommend. What interests me is what they do with new batteries. They clearly don't fly your battery order in. The weight of lead acid batteries means they are shipped in. So the agents keep a large stock holding. My experience is that they don't do anything. The batteries shouldn't self discharge over weeks/months but I would expect at some stage they should be charged..
  6. For enthusiasts who really want to get the best out of their inverter systems heat is an important issue. Although not specifically for RE this webinar will focus on what can be done to improve your system https://info.controlglobal.com/webinars-2020-control-electronics-cabinets-cooling
  7. More details please! Make/model of inverter and batteries & what load are you supplying with this?
  8. Do you have building insurance and if so are you going to claim?
  9. There was probably a battery room at the end of the main bus bars with banks of massive 2V cells?
  10. Isn't there one that plugs directly into the PV array? This concept isn't that far fetched: The Geyserwise Dual system's PV circuit is DC. The PV panels feed a MPPT which then feeds DC to the lower voltage element in the geyser..
  11. If your'e using DC to heat your water then this isn't as bad as using AC. DC is a more basic form of electricity so it's ok to use it for this. However the pain of generating AC power puts it into another league..
  12. Try Lido Electrical in Strijdom Park Ph: 011 791 6070 They are quite sharp I have found..
  13. ThIs has got to be an ad for LFP batteries! (It's fine if the PV panels are pumping power into the system..) There should be a law against using the most sophisticated energy we have available for heating water!


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