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  1. I would advise you to start a new thread with the installation details and system settings. You will get better help that way.
  2. I do the same thing and I'm sure it increases the number of cycles. Whether its significant enough to drastically reduce the lifespan of the battery , i'm not sure. I have asked a similar question on this forum and the answer I got is that the BMS calculates the cycles based on the cumulative energy into and out of the battery, so if you discharge to 50% and charge back up to 100% it will be 0.5 cycles.
  3. I wouldn't worry about loadshedding or a power outage during the day. Even on an overcast day i still get enough power for my essentials which is internet and work computers.
  4. Do you draw from the grid after the battery is full? If yes I would use the battery more to save some money.
  5. I'm not very familiar with exporting, someone who has done it before might be able to help. I would suggest starting a new thread with the appropriate title
  6. Have a look at the this datasheet for the battery. I really wouldn't worry about the life span of the battery as long as i'm not discharging/charging it at high C rates.
  7. I guess it depends with what you want to achieve. If you only discharge to 70% SOC your battery will last longer than discharging it to 25% like I do. However your return on investment will be longer because you may be using the grid more.
  8. I'm glad you are now utilizing your battery. Your understanding of the power column is correct. If you exceed that value, it will pull the remainder from the grid. I don't know what will happen if grid is down though whether it trips or just gives off an alarm.
  9. I have recently changed mine to this since I don't use underfloor heating at night. Battery will drain to 25% at around 5am. I'm not worried about loadshedding during the day because there will be solar to power the essentials.
  10. The only 'problem' i see here is that the inverter will use the grid between 8am and 3pm as long as the batteries are not fully charged. I prefer supplementing solar with batteries during the day to ensure that i don't pull from the grid during the day.
  11. I have a similar setup as yours. Same inverter (Sunsynk), same battery and similar PV size. I also had my system installed when there was a bit of loadshedding. I discharge the battery to 25% everyday, this way I'm getting a return on investment faster and also not abusing the battery. I average about 16kwh each day which is roughly R1000 saved every month.
  12. https://powerforum.co.za/topic/9586-smart-dc-switches-to-help-optimise-solar-production/
  13. That's good, at least it has been confirmed
  14. He has a video on YouTube about mppts that's where I heard him saying that.
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