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  1. All depends on what battery you have. Not all are equally good
  2. The Unit from The Powerforum Store comes with the WiFi dongle. Ive been commutating with Steve a while now. I placed my order today for my SunSynk 5kw inverter and Hubble AM2. Can’t wait!!
  3. Because they do not have true hybrid inverters.
  4. Currently have a 5kw Voltronic Clone inverter from The Sun Pays and 4x150 ah gell batteries want to upgrade the inverter to a proper hybrid and invest in a more reliable battery
  5. So I’ve managed to release some funds to upgrade my horrible voltronic clone inverter and gell batteries. My budget is maximum 38k. I can maybe push it to 40k. But that’s my base limit. I’ve installed a 8kw Deye inverter for my father in law on the same property, and now I want to invest in mine. Im thinking of getting one of the following; SunSynk 5kw inverter with the Hubble AM3 Deye 5kw inverter with the LBSA 5.1kw battery (they have a special currently for R38800) but can’t find much info on the batteries. my essential loads are not much. 200W in lights and a fishtank of about 500W and bedside plugs for my 4 bedrooms. my idea is to power my geyser directly from the AUX port on the SunSynk/Deye inverter. But this is only a backup as it’s on solar already. I have 6x 365w Canadian Sun panels on the roof already for the inverter the battery will only be for Loadshedding (2.5hours) and for backup when we have some clouds. Also have a 7.5kw diesel generator running on a changeover for extra backup
  6. We installed a solar system at our office about 3 months back. Running a total of 48x415W Canadian Sun Panels. 4x Victron 250/100 MPPT controllers 1x Victron Quattro 48/10000/140 6x PylonTech US3000C batteries. We want to add either another 6x US3000C batteries and keep the 2 banks the same, or add 6x UP5000 batteries. Now my question is. The 2 different models has different charging rates and discharging rates. Is it worth mixing the 2 sets, or do you recommend we keep it the same? Will the UP5000 be under utilised as of it’s a US3000C? Keep in mind they all connect to the MPPT controllers and inverter via a DC BUS BAR
  7. Hi Guys. This forum has been my number 1 place to come and read. I like reading forums and learning from other peoples 1'st hand experience. I have been tasked by my father in law to make sure that our 1 property we want to start renting out, gets a hybrid solar installation completed before we start advertising the property as "to rent" I've done my own solar installations at my house to my best knowelage and with help from this forum PV Powered Borehole pump PV Powered Geyserwise Controller solution 18x 365W Canadian Sun PV Panels, 8kva Deye inverter, 3x US3000C Pylontech Batteries. Now to my point: Where can I find a copy or a guideline as to the requirements/correct way of installing a brand new installation.
  8. The VE Direct port? so the VE Direct to USB cable?
  9. Hi Guys. Im planning on buying the above mentioned components to try and better my one 5kva “The Sun Pays” inverter solution. Does anyone use something similar? The reason for the 712 is to get the true state of charge for the ICC unit. But not so sure as to how the ICC pi read this information from the 712. any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations on what Battery Monitor from Victron is recommend in order to better communicate with the ICC software?
  11. I’ve received confirmation from Manie that ICC will work on the inverter only. Not sure if it will work on the “The sun pays” lithium battery packs. I know they have some issues when it comes to communication between the inverter and batteries. I however only need coms on the inverter.
  12. I’ve been contemplating on doing a contactor solution on the PV input side. With a sonoff timer to say turn on PV at 9 in the morning and off at 4 in the afternoon. But now that the ICC software support teams notified me that the ICC will work on my inverter, I’ll be buying one and use this to control the 01 setting on a time schedule. I just want the inverter to stay on utility after a certain time. And obviously if I force it into utility mode, the batteries will not work during the night. Only during day to assist PV and when we have Loadshedding.
  13. Unfortunately these inverters are sold as “off grid” inverters. They are in some cases marked as Hybrid inverters. It can’t mix Grid with Solar/ Battery. It mixes PV with Battery and if that's not sufficient, it uses Utility. Something not fixable with a firmware upgrade. I used this inverter for close to 3 years. But decided that it’s not sufficient for what I really want to do. Then I opted in for the Deye 8Kva Hybrid Inverter. And this thing is insanely easy to uses and setup. And it blends the PV seamlessly.
  14. The current issue I have that irritates me the most, is the fact that on SBU and SOL the inverter jumps between battery and utility constantly. and the only way around this will be with the ICC controller where I can set schedules on the inverter as to when I want it to be in SBU/SOL and when it needs to be in Utility. It would actually be super cool if they can have this same schedule settings for setting nr16 as well. So you can have a more scheduled setting for the options there
  15. There are 3 settings on the setting 01. SOL UTI SBU I wish it had a setting like SUB as you described. My ideal solution would be as follow. During night. Utility (as tis is cheaper than discharging the batteries During day. PV with battery as supplement until PV is insufficient In Load shedding situations. Battery should be used. This solution is installed in a flat on the property. We always had a 3KVA inverter in but since we upgraded our main inverter, we moved the 5KVA into the place of the 3KVA. I did some research and it seems to me that the ICC software will be the easiest and cheaper solution for now. I upgraded the Main House Inverter with a Deye 8 KVA inverter. Currently have 16x 360W Canadian Sun Panels on the system together with 2x US3000C batteries. Getting 2 more batteries at the end of April. This solution works wonders, as it seamlessly blends in all 3 sources into 1.
  16. Hi Guys. So over the weekend I installed my new inverter solution on my small holdings outside Pretoria. The old solution that I removed, was moved to my Flatlet on the property where most of my security systems run. The Inverter has 6x 365W Canadian Sun Solar Panels. 4x 150AH Gell Batteries. And then the inverter. It’s a Clone inverter and I’m at such a stage that I’m considering changing it out with a new Sunsynk 5kva inverter. my issue that I have is the following: On cloudy days and late in the afternoon. When the PV power is low, and insufficient to power the load, the inverter constantly switches between pv and battery, then Utility. Until the battery reaches peak voltage, then does it again. Will it actually help if I consider adding a Raspberry Pi with the ICC software to the inverter, where I can tell the inverter when to use what? Or am I not understanding how the ICC software works? Will the ICC controller work on the Sun Pays inverter? Currently I’m even considering building a DIY controller that will disconnect the PV power from the inverter when it’s to low. And then connecting it back when it’s sufficient again. the settings I have is as follow and recommended by The Sun Pays. 01 SBU 02 20 Amp 05 Use 12 49 13 54 16 snu 26 56.4 27 55.2 29 48
  17. I forgot to add that I have a 260L geyser, connected to the Geyserwise MPPT solution and my borehole runs off solar as well. My stove top is gas, but oven electric.
  18. Hi Guys. So currently I have the following solar solution installed, it’s old, and doesn’t function like I want it to function. We did a installation at our office and I’m impressed by the functionality on the Victron Inverter Solutions, but, that amount of money, I do not have. We installed 4x PV Aray modules. Each module has 12x 415W PV Panels. Each module wired to a Victron MPPT Controller. 250/100 controllers. We went for the Victron Quattro 48/10000/140-100/100 and the Octo GX module. Batteries we have 6x PylonTech 3000C Batteries. Now this is next level, and we are still in the process of instaling and testing this. now to my actual question. at home I have a this installed, but want to upgrade. The Sun Pays” 5Kva Inverter 8x 200AH AGM batteries. 9x 330W Canadian Sun PV Panels. Connected 3 in series then the 3 packs into a combineder box and send that with a 6mm Solar cable to the fuse box and inverter. Total run about 30m. now my issue I have is the amount of solar power I throw away, cause this inverter can supply the excess production of pv back into my grid/Non Essentials DB. so I thought of the following. batteries will be a no brainer. For now I’ll get 2x PylonTech 3000C batteries to replace my 5 Year old 8x 200AH Batteries. I’ll add another 2 in a years time. Inverter I am baffled... I really like the SunSynk 8Kva hybrid inverter with dual MPPT. Only thing that got me down is the PV amps. 18amps per mppt controller. My current setup produces 30Amps, If I change the wiring, 9 panels in series, then the amps will be under 18, and the voltage 423. But then I can’t add more panels to that aray, only the 2nd mppt. Am I understanding this correctly? What are your thoughts about the SunSunk 5kva inverter as an alternative? Can Insupply non essentials with excess production PV with this inverter? It has 11 Amps per MPPT, so my existing panels will function perfectly, with some minor changes. Any advice would be appreciated
  19. Is it worth doing a firmware upgrade on my 3KVA unit? I know there’s a risk of brick if the firmware fails. My 3KVA however only has a 323 port (lan cable connection) and not a USB connection.
  20. Thank you so very much for this feedback. It really helps me understand my inverter better. I will be playing around with it a bit more today and fine tune the settings even more. why would the inverter only indicate 8-15W of PV power while charging the batteries via PV and the load via bypass if the PV is sufficient to power the load and charge the batteries?
  21. Hi Guys. So. I’ve installed the new batteries today. All went well. Except now all of a sudden the unit gives me a 04 Error Code “Low Batteries”? Could this be that the batteries still needs to charge or am I doing something wrong? It only shows this error during day time when PV supplies load and Eskom is not available. When Eskom comes back online, The PV drops from 850W to 5w and the inverter goes into bypass mode and pv only charges the batteries. I always had CSB Lead Acid batteries, but now I have 4x 150AH Sealed Gell Batteries. Ive made some other changes to the settings as well. setting 12 on 50 setting 13 on 54 setting 26 on 54 setting 27 on 55.4 setting 29 on 50 Could these settings maybe be the cause of the 04 error? Or could it be that the batteries still needs charging? Also, My charging LED when Fully Lid, means the batteries are fully charged, but the battery icon still flashes to indicate charging?
  22. No settings higer than 29 on my 3KVA. Only the ones mentioned. I wanted to use it as a UPS but realized I might as well use the batteries at night time as well instead of only during Loadshedding. so I need to change the settings to accommodate this feature. But in the same sentence, I don’t want to discharge the batteries more that 30-40%. The it needs to go back to utility. ive tested it now for a few evenings and I use maximum of 500-600w on the inverter DB outlet. So this, during the day gets carried by Solar and at night by grid. But want the batteries to contribute at night. so I assume I need to change setting 1 to SBU, and the. 26,27,29 to accommodate the discharge limit?
  23. I’m a Paradox tech. What I do is simple. From ACDC you get a relay base (din rail mount) You can add different types of relay boards to it. I use the 12v DC Coil 220VAC switch relay board. I Then have all my my external lights on separate circuits inside my DB. 4 circuits in total. I then have a PGM4 module from Paradox also inside the DB. SonI can manually turn them on and off via my insight gold app. I also have it defined to turn on in an alarm condition. but there are new products on the market called Sonoff. Does exactly the same . Via WiFi, sends push notifications on On/Off activity and it has a schedule build in.
  24. I need to change out my old 150AH CB3 batteries with new 150AH Gel Batteries, But I first want to make sure my settings are perfect. Don’t want to damage the batteries if not needed. Initially I only wanted to use batteries when we have loadshedding at night. But I think I want to change this to actually use the batteries at night as well. Especially when we are sleeping, only my fridge and fishtank and security lights will be running.
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