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  1. from what i can gather, about 5 years or so..
  2. Alliance 3.2Kw Heat pump, in good working condition, serviced yearly.. Comes with the controller (KJR51) as well as the thermostat Reason for sale is ive upgraded to a bigger heat pump Location: Centurion Price: R5k Heat Pump Specs: https://www.allianceair.co.za/download-catalogue/retrofitted-heat-pumps.pdf
  3. i recommend @Leshen, the and his team done an amazing job at my home, and the after sales support is top notch..
  4. yeah i do have capacity on the HP, as it currently takes about 2.5 hrs to heat the 200L, so based on this logic, 6 to 7 hrs on 400L...
  5. Hi Guys need some advise please So i have a 3.2kw heat pump heating my 200L geyser to 60 degrees( between 9am and 4pm), all from PV. Problem is after the evening shower, the geyser water is cold in the morning, and i have to run the heat pump again for many hours to get hot water. Im thinking of adding another 200L geyser in series and it be heated by the heat pump ( I know the heat pump is too small and will take many hours, but thats ok, as its PV power). Question is, by having 400L of hot water (60 degrees) , and with 5 of us at home, do u think that this will address my issue of having no hot water in the morning? All my shower heads are 5lpm and max shower time is 8 mins per person, and 2 showers per person a day.. So the goal is to run the heat pump once a day and have enough water for evening and next morning showers, before the heat pump needs to run again.. Alos dont want to throw another 20k+ for a bigger heat pump at this stage.. thanks all
  6. ok cool, thanks, would be awesome if they provided a register value for this measurement
  7. dang ok, did not see that one can you provide me with the register value please? cant seem to find it in the doc i have
  8. Hey Guys, thanks for the awesome work, looks amazing. i do have a question, if someone can point me in the right direction.. How are you guys getting a "total pv' value? are you doing a "transform query" in grafana to add the value of pv1 and pv2?
  9. yes thats correct.. ..2and7 joined and connected to A etc..
  10. i have the 5.5kw Sunsynk. i find that it only does that with things like the 3d printer, clothing iron and the electric leaf blower, which is turned off and on every few seconds...i think the inverter switching time is too slow.
  11. Same issue experienced with the SunSynk On my Ender 3 Pro, i used a small(500w) ups on the printer, and problem sorted. Also had the same issue with the clothing iron (3000w), so i replaced it with an eco-iron (1100w) , problem sorted... now to replace my electric leaf blower with a the petrol variant, as it causes the same issue....
  12. i have set my hubble's drop to 25%, with the charge and discharge rate controlled my the bms...
  13. Keep us posted on the performance of this new version ...
  14. same here, my 5.5 works great, however i did notice that the 2 small ups's i have "beep" once when eskom goes out. These ups's are connected to the essential circuits. Anyone experienced that?
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