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  1. Have you tried here: https://www.inutec-int.com/us/inverter/accessories/downloads/
  2. For sure, this last year I only ordered from Amazon and gearify, after they started doing orders again. I have not ventured back to China direct yet since the madness started.
  3. I usually buy in bulk and use dhl where possible, if no DHL then usually express tax free (Saves again on the customs hassle) Never lost a delivery yet. But if you can find what you are looking for on gearify then that should be your goto place for stuff from chine. If you want to buy lithium batteries thats a whole other problem as the shipping is a nightmare and expensive. For batteries try the local guys who do all the importing hassles https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/collections/cells/products/3-2v-120ah-lithium-ion-phosphate-battery-cell They sell like hotcakes, and you d
  4. Gearify - also do direct imports from China, and the bonus is they take care of all the customs hassles and deliver direct to your door, so maybe try their search too and see if they have what you are looking for. https://gearify.co.za/
  5. I buy a lot of my IOT gadgets and electronics through Banggood and aliexpress, just be prepared to wait a while for the deliveries. Sometimes its cheaper and quicker to try amazon if they have what you are looking for. Their deliveries are quick and reliable.
  6. Continuing my journey with DIY Solar And Energy Data Visualization I eventually gave up on Grafana - Free community edition not powerful enough to do exactly what I wanted. So after some more research I have setup a fully self hosted thingsboard server and found almost everything I needed using just the free community edition. End goal is to have all my solar and energy data on easy to read and understand dashboards. And most of all it must be available online to view from anywhere that I have an internet connection. Further integration into an app will be the next part of this jou
  7. If everyone simply starts using their power the way they want to at any time they want to, then soon eskom will break down totally and the economy will crash completely, then we can start the process of rebuilding When Eskom asks me to reduce load/usage I turn on my kettle and aircon...
  8. Ok now the eskom sensors have been added to the new online dashboards All left to do still is add the solar sensors. Main Dashboard: https://things.diysolarsa.com/dashboard/721dec10-453c-11eb-98cf-bbe9b2be0448?publicId=1b882610-430f-11eb-a274-371723afc4e6 Eskom Dashboard: https://things.diysolarsa.com/dashboard/43833da0-6793-11eb-81f0-65343f28c1fb?publicId=1b882610-430f-11eb-a274-371723afc4e6
  9. Latest Data Panel with newly added sensor data. Now includes full weather data, both local and city wide. Environment sensors now fully functional on version RC1.019 Next on the list is to migrate the eskom and solar sensors onto the new data panel.
  10. Efergy offers a similar product but much better price and available locally at most of the big retail outlets and online. https://efergy.com/engage/ Or if you do DIY then you could easily build your own at a fraction of the cost.
  11. The Link Above No Longer Works. Here Is The Correct link To The New Monitoring Panel. Still need to connect all the solar sensors https://things.diysolarsa.com/dashboard/721dec10-453c-11eb-98cf-bbe9b2be0448?publicId=1b882610-430f-11eb-a274-371723afc4e6
  12. Taking the whole DIY measurements experiments to a whole new level. This is my latest experiment and if all goes well I will move all my solar and eskom data collecting to this new online server which is accessible from anywhere in the world. ThingBoard offer some great software for IOT, so I have set up a server and installed it to test how it all works. This is my 1st attempt at connecting my solar IOT Sensors to the cloud and I must say it has been quite simple compared to how I did the previous lot. https://things.diysolarsa.com/dashboard/721dec10-453c-11eb-98cf-bbe9b2be04
  13. Had some time today to add the battery charge/discharge info. Also moved things around a bit to make sense for me See updated Grafana JSON and new Solar Sketch with added battery charge discharge code. Power Monitor-1600266455741.json rev1_02_amps_volts_temp__hum_batdisscharge_charge.ino
  14. Sketch for the battery bank voltage meter. Still to add measuring amps in and out of the bank. batteryVoltage2020june22.ino
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