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  1. Is it possible to download a years daily data from Device Centre - Solarman PV
  2. The thing is water is scarce (no municipal no rain) so if the washing machine water can be cleaned enough to be recycled for washing it will make a big difference in the water requirement and the water need not be potable
  3. At the moment water has become a premium This was very vividly experienced by a nursing home in our community when the ran out of water as the the municipal also ran dry They have ample rainwater tanks but rain has also been absent for a long time The laundry uses the most water So this is what I am trying to ascertain; Is there a way to treat the water from the laundry to be used again ... it need not be potable I found this on the internet Class A recycled water Following the successful trial of Class A recycled water for clothes washing, Western Water’s Board has approved the use of recycled water in the laundry in estates with dual supply. In many new residential estates in Western Water’s service region, Class A recycled water is currently used for residential garden watering, toilet flushing, fire protection, irrigation of public land and food crops. The use of Class A recycled water for clothes washing has been approved by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Environmental Protection Authority(EPA). This use is already implemented in different regions across Australia WesternWater.com.au
  4. Blue Nova Mobile Series Lithium Iron Phosphate 13V-82Ah-1K Battery The Mobile Power Series (MPS) range is perfectly positioned as a drop-in replacement for Lead Acid batteries Does this mean you can string them series or parallel as if lead acid Can these batteries be used with the Axpert VM 1000-12 for a small UPS for a computer, a tv and/or few led lights recharging from mains and maybe later a solar panel?
  5. Lekker in die Kalahari 60 jaar gelede op Sishen myn gewek net voor 9maande diensplig
  6. But as other commentators said "take it with a pinch of salt
  7. Thanks KM Interesting comparing the two graphs I am at 33deg 41 south north facing roof at 30 degrees 12 x JA Solar 405W Mono Panels Sunsynk 5.5 Kw Yesterday was a hot clear sunny day Max power produced 4.55 kW And for the day 34.9kWh
  8. I just dont seem to get my head around the relationships between Energy/ month Used Purchased On Grid Generation How do they jive? Used seems obvious as well as Generation But then we have Power/ day Current Purchased On Grid Grid where current seems to be production and grid power seems to be total effect on the grid used being positive and negative being feed back
  9. As I now have investment in two setups, Axpert and 6 panels with a 24 v lithium battery and of late a sunsynk with a 48v lithium battery, I want to use both at the best efficiency possible. One way is to see the axpert as a turbine serving the sunsynk. Does this make any sense
  10. Correct, before I acquired the sunsynk 48v I installed an axpert 24 volt at the moment I am splitting the loads between the two It would make more sense to use the axpert as aux and manage all the loads via the sunsynk
  11. Is it possible to use the feed from another inverter using 24V batteries as input to the Aux on Sunsynk
  12. I have been trying but have not been able to find the address to the data I have solarman running on my pc but nowhere it has a link to enable a data download Can you please direct me
  13. Is there a way to download the data that the sunsynk inverter accumulates
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