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  1. How did this go? I'm planning on using an SDM230-Modbus energy meter with an InfiniSolar V III 3K for 100% self-consumption.
  2. Greetings, Has anyone analysed the simulated sine wave of the Voltronic Power Lobo 1.2K/2.4K inverter w/AVR using an oscilloscope? Is the waveform a modified square wave or multi-step sine wave?
  3. @___ I tried just that, though inadvertently and no surprises so far going into a year (I touch wood). Initially I had 2x315W Yingli panels in parallel on an Axpert MKS 3K-24 (PF1) with 600W/75Vdc MPPT. I then added another 2x315 panels that were lying around. That is a whopping 1260Wp on just a 600W MPPT (oversized by 101.6%) Using a clamp meter, I measured roughly 4.56A from each of the 4 panels at noon and recorded the following PV parameters on the Axpert display: 630W, 37V and 17.55A. @Coulomb, could it be that the Axpert MKS 3K-24 will take a maximum of 630W irrespective o
  4. Found a couple of 345Wp in the last couple of minutes. Other than these we mostly have 405, 450, 460 and 465 panels.
  5. Greetings, Can I connect 2x405Wp panels for a total of 810Wp in 1S2P configuration on the Axpert MKS 3K-24 (PF1) without any issues? Inverter SCC specifications are Voc 75Vdc, Max PV array power 600W, MPPT range 30~66Vdc and Max PV charge current 25A. Jinko Cheetah HC 72M panels STC/NOCT specifications are Pmax 405/306Wp, Vmp 42.0/39.8V, Imp 9.65/7.72A, Voc 50.1/48.7V and Isc 10.48/8.22A General guidelines here and other forums [FAQ 5] advocate maximum 12.5-20% oversizing but I cannot find panel sizes between 350Wp and 375Wp. Thank you.
  6. They are up for auction - "as is, where is" basis. Shall not bid above current scrap battery prices i.e. US$ 0.50/kg
  7. Hi, I stumbled upon 48 pieces, 2V 400Ah Huawei Agisson TCB-400A batteries in the original box that have been sitting in a customs bonded warehouse since November 2017 i.e. 39 months! The only mention I've found on the Internet about these batteries is in the Huawei PowerCube 1000 (telecom site power supply) user manual. Lead acid battery experts here, is it worth putting these batteries into service or should I assume they are sulfated after staying slightly over 3 years without charge? Shall be happy to hear from you. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm finding the description of GST18 inverter AC-in and AC-out terminal points in the Victron manual a bit confusing The manual states the following: AC Output: The terminal points are indicated clearly. From left to right: ‘N’ (neutral), earth, and ‘L1’ (phase). AC Input: The terminal points are indicated clearly. From left to right: ‘L1’ (phase), earth, and ‘N’ (neutral). To cut a long story short, which GST18 pin is "L1" and "N" for AC-in and AC-out respectively top to bottom?
  9. Great. Just wondering, is the 3.6kW 20.5kg in weight? Logically it should be slightly lighter than the 5kW unit.
  10. The spec sheets show otherwise. Same general data like the 5kW i.e. cooling fan, noise <30db, 20.5kg weight and 580x330*208mm size.
  11. Have a look at this Three Phase to Single Phase technical publication by Carroll & Meynell Transformers Ltd
  12. Not yet but just about to. Getting the actual switch (without IP66 enclosure) directly from the manufacturer in Austria, BENEDICT GmbH You could probably get the same switch from the South African distributor, DEEBAR (PTY) LTD
  13. Have a look at this DC changeover switch for transferring solar panels from a water pumping inverter to a high voltage solar charge controller. The wiring diagram is attached. Cellcronic DC-Changeover-Switch.pdf
  14. I came across this page for Felicity Solar LFP batteries for households with the following key specifications. Model: LPBT48200 Usable Capacity: 7.5kWh Voltage: 48V Rated Voltage: 51.2V Charge Voltage: 57.6V Max Charge & Discharge Current: 120A Rated Charge & Discharge Current: 60A Max Output Power: 5000W Rated Output Power: 2500W DOD: 90% Cycle Life: >3000,@25°C Communication: CAN & RS485 Ingress Protection: IP21 They have a built-in BMS and reasonably priced at US$ 1,155.00 a piece. Has anyone h
  15. Sometime back I contrived a power failure alarm using a 2P 1NO+1NC contactor with a manual control switch, a 22mm panel mount red flashing buzzer and 22mm panel mount green pilot lamp. The wiring diagram is shown below. Working: Position auto: mains available -> red OFF, green ON Position auto: mains failure -> red ON, green OFF Position 1: mains failure -> red OFF, green OFF (used to silence the alarm) Position 1: mains available -> switch automatically returns to auto position Position 0: red ON, green OFF (used as test) The contactor and LED indicator lamp
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