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  1. I notice you do not have any Red Wiggler Worms (Eisenia foetida) Red Wigglers are by far the most popular choice of composting worm for a lot of reasons, firstly because they can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, unlike African Night Crawlers. The second reason is that they are top feeders making them ideal for modern multilevel worm farms available at most nurseries. In your food chain JohanG
  2. Sunsynk shows Bond relay connected to ATS 240 I assume it is a positive and negative The Ats label on the sunsynk has three coupling points see photo It seems one must connect the 3rd and the 1st from the left is this correct ?
  3. Kenton on sea has always had a water shortage 40 years ago the houses had cement tanks with hand pumps Today its plastic tanks and electric pumps I have 4 x 10000l and a pump that I run off solar As the town water used to have a bad taste the toilets were fed from the town and all the rest from the tanks So I only feed the toilets with town water and filter the water for drinking and cooking, unfiltered for bathing and washing. Can switch all feeds to municipal or tanks
  4. First What would be an equivalent Victron setup? Power Inverter MKS 5000VA/5000W 48VDC O/P 230VAC Pure Sine Wave 80A Built-in MPPT Float Charge Voltage:64VDC Maximum Charge Current:140A O/P Surge Power 10000VA Second What makes the Victron the better choice or is it just a question of pride I do not have the knowledge or interest to play with patches like Coulomb and others on the forum and around here the local support is quite limited Does the Victron have to be tweaked or is it more straight forward?
  5. Not good news !!!!!!!!!!!! It does seem as if this only happens when the battery is fully charged .... could this indicate some type of fault?
  6. No error is displayed but the lights rapidly switches on and off as the axpert beeps ?? Now all is quit I must say for some reason the load watts on Centurion spiked significantly compared to previous days
  7. Been living with the problem as it occurs irregularly BUT It now seems that someone else has had the same problem When the battery reaches close to full charge 97/98% for some reason it switches the solar panels off then an error is detected and this then repeats. The same occurs early morning when the sun comes out and one can hear the inverter switching but no error is activated Coulomb .... what do you think??
  8. I have taken off the "Lens Cover" off those that turned brown and replaced the LEDs and up to now they are working without issues (Right hand image in photo)
  9. I have had questions about stand alone Backup Power Supply For Home to power a few lights and the tv. Not everybody can afford all the bells and whistles Where to start and what should one lookout for eg Lithium444 Power Pack By Flexopower on Takealot
  10. Left with cover Right cover removed and it works fine
  11. I have removed the plastic lens/cover and the led is fully functional Maybe I should use them without the cover I think what is happening is that the plastic starts to discolour even very slightly this causes heat buildup and it just gets worse going into a destructive cycle
  12. It seems that leds do not like spikes ... so the circuit that it is on must only be the leds At the moment I am manually switching to and from solar using a 2 Pole Change Over Disconnector (have an unresolved problem with my Axpert) while the lights are on. Can this cause a spike
  13. Very funny but it makes the room very dark It seems I am on my own with this BIG problem
  14. I have a problem with LED lights that use plastic as a lens and cover Havells Adoree Neo led 6w cool daylight. The plastic discolours after limited use ..see image They are linked to my solar during the day that at night switches to eskom This seems to be an overheating problem Comment I need 6w led down lighters for my house ... the Havells have been a costly mistake What make is the best at best price Quote
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