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  1. i would love to see the logs on these batteries .. any chance of getting the pics up Cycles etc ?
  2. correct not a multiplus II this unit handles alot more power and overload in a more stable manner in my opinion the II has anti islanding but being a smaller unit it doesnt handle overload so well and hence i prefer to recommend this unit instead .
  3. Item: Victron Multiplus 48v 30amp charger 3000VA used for 2 years or less with a solar Md 3.7Kwh Lifepo4 wall mounted battery (not multiplus II) Age: 2 years Price: 26 000 ZAR (for both ) Payment Method Accepted: EFT Warranty: Remainder on Inverter and Battery with Manufacturer 10 years on battery 5 years on inverter from date of purchase Packaging: Box for the Inverter and manual i have No box for the battery but packaging can be arranged Condition: Used but No scratches etc In working order Location: Johannesburg Reason: Upgraded to a bigger 5kva system with larger batteries Shipping: NO unless buyer arranges reverse collection Collection: YES Johannesburg delivery could be arranged Link: see attached data sheet for battery SS4037-11 new datasheet.pdf
  4. Built a Battery as one of my first in Nov 2015 and installed . 10Kwh Been cycling to 80% sometimes 90% since then running an Orion BMS (hate them ) unknown cycles will check when i get around to the client this year . Cells are Sinopoly .! My inception back when Elon first came out with his cleverness i decided to give it and try and have not looked back since . Now designed our own BMS systems that are much easier to work with ...
  5. Thanks Very much agree with you the rs485 is horrible and cumbersome very counter intuitive . The canbus how ever is much better . What do hubble lithium batteries use for battery to battery communication ?
  6. I think this information is rather misleading . Voltronic have not dropped the Lib protocol and their latest communication states that its still in use . The latest firmware version reflects that the Lib protocol is still present in the Menu on the Axpert King .
  7. thank you for the response possibly we flying in solo on this one .. Any one else care to test and revert with other features and settings these configuration parameters might alter ?
  8. if you still cannot update check the comms board has lights on it if no lights its faulty and not getting power to recieve the upgrade . Get it changed out and you should be up and running .
  9. treat it like a lifepo4 battery charge up to the recommended voltage per cell . Discharge to the recommended voltage per cell and carry on . Making sure the pack is balanced .
  10. lol if you ask me i can tell you upfront . growatt have their own in house krappy development team so their firmware lacks alot of the stability in functions like charging up batteries and then turning off solar at 100% soc = dumb Phocos yet to see what it does but i can almost guess their version of the firmware works way better . If any one can sponsor me a unit for a day or two i can do a full review . unless you wait till i can get one in stock as i need to develop my bms rs485 protocol so wont be too far ..
  11. i found and have configured one parameter in the growatt menu accessing the menu through holding arrow up and arrow down at the same time then entering 111 should only be done by some one who knows what they are doing . please see pics attached . These settings exist in the menu and maybe @Coulomb could assist as he is really in the know about firmware etc . bAt is for the battery voltage offset and seems to calibrate the correct battery voltage reading . Gf.d IN.4 or inv might be inv calibration OP PV might be pv calibation
  12. After Numerous installs and lots of hair pulling ... yes im nearly bald. This is what i've found and believe me its not what it says on the box .!!!! CT coil installed on the grid side . When grid is on and excess solar available Meaning batteries are charged it supplies these devices and appliances by pushing power back to the CT --- AND DRAINS THE BATTERY. The ideal situation is that batteries are charged and excess solar is available supply the CT Side of the grid and DONT DRAIN BATTERIES. But sadly it does and uses battery power till its empty to keep these appliances alive if the grid is on and working .. in short whats the point other then selling excess power to the grid . So moved on and decided to redesign again . This time did an install using the Two outputs . Load and GEn input ( known as Aux on the Sunsynk) I was told by the engineers that it would work like this . Critical loads on load would always be powered by the unit and when batteries are low using the system work mode table preset SOC% it will then go to the grid / and or charge if grid charge is ticked . THIS WORKS AS INTENDED ON ALL SETTINGS SCENARIO Aux/gen input enabled with on at 95% off at 90% and power set to 1000w . Ticking always on grid . Smart load enabled highlighted Connected pool pump and geyser to this output and find that it does not work as it should . If the System work mode (deye ) is ticked and the GEN input is enabled for smart load we end up getting a situation where the Smart load comes off solar but also uses battery below the 90% setting !!! Wrong .. After speaking to the engineers and technicians numerous attempts ive still not gotten a firm answer from them .Seems the feature is part of the advertising but doesnt work . The only way to get it work is to have a contactor relay connected and disable always on grid so that the unit powers up the smart load output when its ready example conditions are met . Soc is above and solar in excess .. And the contactor enables pulls the unit off grid onto inverter and runs till it reaches the turn off point and contactor disables ? In which case why then are we trying to use a feature that doesnt work ! IF any one can help assist and shed some light it would really help .
  13. P.s alot of questions about Multiplus and multiplus II . This unit is the Multiplus original (Larger transformer based ) in my opinion more solid as it handles over loading alot better .!
  14. Hi and good day all . I have for sale a Victron Multiplus 3000VA 48v . Its been used for a year and client has upgraded to a larger unit . No faults no issues comes with wall bracket . No box . Balance of warranty will be maintained and kept by our company in the event of a manufacturing defect I.E. failure in the next 3.5 years . Unit is un marked unscratched . Price 13 000.00 Collection and payment Johannesburg delivery can be arranged . Send a PM if interested.
  15. Imported for a client they changed their mind on the build 2 x FSLT-25S Packaged never used with wiring looms and sd card Ion energy 25s bms systems can do 15s -25s. setup and config will be done through their support team (their product , come with bluetooth These are not Daly bms systems, higher quality units and in my opinion alot better . Both units for 11 000 ZAR or take each for 6500.00 ZAR. https://www.ionenergy.co/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/FS-LT-Datasheet-1.pdf https://www.ionenergy.co/platform/battery-management-systems/fs-lt/ Collection JHB area . Pm for more details
  16. 1200w 50amp per battery only compatible with Kodak inverters on communication
  17. Peak discharge is limited though please confirm what rate ?
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