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  1. Hi I have a growatt inverter thats out of its warranty period, I am getting error 9. Does anyone know of a good place in Durban where I can take it. Martin
  2. Hi I'm short two mid clamps for my solar installation no body has any stock and new stock only coming in on the 25th of April. I need two mid clamps or the universal type.
  3. Hi Gents and ladies is this business legit anyway use them before.
  4. What was the value of your purchase if I may ask.
  5. Found another solar business that needs looking at. www.pvstore.co.za Domain was registered in 2019.
  6. Hi Will this battery work for the D5 gate motor specs says max load is 10a at 12v but the blue nova specs say max 7.6a for 30 seconds.
  7. Send a photo will let you know if it's a telex battery.
  8. Let me try 10amps reset and than set 30amps and reset inverter again.
  9. Max setting on the 48/3000va is 15amps which is what I set it on.
  10. Lithium 52v float and 54v CV. Solar panels max 100vdc operating Battery at 50v and solar charge reduces to 10am on setting no. 2 Growatt manual says 30amps max at 125vdc for the solar or 1800w.
  11. Hi the solar charge amp setting(no. 2) keeps defaulting to 10amps when I try to change it to anything above 10amp after a few mins. Is this because the batteries are almost full.
  12. Howzit just saw your post will try change some of those settings on my growatt.
  13. Original fans are to loud, the GRW SPF3000TL HVM-48 has two fans, 60mm 2pin which has no speed control and a 80mm 3pin with the speed sensor. They are a like for like replacement but you have to check the specs on your fans.
  14. I have replaced my two fans on the growatt and havent had any issues for six months.
  15. I cant see in the photo is thats a 80mm or 60mm. You can't go wrong with the Noctua Fans they pricey because of the shipping but you will not be disapointed. They the best of the best installed two in my Growatt. The pins will be different as the Noctua are meant for PC and Servers, you will have to use the old connectors. https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NF-A8-FLX-Premium-Quiet/dp/B00NEMG9K6?ref_=ast_sto_dp Amazon.com_ Noctua NF-A8 FLX, Premium Quiet Fan, 3-Pin (80mm, Brown)_ Computers & Accessories.html
  16. PM with offers. I'm. Based in Durban can courier at buyers cost. This is the 12v or 24v and 48v.
  17. How much can I sell my almost brand new Victron MPPT, need to upgrade to bigger one. I see they are retaling for R2200-R2500. Its only 3 months old, balance of 5 Years warranty. Martin
  18. I was under the inpression that inverter input must come before the main db EL(RCB).
  19. just wanted to be able to monitor the unit closer to real time, not special reason
  20. Hi Gents anyone know if the upload settings can be change for the growatt dongle, its currently at 5min anyway to change that to a short time.
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