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  1. i have the 5.5kw Sunsynk. i find that it only does that with things like the 3d printer, clothing iron and the electric leaf blower, which is turned off and on every few seconds...i think the inverter switching time is too slow.
  2. Same issue experienced with the SunSynk On my Ender 3 Pro, i used a small(500w) ups on the printer, and problem sorted. Also had the same issue with the clothing iron (3000w), so i replaced it with an eco-iron (1100w) , problem sorted... now to replace my electric leaf blower with a the petrol variant, as it causes the same issue....
  3. i have set my hubble's drop to 25%, with the charge and discharge rate controlled my the bms...
  4. Keep us posted on the performance of this new version ...
  5. same here, my 5.5 works great, however i did notice that the 2 small ups's i have "beep" once when eskom goes out. These ups's are connected to the essential circuits. Anyone experienced that?
  6. Agree with Achmat, i have a similar setup as you and I've hardly had to use the grid to charge the batteries, only in times of loadshedding... I also discharge my batteries down to 25% across the board..
  7. Really nice install, very neat, congats, Also had mine installed by Leshen and team, really fantastic job and they are also a great bunch of guys. Highly recommended... Question, how do u update the firmware on the Hubble's, as i will be adding a second AM2 to my install in the next couple of weeks, so want to be prepared?
  8. Hi All Not sure if this post should be in Inverters or Batteries...none the less. Ive had a 5.5kw Hubble battery paired with my SunSynk 5.5 inverter Ive noticed that the battery charges to 100% and back down to 99% constantly and then back up to 100 again, every couple of minutes. Battery is a week old now, and its been doing this ever since ive purchased it. Im not running any "Timers". Is this behavior normal? Here are my settings.. Please advise...
  9. @Achmat, thanks for the info. are you able to share a pic of your configuration? it seems that i cannot set my SOC to less than 35%, unless im doing it incorrectly...
  10. same question as @MartinKoch, ive had a lithium battery installed a few days ago paired with a SunSnyk inverter, so on these overcast days, pv and battery are blended to provide the ac loads before it draws from the grid, but this also means that the battery is constantly discharging and charging sometimes to 80%SOC. Is this "bad" for the battery? @Achmat, based on your explanation, so would 10 charge and discharge "cycles" from 100% down to 90% and back up to 100% be counted as a single cycle? can anyone advise how they use their lithium battery with a SunSnyk inverter for day to da
  11. Hi All Selling 8 x Royal 1150K 105AH batteries @ R900 each. Still have the boxes for the batteries.. It was installed last week Tuesday (19 Jan 2021) with the inverter and has not been "cycled" at all.. reason for sale is lithium upgrade... location: Centurion
  12. Hi Guys Sorry to de-rail the thread, so after all the great reviews of this inverter, im considering getting it installed with a few panels at my home. question i have is, can this inverted be operated without batteries? For now i would just like to supplements my day time usage with PV, and at a later stage get batteries..
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