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  1. I was in the same boat when I started my solar journey, I ended up getting this https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/built-units/products/lbsa-5-1kwh-48v-lifepo4-wall-mount-smart-battery I'm happy with it and have been using it for a month so far.
  2. phidz

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Just to provide an update on this. Support updated my inverter to e417 and from the little testing i did, the issue has been fixed. The menus are all responsive and i don't have to press more than once to change things
  3. phidz

    Sunsynk 8kW

    The problem is in all menus but so much so in the system mode menu. Maybe because that's where I do most of the changes. I will however ask for the upgrade first because that's the easiest option
  4. phidz

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Thanks, I will do that
  5. phidz

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Has anyone had a problem of an unresponsive touch screen with their inverter? I have to press an item on the screen 10 or more times before it registers on my 5kw inverter. I tried a factory reset but it did not help. I am on e416 3161 software version
  6. LBSA claim 7000 cycles at 100% DOD at 0.5C
  7. Thanks, makes sense
  8. I have been wondering how the number of cycles is calculated by the battery BMS. If a battery is rated for 4000 cycles to a DOD of 80%, how would the BMS calculate the cycles if I only discharge it to 60%?
  9. I also noticed a high pitched sound from the microwave after I added batteries to my 5k inverter. It's not too loud but will hear it when I walk past it.
  10. oh i see, you will have to separate them on the db i guess
  11. I use a heat pump which is on the essentials load. Why would you want to put it on non essentials? I assume the pump doesn't use much power.
  12. Hi do you mind explaining this a bit further. I have my geyser on aux as well but I have only seen it once pushing power to aux. So on the aux screen the power you specify is minimum load on the house so that aux is activated?
  13. phidz

    Sunsynk 8kW

    not really, i was just testing to see what would happen if i use the oven since it's on the load circuit. I forgot to remove it
  14. phidz

    Sunsynk 8kW

    I have lithium but with underfloor heating, the battery will be depleted in an hour.
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