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  1. Hey all, Happy Christmas Eve! Wish it was happier for us.... We were tricked into purchasing a 5kVa Growatt and selling it to a Pastor Wesley Solomon at Founders Memorial Congregational Church in Coronationville. He claimed to have been scammed too many times that now only did COD and would not pay a deposit. Hubby delivered the Inverter, ther grounds keeper signed for it and produced a cheque. Cheque was completely legit, problem was it was donkey years old and the account didnt exist anymore. Conned out of 10k the day before Christmas. B
  2. Hi all, I'm new to Powerforum, been on for a while but it's my first post so I hope ya'll are friendly tonight lol Could anyone please provide me with reviews on this battery please? And if possible also on the Averge 48v 100ah pretty please? Thanks in advance
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