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  1. He isn’t “struggling” to get replacements for new batteries. There is no stock of the AM2. Stock will be available next week and if there is an issue with his battery, it will be replaced by Hubble.
  2. We connect a RIOT up to the battery which is way more accurate and we get 0.56kwh per 10%. The AM2 is a 117AH battery.
  3. It’s highly unlikely that the cells are damaged on a new unit. Hubble is very good at testing and honoring their warranties. So if it’s just a BMS issue then, I would be happy with a BMS replacement. However if any cell is damaged, Hubble will tell you that there is a problem with one or more of the cells and they would give you a new battery. I haven’t had any issues on any other Sunsynk/Hubble installations.
  4. Hi Saul. Are you based in Jhb or Cpt as no units were sent to Jhb for testing. Only 2 in Cpt. So if the batteries have a fault, they will be swapped out with new ones. Just check on your SOLARMAN app that the Calculation of Electric Energy is set to Based on device data and not Based on Calculation.
  5. Hahaha. Hey Frans. How are you? Can’t “brag” yet. We need to install the last inverter.
  6. The client had a UPS that he used to connect via those plugs.
  7. Supplier ran out of stock on the AM2 however the price was the same.
  8. Another Sunsynk install with 4 x AM3’s. Each AM3 is 2.75kwh. Will complete it on Wednesday.
  9. Hi Imraan. We did a few installs where the prepaid meter that plugs in to recharge doesnt work on the load side of the inverter. Once connected to the grid side, it works fine so we merely do a permanent install into the grid side of the inverter.
  10. Busy with a 3 phase installation with 3 x 5kw Sunsynk and 3 Hubble’s. Will post pictures when it’s complete.
  11. Hi Can you also put the AM2's in a server rack? Yes you can. See pic Are there comms between the batteries? (Cannot find a manual like you get for the Pylon's) Is is the same as Pylon's that have a master with slaves? You need to purchase a CAT5E cable to link the batteries together for comms on the RS485 port. You get a manual when you purchase the battery. The master battery will have the CAN bus cable linked to the Sunsynk, DIP switches need to be set correctly. What would be the best way to link 3 batteries (hence thinking about a cabinet) Personally I like mounting them
  12. After we complete an installation, we handover the COC to the client and explain how the system works. Balance of payment normally follows a day or two afterwards. If a client can pay me an 80% deposit then I trust that he will pay me the balance after I issue him with a COC.
  13. Correct. It’s the anti islanding feature of the inverter required by law.
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