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  1. Hi, I'm finding the description of GST18 inverter AC-in and AC-out terminal points in the Victron manual a bit confusing The manual states the following: AC Output: The terminal points are indicated clearly. From left to right: ‘N’ (neutral), earth, and ‘L1’ (phase). AC Input: The terminal points are indicated clearly. From left to right: ‘L1’ (phase), earth, and ‘N’ (neutral). To cut a long story short, which GST18 pin is "L1" and "N" for AC-in and AC-out respectively top to bottom?
  2. Great. Just wondering, is the 3.6kW 20.5kg in weight? Logically it should be slightly lighter than the 5kW unit.
  3. The spec sheets show otherwise. Same general data like the 5kW i.e. cooling fan, noise <30db, 20.5kg weight and 580x330*208mm size.
  4. Have a look at this Three Phase to Single Phase technical publication by Carroll & Meynell Transformers Ltd
  5. Not yet but just about to. Getting the actual switch (without IP66 enclosure) directly from the manufacturer in Austria, BENEDICT GmbH You could probably get the same switch from the South African distributor, DEEBAR (PTY) LTD
  6. Have a look at this DC changeover switch for transferring solar panels from a water pumping inverter to a high voltage solar charge controller. The wiring diagram is attached. Cellcronic DC-Changeover-Switch.pdf
  7. I came across this page for Felicity Solar LFP batteries for households with the following key specifications. Model: LPBT48200 Usable Capacity: 7.5kWh Voltage: 48V Rated Voltage: 51.2V Charge Voltage: 57.6V Max Charge & Discharge Current: 120A Rated Charge & Discharge Current: 60A Max Output Power: 5000W Rated Output Power: 2500W DOD: 90% Cycle Life: >3000,@25°C Communication: CAN & RS485 Ingress Protection: IP21 They have a built-in BMS and reasonably priced at US$ 1,155.00 a piece. Has anyone h
  8. Sometime back I contrived a power failure alarm using a 2P 1NO+1NC contactor with a manual control switch, a 22mm panel mount red flashing buzzer and 22mm panel mount green pilot lamp. The wiring diagram is shown below. Working: Position auto: mains available -> red OFF, green ON Position auto: mains failure -> red ON, green OFF Position 1: mains failure -> red OFF, green OFF (used to silence the alarm) Position 1: mains available -> switch automatically returns to auto position Position 0: red ON, green OFF (used as test) The contactor and LED indicator lamp
  9. One objective is to save on electricity bills by supplementing grid intake with solar especially for the central air conditioner. I'm pretty sure you don't mean that I simply bolt the 3 incoming phases together at the DB.
  10. No. The proposed design has solar panels connected to the 3-phase Ginlong Solis grid-tie inverter and batteries on the single phase Axpert 5K inverter.
  11. Hi All, I trust we are all well. I just wanted to pick your collective brain on a residential self-consumption 3-phase grid-tied solar system with battery backup design. Essential loads night time energy demand: 2600W, 9.70kWh (during grid-loss events) Non-essential loads day time energy demand: 45kWh Solar panels: 16S1P Jinko 390Wp (49.3Voc, 41.1Vmp) Battery Bank: 4S2P 12V 200Ah VRLA AGM Off-grid single phase inverter: Axpert MKS 5K 3-Phase Grid-tie inverter: Ginlong Solis 3P6K-4G Electrical installation works are yet to commence and I've proposed
  12. Are CEIL Solatron batteries still widely used in South Africa?
  13. Victron Quattro with two AC inputs and PowerAssist feature comes to mind.
  14. I guess they meant with sufficient solar power. The footnote is even more confusing.
  15. I'm planning on test driving the UrVolt PH-5000E-D Hybrid ECO from Taiwan after it was recommended by an installer in India. The CT clamp export limiter is a plus for me. Price is US$ 750 FOB Taiwan.
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