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  1. If it’s on a plot, it’s most probably eskom directly. And they will bill you for line/pole rental as well.
  2. It doesn’t happen every day. Only on certain days. And never more than 2kwh sold
  3. Hi Branderplank. I do have a minimum use of 50w enabled on the inverter. Maybe it’s something that I should just accept and deal with it. I understand that the inverter can’t change in a matter of seconds. But sometimes it sits on export mode for up to 10 min before it adjusts
  4. Hi Guys. So I’ve recently bought myself a SunSynk inverter and a Hubble AM2. This combo works wonder! The time I designed my house and my electrical layout, I’ve already did the split on my DB having a DB for Essentials and a DB for non Essentials. I have a Prepaid Meter installed on my supply side. And I have the inverter set to supply the non essential side with my excess PV Generation. But from Time to Time I can see my inverter exports electricity past the CT clamp into my prepaid meter, causing my Prepaid meter to consume credit although the house is not consuming any electricity. This generally happens when my battery is close or on 100% soc. it doesn’t export much, but still does. Even though the inverter is set to not export, it still does. CAn this be a issue that can be resolved with a simple firmware upgrade? I haven’t done one or requested one ever since I did the installation. Regards, Jp
  5. I had the exact inverter. It was a nightmare to use. And I hated the fact that I had to buy separate pieces and equipment to get more out of the unit. I had a small PC on mine. Connected via a USB cable to the inverter. Inhad a solar monitoring software on the PC, and set schedules on the software as to when the inverter needs to do what. From 09:00 I had setting 1 on SBU. Up untill 16:00. Then there after I had it on UTI only. It worked for me for the 5 months I used it. I then got myself a new lithium battery and SunSynk inverter. Never been happier
  6. I actually have a similar question. I saw today, on 67% SOC, the LiBMS displays the voltage as 46.14. I did download the discharge and SOC chart from the Hubble website. It’s actually within line. It seems very low though…
  7. Hi guys. So I recently encountered a issue. Or at least I hope it’s not a issue. The Cut Out voltage is 42v DC. This communication is received from the bms on the battery. At a SOC of 67%, the battery voltage only reads 46.14 DC. I have the discharge set to max of 50% during the night. But at 50% SOC the battery reads about 44v DC. Is this it supposed to be higher? Do I need to be concerned? Is this normal? My Father has 3x 3.4kwh PylonTech US3500C batteries on his 8kw Deye inverter. At a SOC of 47% it reads 49.35v DC. Only using this as a reference.
  8. All depends on what battery you have. Not all are equally good
  9. The Unit from The Powerforum Store comes with the WiFi dongle. Ive been commutating with Steve a while now. I placed my order today for my SunSynk 5kw inverter and Hubble AM2. Can’t wait!!
  10. Because they do not have true hybrid inverters.
  11. Currently have a 5kw Voltronic Clone inverter from The Sun Pays and 4x150 ah gell batteries want to upgrade the inverter to a proper hybrid and invest in a more reliable battery
  12. So I’ve managed to release some funds to upgrade my horrible voltronic clone inverter and gell batteries. My budget is maximum 38k. I can maybe push it to 40k. But that’s my base limit. I’ve installed a 8kw Deye inverter for my father in law on the same property, and now I want to invest in mine. Im thinking of getting one of the following; SunSynk 5kw inverter with the Hubble AM3 Deye 5kw inverter with the LBSA 5.1kw battery (they have a special currently for R38800) but can’t find much info on the batteries. my essential loads are not much. 200W in lights and a fishtank of about 500W and bedside plugs for my 4 bedrooms. my idea is to power my geyser directly from the AUX port on the SunSynk/Deye inverter. But this is only a backup as it’s on solar already. I have 6x 365w Canadian Sun panels on the roof already for the inverter the battery will only be for Loadshedding (2.5hours) and for backup when we have some clouds. Also have a 7.5kw diesel generator running on a changeover for extra backup
  13. We installed a solar system at our office about 3 months back. Running a total of 48x415W Canadian Sun Panels. 4x Victron 250/100 MPPT controllers 1x Victron Quattro 48/10000/140 6x PylonTech US3000C batteries. We want to add either another 6x US3000C batteries and keep the 2 banks the same, or add 6x UP5000 batteries. Now my question is. The 2 different models has different charging rates and discharging rates. Is it worth mixing the 2 sets, or do you recommend we keep it the same? Will the UP5000 be under utilised as of it’s a US3000C? Keep in mind they all connect to the MPPT controllers and inverter via a DC BUS BAR
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