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  1. Hi Rory, it was around the Tuya smart integration to HA if I'm not mistaken. Will PM you.
  2. Hi Ryan, Seems your geyser consumes around 20kWh's per day - which is fairly high for a single geyser. Does your smart geyser not allow you to set schedules? You could recalculate your monthly cost for the geyser if you know your pre-paid rates, its definitely higher than what your app reports. I was using around the same daily power for 1x200l and 1x150l geysers running 24x7. I've installed CBI Astute smart timers and I now average around 10kWh per day. There are also numerous posts on the forum where guys have managed to use traditional timers or sonoff's and relays to achieve
  3. You can reach out to @Leshen, his done a few installs in and around JHB.
  4. Hi Paul, You could always move gate motor, security cameras and intercom to their on CB on the essential load side.
  5. Steve and team are really good to ensure that you get great service, as well as provide assistance with numerous technical queries that you may have. I did experience some delays from one of the power forum store's suppliers where I'm still awaiting a functional can bus converter, but they've tried their best to keep the communication and constant updates to me.
  6. @MongooseMan Thanks for assisting!
  7. Hi Paul, depends on the fan and case that you have? I have one of these https://www.diyelectronics.co.za/store/accessories/2670-raspberry-pi-4-aluminium-case-with-dual-cooling-fans.html, and notice that the one fan does become noisy at times, removing and reconnecting the GPIO solves the issue. Is the noisy fan consistent?
  8. Hey guys, To those of you that have managed to integrate the CBI with home assistant using the Local Tuya method (https://github.com/rospogrigio/localtuya), could you please share you config file with me? Been trying to get it working over the weekend, and have been unsuccessful.
  9. You make a few fair points. Our use cases and lifestyles all differ. For me personally, running a 200l and 150l geyser - which usually consumes around 20kW's per day, I've now been able to reduce this to between 10 and 12kW's per day for both these geysers. The one is scheduled to run an hour and half in the morning, and the second runs for 2 hours in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. I was targeting a 30% saving after installing these, and am very happy with the results of a 40 to 50% saving.
  10. Thanks for your response. I managed to figure out the Can H and Can L pin out. Seems that my canbus converter isn't working correctly as the inverter does not pick up the battery info. Supplier confirmed that they'll swap out when they receive stock next week.
  11. Hi guys, I've purchased one of the Sunsynk and ZTE battery combo's from the Power Forum store as a battery backup solution. My electrician completed the install yesterday. I'd like to find out if anyone else using the ZTE batteries with the can bus converter is able to see BMS stats on the inverter? Looking to find out the correct inverter settings, and the RJ45 to can hi and can low cable set up. Thanks
  12. Glad you guys managed to get your hands on these, great price for now. Haven't installed my devices as yet, hoping to get them configured and working this week. Are you guys using the CBI app or the Tuya app? How are you finding the app? Digging the retro look!
  13. Hi @Tariq, I can confirm that they are the Astute's, however the guy at Builders Rivonia mentioned that each of the larger BH stores received 4 stock items each as a launch offer. From what I've experienced, the staff cannot tell the difference between one and the other, and are very quick to mention that they do not have stock. I was being redirected to the Bryanston store as they had 3 in stock, when the guy realised that he had found 2 units as I was about to leave the store. At R349 they're a steal, but the hassle of trying to get your hands on them may not be worth the trouble. LiteGlo s
  14. Great work! Seems like a lot of work though. Managed to find this possible workaround, I've not tested as yet though. https://community.home-assistant.io/t/tuya-local-with-energy-monitoring-and-without-tuya-convert/173564/9
  15. I see Voltex have them for R553.50. I also did some research and see no default Home Assistant integrations for it. Just got feedback from the marketing guys at CBI, they state that they have downloaded home assistant and their device is not compatible with it. Thought it would be a great substitute from Sonoff's and relays. But seems that will have to be the go to for now.
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