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  1. Imported for a client they changed their mind on the build 2 x FSLT-25S Packaged never used with wiring looms and sd card Ion energy 25s bms systems can do 15s -25s. setup and config will be done through their support team (their product , come with bluetooth These are not Daly bms systems, higher quality units and in my opinion alot better . Both units for 11 000 ZAR or take each for 6500.00 ZAR. https://www.ionenergy.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/FS-LT-Datasheet-1.pdf https://www.ionenergy.co/platform/battery-management-systems/fs-lt/ Collection JH
  2. 1200w 50amp per battery only compatible with Kodak inverters on communication
  3. Peak discharge is limited though please confirm what rate ?
  4. As the title states 2 x Growatt 5000tl Inverters for sale . 5KVA units 48v Used at a client for just over 1 year . Price 16 000 for both . COD in Johannesburg area . Both are functioning and have remainder of warranty valid .
  5. sounds like you have the lithium setting on use2 ? correct for battery under setting 05 what setting have you selected
  6. in short if you dont use like 6 us2000 or 5 us3000 batteries you are going to risk overloading the batteries ! All it takes is one current peak over discharge and your warranty is = NULL.
  7. some one asked about the pylontech warranty void scenario . Yes its real . Yes you must not clip the max current limit Doing so voids your warranty !!! An extract from the phocos any grid installation manual to back up what the user went through !
  8. he means they have cells for backup Lifepo4 cells have a internal self discharge and there fore require a Mid charge or storage charge to keep them happy when stored and not used for long periods of time . Correct they dont suffer from memory effects at all .
  9. Pylontech were the first to change the industry standard and call End of life at 60%. I see freedomwon doing the same now too ..... in short amazing . IEC rated has and is till to my knowledge 80% retaining capacity not 60% . Its easy to say my battery will last 10 000 cycles to 20% EOL ? REALLY! Come on guys some logic here . Yes the pylontech are rated to 6500 cycles at 60% which if maths does me justice proves a cycle life of 4000 cycles roughly at 80% and if we change the low voltage cut off and high voltage cut off to 2.5v and 3.65v (lifepo4) then we get less to about 250
  10. interesting to note 10 year warranty on cells and 5 years on a bms ? Why only a 5 year warranty on a electrical PCB product ?
  11. When there is money involved it always becomes a personal matter ... Thats the issue ! It then moves from personal to emotional and anger tends to become the center of attention .
  12. And this my friends is a prime example !!!! In 5 , 6 , 8 , 10 years time when you approach Pylontech and say listen my battery is not performing . They will accept the unit for warranty . Inspect the Logs and come back with Your batteries exceed max Rated current draw and there fore we cannot offer you a warranty . Its happened already .!
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