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  1. Just a quick demo to show the passthrough function of the Sunsynk 8kw. Inverter is maxed out at 8000w and it uses the remainder 1200w from Eskom. This passthrough occurs on the Essential side of the Inverter up to a max of 90A. We powered 2 kettles, 2 microwaves, a hairdryer and a DAB booster pump with a total of 9200w for the demo.
  2. Yes unfortunately. It’s an anti theft feature of the Hubble X100.
  3. Hi. Did you mistakenly enable it. It’s a Gyroscopic sensor. Once enabled, will need software to disable.
  4. Another Sunsynk/Hubble installation
  5. The 25mm2 cable is the interlinking cable between batteries. We installed a 50mm2 cable from the batteries to the inverter.
  6. Hi Swazz Are there no battery fuses? I see a fuse holder with no fuses.
  7. Hi Achmat, BMS says 125A per battery so 250A for 2 x AM2s. Right now we are busy sorting out the comms between both batteries, they may need a firmware update.
  8. Make sure you have proper earthing
  9. Hi Cobus. Yes that’s correct. Make sure that the CT is placed in the correct position. See attached pic
  10. Hi Achmat. Once we commission the inverter, I’ll let you know.
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