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  1. Stratos, at DIYGeek, I get all my goodies from him He is in Johannesburg. Tell him Morne referred you
  2. Cloudy day again in Cape Town, see all the spikes, and one spike went right out of spec at 2670 watts. I have 4 of those 540 watt ja solar.
  3. I have those exact panels. Those panels are supper efficient. Be careful for partially cloudy days, then they far exceed their max rates at times. If your recommended max voltage is 500 then I personally would aim for 450max on the safer side. It's the voltages that makes the smoke
  4. What is the inverter brand? If its solis or kodak or sunsynk then they have CT clamps that you must/can install and then set to limit the export to grid.
  5. Since crypto mining is paying for all the fancy new equipment I guess it should be fitting to add the crypto prices to that stats display
  6. Not quite the same as what you are asking. I have my old inverter 1000W low frequency type with a 200AH 24volt battery bank and 1040watts solar and new 5000w high frequency with 200AH 48volt lithium and 2140 watts solar. The old one is has the ac input not connected to the grid (i.e. it is standalone battery and solar only), the ac output from the old inverter is connected to the ac input of the new inverter. So the old inverter is the new inverters "grid" The new inverter is set to only draw 4 amps AC from the old inverter so as to not overload it past 900watts. So when the new inverter needs a bit of top up charge from the "grid", then it is getting it from the old inverter via the stored energy from the old battery bank. I have ordered a small 3.6kw grid tie inverter from segen to try exactly what you are asking Will give some feedback on how that works out.
  7. Very Simple Python script to send loadshedding status to influxdb for use in grafana on raspberry pi Tip: If not already installed add the nano editor to your system, its just easier to use Now Create file called loadsheddingcheck.py You can do this i your home directory or anywhere you like to load your scripts, just be sure to change/edit the cron according to your preference. touch loadsheddingcheck.py Then sudo nano loadsheddingcheck.py Add (copy paste) the following code to the file and save (ctrl x y) from urllib.request import urlopen import json from influxdb import InfluxDBClient import datetime url = "https://loadshedding.eskom.co.za/LoadShedding/GetStatus" response = urlopen(url) data_json = json.loads(response.read()) print(data_json) theLoadsheddingChecker = [{"measurement":"Loadshedding", "tags": { "Country": "South Africa", "Utility": "Eskom" }, "fields": { "Stage":data_json } } ] influxdbClient = InfluxDBClient( host = 'HOST', port = PORT, username = 'INFLUXUSERNAME', password = 'INFLUXPASSWORD', database = 'INFLUXDATABASENAME' ) influxdbClient.write_points(theLoadsheddingChecker) Then add a cron to run every 30 minutes to check loadshedding status (or whichever check interval you prefer open cron editor (will ask which editor, use nano as its the easiest) crontab -e Then add the following line to the bottom at the last open line and edit to suit your requirements (the example below is for every hour). * */1 * * * /usr/bin/env python3 /home/pi/loadsheddingcheck.py > /home/pi/loadsheddingcheck.log 2>&1 ctrl x y to save Now in grafana add a Stat card and edit the settings and add some value mappings to show the correct stages. End result
  8. Forgot to mention, make sure its the latest version of grafana that fully supports transformations
  9. Those prices are not even close to market, even if they running "specials". And in my opinion anyone selling high price items online would/should be using decent payment options. They should also be providing more info about the company, location/offices etc even if they are drop shipping. EFT only is already a warning sign. So many of these pop-up webshops, you need to be so careful.
  10. Grafana Dashboard for SPF5000ES Be sure to load the following 2 plugins to grafana before using this template. grafana-cli plugins install fetzerch-sunandmoon-datasource grafana-cli plugins install briangann-gauge-panel Growatt SPF5000ES Solar Production and Usage Data-1633593721539.json
  11. Yes Now collecting data from the new SPF5000ES and the new panels and 9.6kw 200AH Lithium battery bank
  12. Ok great, was just curious. I will see if I can do an export of my grafana dashboard for you to try, you should be able to just change the data sources to match your outputs
  13. Hi there, Are you getting this data from the growatt server via an API? Or directly from the inverter?
  14. Hey everyone, Where can I find the official list of protocols that need to be set on the growatt inverter for the different brands of batteries. I have 2 Narada 48NPFC100 100AH batteries and cannot find anywhere which protocol number to set on my new SPF5000ES inverter. A list for most battery brands will be great as I am planning to buy at least 1 battery from each brand to test them for an upcoming project. Thanks in advance for advice and that evasive list or at the very least the setting for my 48NPFC100 batteries
  15. Anyone here know which Growatt side Li protocol to use for Narada BMS on the npfc100 batteries. Going to take me ages to cycle through each setting
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