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  1. I had the same issue. Also, my system shows partially down at aroind the same time everyday. I reported this is Sunsynk advised me that it is likely a solarman issue.
  2. Ahh yes. I actually use my batteries for both grid and load side. PHIDZ: Any reason why you only discharge 1000w, 2000w etc at certain times?
  3. And my settings...
  4. Have a look at my screenshots. You will see the grid export (house) which i do not see on your display. Also, when your load is low, and your batteries are full then the mppt will cut off as there is not much to supply.
  5. Thanks. I see my inverter is on FW2138. seems very outdated.
  6. Hi, how do I update my firmware? I have emailed Sunsynk but did not yet get a reply. Jacques
  7. I am definitely installing fuses. I had 2 trips today and I measured the current just before tripping. The breaker is rated for 125A DC, but with a sustained 67A it trips after about 6-10min... If a breaker is rated for 125A it must be able to sustain 125A, but not in my case. Don't know if it is a faulty breaker or if these Chinese stuff does not honour its rating...
  8. i am having the same issue. I have a Sunsynk 5.5kW with 2x5,1kW batteries. I have a 125A DC breaker installed on the battery feed and it also trips intermittently. There is no way my batteries can discharge more than 125A, as I have set the max power discharge from the battery, so worse case it would be around 104A when the battery voltage is really low and I use all of the 5kW (which I do not even come close to). The most I have seen was around 60-70A. Obviously the logger does not show any detail as it only updates every so often. Seems like breakers are problematic on DC circuits and I am also considering replacing the battery breaker with slow blow fuses. I am curious to hear other's that experienced the same and what their fix were.
  9. I see we are back to load shedding starting tonight...
  10. As Keith from Sunsynk always says, its not the current that kills the inverter (MPPTs) but rather the voltage. If your panels produce more current than the MPPTs are rated for, it is no issue, as the MPPT will limit the current to its design spec, but you will be wasting as your array will never be fully utilized. Also, 18A is per MPPT, and the Sunsynk 8kW has 2 MPPTs. 18A per MPPT is a lot and I don't think you will easily find a panel that produces that much current. The way I went about was to select panels that has a current close to what the MPPTs are rated for, and then I selected the number of panels per array to achieve the highest SAFE voltage (Voc) allowable by the MPPTs. Lastly, I selected the wattage per panel (depending on my available roof space, etc) to achieve the required kW as calculated by my usage.
  11. I agree. The Sunsynk/Deye is a hybrid inverter, that comes as an all-in-one package, with MPPT trackers and all... You can choose to store the energy, use the energy or feed back into the grid. Also, I like it being bi-directional, which means that I can use my solar energy on the grid side of the inverter as well, so I do not need to power everything on the LOAD or UPS side of the inverter. This gives a lot of flexibility, as I can connect the heavy loads (stove, ACs, geyser) on the grid side. I have the 5.5 Sunsynk and works like a charm! Yes a bit more expensive, but you get what you pay for...
  12. Hi, I have a Sunsynk 5.5kW installed, coupled with a 5.5kW solar array and 10.2kW of battery storage. I will add my diesel generator as an alternative input for those days when eskom is awol and when the batteries are low. I have a question about the control logic for the gen input on the Sunsynk inverter, as the manual is not very descriptive and Keith's videos does not really explain this feature in detail. From what I could gather so far: 1. The Gen start signal will only activate when no grid is available and when the SOC lower limit has been reached 2. The Gen input relay will only close once the conditions are met in point 1. 3. When the grid has been restored, the Grid input relay will only close once the gen has been shut down and the gen relay has opened. The timer display gives you the option to charge from grid, but from my testing so far, it will not start the generator unless the grid is down. It makes sense, as you do not want the grid present AND connect an unsynchronized generator supply to the inverter. Where can I get more in depth info or literature on the Generator Input for the Sunsynk? Thanks in advanced. Jacques
  13. Thanks. I have 2 Lithium Batteries SA 5.2kW batteries. So far they are performing great and the price/kWh was also very good.
  14. What are the differences between Solarman Home, Smart and Pro and which is recommended? I am using SM Home on my Sunsynk inverter and the battery info is not correctly displayed. For instance, my comms between the batteries and inverter is correct and its controlled as expected but on the solarman app i only see 1 battery (i have 2) and the temp shows 100C which is definately not the case...
  15. Thanks for all the recommendations so far. It has been helpful so far. What are actually the differences between the Sunsynk/Deye/Fusion, as they all look similar to me (except the UI)? Are there any difference in functions and which one is the better one? I got some replies that the Sunsynk seems to be the better choice. Which one is the "original" so to speak, or are they all manufactured by the same company and rebranded? The Sunsynk's manual is the most comprehensive. Also, if i buy the Sunsynk, is the wifi dongle included and do I need the datalogger if I will be using Solarman as an online monitoring interface?
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