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  1. Yes thats correct, sorry i didnt explain properly.. the neutral wire was connected initially, but after the device literally went up in smoke, i noticed the neutral was not connected anymore, and must have come loose at some point.
  2. ahh ok cool, cause the neutal wire was not connected to the sonoff and also not burnt/damaged.. that would make sense, thanks Plonkster
  3. upon further investigation, seems as if the neutral wire somehow came loose.. Could this be the cause?
  4. Hi All Wondering if any of you has a similar experience. My Sonoff pow r2 connected to my borehole pump, literally melted and caught fire. Pic below.. Ive had installed the sonoff about 7 months ago and was working great. Yesterday as the pump started up, the device caught fire. The borehole pump runs at about 7 amps and about 1600w. Is this because the borehole pump is a Inductive load? and the pow r2 cannot handle the inductive load? P.S. i also have another pow r2 controlling my pool pump, should i remove it as the same thing could happen? Is there any sonoff
  5. yeah the more i research it now, the more i discover that gas geysers in general have a higher running cost. I guess thats the price of convenience. Also seen the ITS brand has good reviews, will def be checking them out..
  6. Hi Louis Thanks for the suggestion, i have tried the eco shower heads, however because my wife and i shower lets say 2 ours before the rest of the fam, the remaining water in the geyser gets cold before they can shower, which then in turn requires another heat cycle, which in winter can take 4 hours or so.
  7. Hi All Some advice please, as i amm learning some very costly lessons.. So currently i have a 3.2kw Alliance air heat-pump, with a 200l geyser. Works great, however for a family of 4 (3 long haired females), we run out of hot water very quickly, especially in winter. In winter the heat-pump takes on average 4 hours to heat the water to 55c. With our work schedules, the wife and I need to leave home by 6am, problem is the rest of the fam dont get hot water till about 9am. Apparently the school frowns upon late comers.Who would have know. Summer is a lot better, but still an issue, cause
  8. im also baffled by this, i did read somewhere that a bigger cylinder has more pressure, than a small cylinder hence the better efficiency, however im not sure, seems that way... In terms of usage, actually over the last 2 weeks its been colder, which should count to the inverse of what im seeing.. to monitor you gas cylinders there is a device made by yonkegas that apparently is quite accurate (according to the guy at the gas store), but is quite expensive.
  9. Hi All Some advice/explanation to my experience please.. So about 6 weeks ago, i had a 20L gas geyser installed at my home to replace my electric geyser.. Works great, but the gas consumption is confusing me. After installation i attached a 9kg cylinder to it, and it lasted me just over 4 days (usage based on weight is 2kg per day, with 4 adults in the home, and 2 showers per day each).After the 9kg was finished, i attached a 48kg cylinder to it, its now 35 days and counting since doing this and its still working. Based on the usage of 2kg's per day that i got of the 9kg, a 48k
  10. currently the pump runs for about 8 hours a day.. however i do understand that on solar i will probably need to run it for about 6 hours, when the sunshine is optimal. so would installing 2x400w panels and a 1000 watt sine wave inverter work?
  11. Hi All needing some advise here...so as the title says, im looking move my pool pump onto Solar power exclusively. My pool pump is a variable speed Speck Eco Touch 16, which has 3 settings, low;medium and high and the specs on paper is either 0.40(L);0.70(M) or 1.05 kW (H) power consumption, however i have recently started using an Ellis Effergy power monitor device at my home and the pool pump consumes either 0.30(L);0.40(M) or 0.50 kW(H) with the Kreepy connected. (So im not sure if the specs on the pool pump is incorrect or the effergy is under reading), but i want to move this
  12. Hi Coulomb thanks for the assistance, makes a lot more sense now, really appreciate you taking the time to help out a newbie...
  13. Hi all, a newbie here as well First of all, what an amazing forum, reading all the topics here have given me a better understanding on using solar power. So i need some assistance here with a dilemma i have: I have already bought 2x200ah 12v batteries, and over the next couple of day i intend to buy 3x330w panels and an inverter. My goal is to provide power to my washing machine and pool pump during the day, and then power some floodlights in the yard at night. My pool pump has a variable speed motor 400wph (3200w per day) and my washing machine consumes 200wph of power (4
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