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  1. Hi Saliegh. Where about are you located?
  2. Please make sure that there is no load on the inverter before removing the CT and reinstalling.
  3. That’s correct. The Sunsynks work fine if installed correctly so I can only imagine that this is an installation issue.
  4. There definitely is an issue somewhere as the 3kw geyser load isn’t showing on the flow diagram
  5. Hi Gareth The geyser does not need to be on the essential circuit to benefit from solar energy. The Sunsynk uses solar energy for both essential and non essential loads. The only time it won’t do this is if “Limit to load” is ticked. How far is your CT from your inverter? Maybe post pics of your installation showing where your CT is placed and also the inverter flow diagram.
  6. You are definitely not looking at the right place. To make it easier for you here is a list of what is physically installed. PV Protection DB on top. 1. 2 x 600V DC SPD 2. 4 x 15A fuses in a fuse holder that can be disconnected. AC Combiner DB at the bottom. 1. 2 x 40A double pole circuit breakers. 2. 1 x ELCB 63A 3. 1 x Changeover switch 63A 4. 1 x AC SPD. Hope this makes sense to you.
  7. @HubbleLithium would be the best to pose those questions to.
  8. For your geyser to use that energy, you don’t need to export, you can select zero export and the current will not flow through the CT. Your CT must just be placed in the correct position. Feed in is correct. It’s the Feed In to the grid which is beyond the CT. It’s not what is being used by your geyser etc.
  9. Hi Gareth. It’s possible that some prepaid meters use up credits when you feed back into the grid. Are you exporting?
  10. Sunsynk 5kw paired with a 5.1kwh BSLB battery and 8 x 455w JA Solar panels
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