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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions 87. Your time and typing is most appreciated. I have forwarded all to the installer, he is, as far as I am aware and from what I've seen, a great installer. However, first time working with the 7.2kWs and then the fun of putting each on a separate phase. They run great, its only the delay that's an issue. Thank you again for your input. SA
  2. Hey all, Hope ya'll are well? This is pretty much a via via via installation question, hope someone can assist. We, middleman, supplied a Installer 3 x 7.2kW Axpert Inverters, each one in their own phase, connected to a bank of 6 x 6kW LIs via buzzbar, charging from 3 x 9-530w Panels (27). Now I know generally there is a 10 millisecond change over time, but this lot really has a picnic when changing over, 2 seconds, full restart. Any ideas on what could be the reason for the extended delay with the change over? Unfortunately original supplier is not being of much assistance Really looking forward to your ideas and suggestions. TIA
  3. Good day All, Hope you are well? I've tried to do research on this topic but keep coming up empty handed. I'm looking to find out what the data usage for an inverter is. Whether this is a topic not commonly covered as the inverters are mainly connected to a router with unlimited data, I'm in another position where I need to ensure there is sufficient data. Setup is 3 x 7.2kw Axpert, if I can just get an average I can atleast start somewhere. Thanks in advance
  4. Morning All, Hope you are well? We busy with an installation of 2 thermosyphen systems, each on opposite sides of a building. The first one is working perfect, Geyserwise Max working spot on. Second system, Geyserwise Max is throwing out and error "EA" "E7" - communication error. Ive tried an alternate display unit and swapped out the display plug on the control box with a alternate one. Have I missed something or is this error 7 not only related to the communication between the 2?
  5. Morning All, Hope you all well? A client of ours just called asking advise on his clients 2 Victron Multiplus 5000 inverters connected in parellel which are not reading the panels. Unfortunately, I am not the brains of our operation, my hubby is and I cant get hold of him, no signal. Best time to learn. Could anyone possibly advise why the inverters wouldnt be picking up the panels? I swear, im not a blonde (haha) but would be great to see if i could assist somehow. Thanks.
  6. Hey all, Seems like this guy just won't stop. I really hope my warning helped someone else atleast. I have a gentleman ready to grab this guy, he's the owner of the security company for my day job company. Used to be a cop and a Red Ant or Hawk. Please let me know if you come across a pastor on Facebook or anywhere and I will take it further. Will be the only way we catch this NonRobin Hood waste of space. Thanks all. Be safe.
  7. Hey all, Happy Christmas Eve! Wish it was happier for us.... We were tricked into purchasing a 5kVa Growatt and selling it to a Pastor Wesley Solomon at Founders Memorial Congregational Church in Coronationville. He claimed to have been scammed too many times that now only did COD and would not pay a deposit. Hubby delivered the Inverter, ther grounds keeper signed for it and produced a cheque. Cheque was completely legit, problem was it was donkey years old and the account didnt exist anymore. Conned out of 10k the day before Christmas. Be safe and careful guys, these people really dont give 2 hoots what position you in and what your family is facing. December has us R22250 down so far and a R21500 loss on a vehicle due to age.... Down and out but we managed to get the kids at least a lil something. Merry Christmas all, take care.
  8. Hi all, I'm new to Powerforum, been on for a while but it's my first post so I hope ya'll are friendly tonight lol Could anyone please provide me with reviews on this battery please? And if possible also on the Averge 48v 100ah pretty please? Thanks in advance
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