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  1. Hello, will you take 7 K for one Pylontech 3.5 KW (R7000)

  2. Hello I really have no idea now. Probably approaching eight years. Original the faulty one was masked because I had the unit in parallel. The fun started when I upgraded to a 48 volt inverter. That picture is from March 2019.
  3. Good Day I am looking for an OK condition Omni Power Battery. Do not have budget for correct upgrade yet and one of my batteries has gone dead. The balancer is working overtime to protect the other three but only so much it can do. A working battery will buy me a few months I hope.
  4. Hello Coulomb

    Thanks a lot for all your input around the forum which pieced together, provides help and solutions for so many people.

    You have assisted me directly and indirectly most significantly with this post.


    [ Edit: I meant to say: there are plenty of things that are not documented by mistake. But this one might be one that is very deliberately not documented. ]

    This code is new in main firmware version 73.00. It's set in a function that is only called my some mysterious code that is new in 73.00. My initial guess is that this code is designed to fool firmware counterfeits into producing this error, possibly an hour after power on. [ Edit : actually, it's probably 1440 hours, or 60 days. If my theory is right. ] 

    Quietly updated my firmware and error 90 cleared. 

    Just wanted to say thank you for myself, I'm sure everyone you assist is grateful.

    Have a positively charged day


    Paul Chari

  5. Just to say thanks Stefan for the new panels. Fair pricing and delivery. Performing real well with older siblings.
  6. So just an update, took inverter back and they confirmed an error with the controller. Have the repaired unit back and installed. First test passed, battery stable and did not drain till flat. In the morning will check solar, should have 200watts by 7am thanks to the new panels from the power store. Just over 260 volts, 1amp at that time in the morning when I tested with multimeter.
  7. ... and well corrected, 1 C = 1 Ampere over 1 Second, amount and duration. Hardly dimensionless
  8. The coulomb (symbolized C) is the standard unit of electric charge in the International System of Units (SI). It is a dimensionless quantity, sharing this aspect with the mole. A quantity of 1 C is equal to approximately 6.24 x 1018, or 6.24 quintillion. Sounded so familiar lol.
  9. Hello Coulomb This is all the available panels right now. Will try buy more next week to add and see. I will hold on, on trying the 71.80a / 71.82 firmware until then. As a backup/UPS, the thing is working which will have to do for now. Thank you Paul PS: "Do you mean that the panel voltage is 130 VDC or thereabouts?" Yes I do.
  10. I have read the posts here so many times trying to pick up a resolution to my new inverter SOL-I-AX-5NB bought Monday 17 August 2020. The unit will not use solar power to charge batteries no matter what combination of settings I use. Watchpower software says software is 71.80. If I have 01:SOL and 16:CSO the inverter will let battery run flat on load. Watchpower only shows voltage as 130Volts~ but does not charge. When 12: 44volts is reached, Grid comes back and charges battery till 13: 55volts If I have 01:UEI utility first and 16:CSO battery is slowly charged by solar. The moment I turn off Grid power, solar goes off like its on the same switch. I was about to conclude that solar is broken and turned off inverter with Grid off. Solar happily charged battery to 100% this morning. Now I am scratching my head. I turn Grid on and solar stops charging immediately. This is with 01:SOL or SBU. If anyone has gone through this, please give a hint before I take this thing back. 01:SOL 02:60 03:APL 04:SdS 05:USE 06:lFd 07:Efd 08:230 09:50 11:30A 12:55 (to keep batteries topped up) 42 used during testing 13:56 16:CSO 18:bON 19:ESP 20:LOF 22:AOF 23:FEN 26:56.4 27:54 29:44 31:SbE 32:AUE 33:EdS 34:58.4 35:60 36:120 37:30d 39:AdS
  11. My other concern is the storage of my data. With address and GPS coordinates indicating, the value of my personal assets. How is this information safeguarded as per the constitution. The draft must be explicit indicating how my data shall be protected and how I would be compensated should there be a breach. Would Nersa therefore issue insurance in as far as private property is concerned. I have posted this as my submission to the outa page. You cannot just collect personal information without indicating how it shall be managed.
  12. I unfortunately only saw this topic after I posted the draft Nersa document in a new thread. Do not know if its possible to delete the new thread and I post document here.
  13. Hello Guys Have you heard about this draft legislation and is it a cause of concern. Apparently every Solar Panel and Generator installed/in use must be registered. Thanks Paul Consultation Paper-Rules for Registration of SSEG.pdf
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