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  1. those 4 panels are never going to correctly/fully charge those 2 batteries, are you using the grid to topup charge keep full those batteries? That would use a chunk of power on its own everyday.
  2. I have a sunsynk5k and have never experienced any issue from any of my appliances throughout my house. No diffs whether on gird or off grid, no diffs loadshedding or not, nothing, nada, maybe I am just lucky. I have several tower pcs and 2 laptops 2 routers and a whole bunch of wifi sensors all over the place and never once heard anything. Maybe I am getting too old to hear this But even standing right next to the inverter all i hear is a feint buzzz, very very feint, i have to focus real hard to hear it. My RP4 cooling fan though makes quite a noise but it is far away, in the garage, from where i live
  3. Have you ever notice my username on the forum Its WANNABE Solar Sparky. If you want definitive answers that can stand up in a court of law then maybe nudge the actual sparkies for more accurate answers I only speak from what I have researched and youtubed And a bit of trial and error diy.
  4. AFAIK those are surge protectors, they will drop excess voltage to the ground when they experience surges, 60 ka should be fine as long as the voltage drop is in spec. Remember if you experience a DIRECT lightning hit no amount of surge protectors are going to save you. If you are in a lightning area then you need to explore further options for mitigating DIRECT lightning strikes.
  5. the drop off voltage is the important part, that needs to be as close as possible to the protection rating you require. In SA the closest you get is usually the DC 600v ones, and be sure to use dc for dc and ac for ac on the AC side usually 275volt ones eglow normally have stock (I buy from there a lot) https://e-glow.co.za/collections/battery-accessories/products/spd-2p-600vdc-20ka-40ka-surge-protector?utm_campaign=gs-2022-06-01&utm_source=google&utm_medium=smart_campaign&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_KKLyJzh-AIVEWHmCh0lGAzkEAQYBSABEgIPGfD_BwE ACDC usually have stocl but mostly just the ac ones
  6. the more batteries you have in a bank the more charging/saturation they require to keep top balanced. Do you have enough solar or charging time to fully saturate the batteries?
  7. With leadacid you should aim to not use more than 25% of the amps if you intend for the batteries to last a long time, and even then the actual loads you put on them should ideally be within the 0.2c range. Those figure they give on their brochure is actually quite misleading for unsuspecting consumers. You can run those sorts of loads but the battery gonna get fried in months not years.
  8. That website is hosted with Godaddy on IP Contact godaddy and report the site as a scam, they usually take reports like that quite seriously. https://za.godaddy.com/help/reporting-abuse-27154
  9. Yeah that sucks. If the price is too good to be true move away fast. Best to always ask on the forum or people who have had good experience where they bought from before parting with hard earned cash. Online shopping is best done using your credit card or a reputable payment system like payfast, at least then you can get your money back if the "^#^##@" hits the fan.
  10. Second Vizia power monitor added, this one is for my office.
  11. That looks promising, care to share the software with us?
  12. Visia 16amp Power monitoring Plug/socket tasmotized success Another one to add to the list that works if you are into this sort of thing. I bought one from takealot yesterday to test tasmotizing it. Works great.
  13. Well Done @Derek Ramos On The Start I just love watching DIY projects come to life Just got to have a chuckle at your optimism for couple weeks, DIY Installs Never ends I am more than 3 years down this road and still working on it.
  14. This is the number one thing people do not understand about lifpo4 And Decent thick busbars with each battery connected with equal length cables each to the busbars Those 2 things solve almost all charge state issues and balancing issues
  15. @iiznh definately the best suggestion I follow him and never miss a video Evrything I have learnt about solar was from him and this forum.
  16. This is my understanding of it. Grid-tie makes sense that they want approved equipment and installation according to rules etc etc But if you are off-grid you are effectively running a FANCY UPS, as far as I know there are no requirements or rules to run a ups. If you are going to tie your FANCY UPS to your house grid then yes for insurance purposes you may have to follow certain rules. Grid-tie and off-grid (connected to House grid or external grid) you HAVE to follow some rules UPS Stand-alone - no way in hell they (city) can force you to do anything. Maybe I am wrong?!?!
  17. The spikes of temp coincides with the load spikes, which means the inverter is doing heavy duty inverting Usually your fans should ramp up at the same time too, which by the looks of your graphs is exactly what is happening. The graphs are very useful, inverting solar to ac does generate a lot of heat. On the graph you can see when the grid kicks to help the load spikes then the temp drops as it is not having to work the mppts as hard. That all looks pretty normal AFAIK.
  18. They will say that so that they can sell you a more expensive inverter. On that note: Sustainable.co.za prices are very expensive shop around you can get way better prices than theirs
  19. I usually just switch it off and back on at the switch on the inverter. Sometimes you can also simply goto the error page and then when you leave it then it resets. If it does not clear maybe the grid has a frequency issue.
  20. if no plans to feedback to the grid then get a growatt spf5000es they are awesome, I have one. And they are about R12k
  21. Stand-alone mppt inverter/chargers are generally not expensive.
  22. That error usually clears itself, else try a reboot?
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