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  1. The one from ACDC had 6 fans installed already. For ventilation. Space is very limited where I need to mount the inverter. 1.2m at most. And then Walking past the enclosure will be tricky.
  2. Hens teeth unfortunately. You can alway look at alternative solutions from VALSA
  3. Not everyone uses the forum on a Computer. But good to know
  4. I have a client, with a BayHouse on Bronkies dam. He wants me to replicate his system he has installed at his main residence at this property. Only difference is, the old residence has a garage to house everything. The new residence has nothing. he wants me to install the 8.8kw SunSynk inverter outside with the battery inside, right behind the inverter. Battery will be 2x 10/8 FreedomWon batteries. now my concern is theft. I want to install the inverter in a stee enclosure that can be locked, ACDC has a 1200mm x 800mm x 320mm cabinet with fans for 8k. will mounting the inverter in a cabinet void the warranty in any way?
  5. If it’s still available, I’ll be taking it
  6. And the support is actually great on the units. My personal 5.5 impressed me day by day! And I’m pushing the limits on it
  7. 365W Canadian Sun Panels. Dimension of 2000mm x 992mm 460W JA Solar Panels. Dimension of 2112mm x 1052mm With wise 7 panels will fit in yes. And I’ll sit with a gap on the side 936 to be exact. , where as with the 365 there will be a gap of 364mm. That’s the same as my existing gap I have on my roof. Length wise, I only have 1950mm of space available. So the 365W panel will overhang by 50mm. Where as the 460W panel will overhang by 162mm. My gutter is 150mm. So the panels will cover my cutter completely if I use the 460W. And only 50mm when I use 365W panels and again. It’s going to look odd (color wise and layout wise) My roof space Is tight. It’s 8300x 3900. So the top panels already has a 50mm overhang on the knock as well.
  8. To me the appearance does matter. But in this case that’s not the only Issue I face. I only have that much roof space available. Even if I add the 365W panels I’ll have an overhang of about 5cm. By adding a 460, I’ll have more than that 5cm overhang. And they are wider. I only have 8.3m of roof space to my use. guess it comes down to personal preference.
  9. My roof will only allow for 8 more of the same panels. Otherwise I need to use another part of my roof. I want to keep everything looking the same, otherwise I need to sell my current 8 panels and purchase 14x 460W panels.
  10. Item Wanted: 365W Canadian Sun PV panels Packaging Essential: No Desired Age: Not Applicable Location: preferably Gauteng Pretoria. Willing to accept a shipped item: if shipping is not to expensive Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1800 to R2000 i have 8x 365w on my inverter currently. I want to expand and add 8 more. But I have limited roof space and need them to be the same size.
  11. Good day. Please send me your contact details. I’m looking for an inverter like the one you have for sale. I just want to see what shipping to Gauteng will set me back
  12. Batteries are 100% as stated before. The 2x 150AH AGM batteries are less than 2months old. And brand new. Never been used before. We bought them to add them to an inverter (that I’m trying to source now) The 105AH battery on the small UPS is about 6 months old. Also testing perfectly fine. Had them tested for CCA. My brother does SPL sound installations in cars, he has a battery tester inhouse. My money is the UPS is not designed to run for so long on battery. It comes with 1x 7ah/8ah battery from the supplier. We did a mod on it to run from the 105AH with the external charger. It runs exactly for 60min. Then turns off, if you press the Power button, it turns on immediately, powered from the same battery, then runs for another 60min, and turns off again. We once went 5 hours without power, and each hour, we had to do this to the UPS. When the power came back online (grid flows through ups like bypass) and the Victron started to charge the 105ah again, it works flawlessly. The UPS is not an online UPS. So it only uses battery when the grid is not present. the UPS does this with an old 65ah battery as well. So it’s not the batteries but the mini UPS. Hence looking for a inverter with charger. Even if it’s something like one of those ellies / mercer inverters.
  13. batteries are perfect. And being maintained by a Victron External charger. The UPS shuts down almost as if it has an internal timer.
  14. Item Wanted: 12V / 24V DC inverter with build in charger 1200W - 2000W Packaging Essential: No Desired Age:Any Age Location: Preferably Centurion or Pretoria Willing to accept a shipped item: Yes woth proof of function before Ballpark/Budget Amount: R1000 - R1500. But open to more if deemed needed. Hi Guys. My brother is looking for a 12v or 24v Inverter with build in charger in the range of 1200w to 2000W for his little workshop to just run the lights and a WiFi router. He currently has a 1200va UPS that’s modified to take an external battery, but the unit switches off after 1 hour of use while on Loadshedding. He has no desire for a Solar Solution currently as he only rents the place. Lights is about 400W worth of LED lights and then the WiFi Router. He has 2x 150Ah AGM batteries already and a 105ah on his UPS currently.
  15. Thank you @Leshen I’m absolutely in love with the SunSynk 8.8kw Units. They are my nr1 go to inverter these days. And they work absolutely wonderful with the E-Tower Batteties. This is another one we did a while back.
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