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  1. Good day guys. Does anyone know how many watts of panels can I use with this inverter. Thanks
  2. My house has 9.36kwp and only producing 1.7kw peak in this rain.
  3. It produced 3kw but it was cloudy. Unfortunately we have rain forecast for a week in Jhb but when we have a clear day then I’ll post a pic of the production.
  4. The inverter is outside but it’s under a plastic roof. Completely waterproof.
  5. Another installation proudly done by Orion Solar. 8.8kw Sunsynk Inverter 21 x 455 JA Solar Mono Panels 10.24kwh Bull batteries. 7 panels on a north facing roof and 14 on a west facing roof.
  6. For those of you who doubt the Sunsynk 8.8kw inverter, here are some figures of what I produced today. This outclasses Victron by far!
  7. Great idea. Will do that sometime.
  8. I finally figured out how to configure the settings after chatting to Vassen. Grid sell must be unticked however the figure on the right of grid sell should be your total wattage of your panel production. I sent Shabir from Sunsynk 2 messages, who is apparently the tech support for Sunsynk. Not a single reply. So thanks everyone for all the time and help. Appreciate it.
  9. That’s great. Always great not to rely on Eskom and Jhb water.
  10. Even though it’s not working as planned. I hope with the software update, it will. I managed to use 30kwh today without exporting to the Grid. It’s great to be off the grid. No need for Eskom or Jhb water. I have a 90m borehole with a 0.75kw Franklin pump. Pumped into 2 x 5000l Jojo tanks via a sediment filter. An Ebara CDA200 single phase booster pump with a Cascade Variable Speed Drive supplies water to the entire home at 4 bar pressure. All powered from the Sunsynk
  11. Thanks for that. It works but it still exports the excess to the grid. So I limited it to 4000w so that goes to the geysers and nothing to the grid. I’m waiting for my wifi dongle to arrive to do the software update.
  12. Thanks guys. I would appreciate it if someone could help me cos right now, if I put my geysers on, it pulls power from Eskom
  13. Is it possible for me to call you
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