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  1. Hi how are the Renusol Metasole+ brackets fasten to the perlins or the rafters. I see in your photos the bracket are vertically installed. 1) I have Purlins can these brackets be installed horizontally. 2) Do you have to fix the bracket into the purlins or rafter or do they just get fixed to the metal roof sheeting.
  2. I found a supplier in Durban https://kareindustrial.co.za/ Dektite pipe flashing.
  3. Thanx for the feedback, I found a supplier in Durban https://kareindustrial.co.za/ Detite pipe flashing.
  4. Hi I'm new to solar and I'm I looking for advice or ideas for the best way for the solar cable to enter through the corrugated roof.
  5. Im going to try these and see how they are. You have to buy the extra die for the MC4 Connectors.
  6. Multifunction Crimper with MC4 jaws from Banggood.com at R510 includes shipping and duties.
  7. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:7ad7c06a-89ba-455d-89a1-2f6c1d7d6ba3 Let me know if you can open this
  8. Watchpower works with the normal USB-B(Printer) to USB-A, was getting confused as device manager doesnt show any new devices on windows 10. Whats the defualt password.
  9. Can the smaller Axpert 3KVA be connect to a Rasppery PI using the USB-B comms port, there is no RJ45 Port on it. What will I need to do this. I have a Serial(Prolific chip) to USB. RJ45 to Serial USB-B(Printer Port) to UBS-A Software: Watch Tower,PlayBack Design PD Martin
  10. Did you come right with the manual for the SOl-I-AX inverter, I can scan mine and mail it to you.
  11. Finally got the Axpert MKS 3KVA/24V, very happy with it makes no noise when in standby or turns on the fans when charging the batteries. U1-02-73, Older model but works perfectly for my needs.
  12. So what you telling me I should go the Victron Multiplus route.
  13. Noise is not a big issue but I do want to keep the inverter in the Lounge behind the TV thats why I'm abit worries out the noise issue.
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